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Russian theater and film actress Miroslava Karpovich (wrong version: Miraslava Karpovich was born in the Ukrainian city of Berdyansk on March 1, 1986. The future celebrity spent almost all her childhood in the village.
“I had a lot of apples and cherries in my yard. And in the spring, when everything was blooming, it was very beautiful. It was such a cloudy courtyard, ”recalls Miroslava.
As a child, Miroslav was a fighting girl. All the time, the future actress spent with friends. The morning began at four in the morning, after which a company of girls and boys ran into the river. And on the way to the pond, says Karpovich, they stole watermelons and corn. Got to teenagers and because they constantly climbed the roofs.
Among her friends, by the way, Mira (the name Miroslav sounded so petty) was the leader. Often she stood in front of others not only for herself, but also for her younger brother and sister. It was for this that her friends respected her and were confident that Miroslav would achieve everything she wanted.

Theater career

Since childhood, Miroslava Karpovich dreamed of becoming an actress. To bring his dream to life helped perseverance and outstanding appearance. In 2006, the girl graduated from the Studio School of Vl. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko at the Moscow Art Academic Theater named after AP Chekhov. Miroslava held master classes with such eminent teachers as Sergei Ivanovich Zemtsov and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Yakovlevich Zolotovitsky.
Charming MiroslavaCharming Miroslava
During her studies, the future star constantly participated in the performances of the Moscow Art Theater. The girl played the “Mademoiselle Fifi” doll in the “Pyshka” production by Georgiy Tovstonogov, which was based on the play by Vasily Sigarev. In addition, in the performance of Viktor Ryzhakov based on the play by Alexander Volodin “Don't part with your loved ones” Miroslav embodied Madeline on the stage.
But the next role of Miroslava in the production of "You" by Viktor Ryzhakov was particularly noted by experts. For this game, in 2006, the actress was awarded the Gold Leaf Award in the nomination “The Best Female Role”. A year later, Miroslav is already the winner of the M. Tsarev Prize in the nomination "For the successful comprehension of the profession of an actor."

Movie career

In the theater Miroslava Karpovich often played strong and selfless heroines. Why are only Joan of Arc or touching Sonya Marmeladova. However, in the movie, the actress was waiting for completely different characters. The debut role came in 2007. Miroslava played Katyunya in the comedy “The Holy Work” by Dmitry Koryavov. This film was awarded a special prize at the VIII Open Russian Film Festival "Smile, Russia!" "For a successful triple debut in a comedy."
The young and promising cast played quite adequately, however, in general, the picture, according to critics, was weak. In the same year, the young actress took part in the filming of the picture “Plus One” by Oksana Bychkova and the melodrama “My dove” by Sergei Oldenburg. However, the truly popular Miroslava Karpovich became after the broadcast of CTC channel went out on the “Daddy’s Daughter” sitcom.
Miroslava Karpovich on video
In a situational comedy, Miroslava Karpovich played Masha Vasnetsova, the eldest of the five daughters of the main character - a psychotherapist, who was abandoned by her husband, Sergey Vasnetsov (played by Yevgeny Leonov's son - actor Andrei Leonov).At the time of filming, the girl was 21 years old, while her heroine, Masha, was barely 17 years old. However, due to the diminutiveness of the actress, the age difference is absolutely not striking.
Miroslava Karpovich, according to critics, played very naturally and organically. Glamorous beauty, who after school dreams of a rich groom, quickly won the hearts of viewers. “Working on the image of my heroine, I take a lot from my mother, because she is immensely feminine, and I adopt something from friends or girls in the subway,” the actress says about her work.
It should be noted that in the sitcom Miroslava Karpovich at first appeared before the audience blonde with long hair. Gradually, the image of the heroine, and after her and the actress, changed. The girl repainted in chestnut color, and then became a brunette with a haircut "square".
Miroslava Karpovich and the Great Race
Masha Vasnetsova brought immense popularity to Miroslav Karpovich and became a kind of springboard to the big cinema.
In 2008, two films came out with the participation of the actress. Mira played Rimma in the Plus One tape and Olya in the New Year Tariff.
Because of the constant filming, Miroslava Karpovich has very little free time.Nevertheless, the girl manages to read, listen to music and even go to exhibitions, discos, cinemas and theaters. However, the actress can carve out a couple of minutes for rollerblading and swimming.
The girl knows English, French, Italian and, of course, Ukrainian. Miroslava does not believe that he is different from others and tries to meet and communicate with fans as often as possible. The very same girl admires the works of Chulpan Khamatova, Inna Churikova and Galina Tyunina. And as a director, she is impressed by Nikita Mikhalkov.
Spectacular womanSpectacular woman
“This is a man who is doing his job perfectly. Many times watched his paintings. It would be great to work with him, ”says the actress.
In 2008, MAXIM magazine named Miroslav Karpovich one of the 100 sexiest women in Russia. The rating was compiled following a reader vote. The actress has bypassed such recognized beauties as Masha Malinovskaya, Alena Vodonaeva, Tatyana Kotova, Arina Makhova.
“Miroslava Karpovich is the most adult of“ Daddy’s daughters ”, she introduces an erotic degree to the series. And, it seems, the men are secretly watching him.How else to explain such a good start in our rating? ”- commented the staff of the publication of the appearance of Miroslavy in the rating lines.
In February 2011, Miroslava Karpovich appeared on the pages of the men's magazine “MAXIM”. The girl first undressed for a glossy publication.
Miroslav is not indifferent to raw meat. The girl remembers how she and her grandfather, while living in the country, went fishing. As bait for fish was raw meat. And instead of putting it on the hook, Miroslava ate small pieces.
Miroslava Karpovich. Rich and famous
“I also love raw fish very much. My grandfather and I cut it up and ate it. For all these passions, grandmother called us cannibals for fun, ”laughs Miroslava.

Personal life of Miroslava Karpovich

Miroslava Karpovich admits that he is not deprived of male attention. Fans always take care of the actress - she willingly shares information with journalists about one of the most active worlds. A wealthy businessman was in love with a girl. However, the man honestly admitted that he was married.
Miroslava immediately rejected all advances, since he considered it a sin to dare on a family man.However, the young man still received some attention from celebrity. The girl talked with his children, who are fans of the series "Daddy's Daughter." After that, Mira advised to protect her family and not to look at the side.
And so you can?And so you can?
During the filming of "Daddy's Daughters," rumors were actively discussed that the actress spun the affair with her sitcom colleague Philippe the Pale, who played Broom. However, there is no evidence of this information. Gossip does not comment on any of the parties.
However, the details of his personal life of the World does not disclose. The only thing that tells the girl that now in her life there is a beloved young man. She met him by chance last year. Near the subway, a stranger approached her and asked if she was, incidentally, an actress from the TV series "Daddy's Daughter."

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