Biography of Vitaly Abdulov

Vitaly Abdulov is a bright Russian actor, in whose biography you can find a lot of interesting television and cinema works.
Russian actor Vitaly AbdulovRussian actor Vitaly Abdulov
In his career, there are not so many really big roles, however, even so, the name of our today's hero is always heard by millions of viewers. Once one of the Russian magazines called Vitaly Abdulov a master of secondary roles. And with this capacious definition it is very difficult not to agree.

The early years, childhood and the family of Vitaly Abdulov

Vitaly Zinurovich Abdulov was born on March 15, 1970, in the small town of Glazov, Soviet Udmurtia. However, in this locality actor almost did not live.
Even at the age of three, our today's hero and his family moved to a larger and more lively Irkutsk, where he later spent all his childhood. In school, he was actively involved in basketball and even represented his city at inter-regional competitions. But, in the end, Vitaly left the sport.
Vitaly Abdulov in advertising Tele2
After graduating from high school, the future actor filed documents to the Irkutsk Power Engineering Technical School, where he later began to study at the "technician-builder". After receiving a diploma, Vitaly Abdulov went to serve in the army, where he spent the next two years of his life. After demobilization, he returned to Irkutsk, where he later began to work in various enterprises. So, at different times, our today's hero worked as a builder, fitter, hospital attendant, bodyguard, administrator in a cafe. However, none of these professions did not make a proper impression on him.

Vitaly Abdulov way to acting

At the age of twenty-five, led by a dream about new heights, the future actor entered the Irkutsk Theater School, where he later began to study in the group of teacher Valentina Dulova.
In just a couple of years spent under the arches of the drama school, our today's hero managed to really fall in love with acting. He devoted himself to artistic pursuits, and at one fine moment all his efforts were rewarded.
Visiting BigBilet TV actor Vitaly Abdulov
The thing is that a well-known teacher from Moscow, Olga Firsova, was present at one of the reporting speeches of students of the Irkutsk school. It was she who subsequently invited the young man who liked her to the theater group of the Moscow Art Theater School. So, Vitaly found himself in the Russian capital, where he very soon became one of the students of the legendary theatrical university. In the group of a talented teacher Evgeny Kamenkovich, our today's hero studied until 2004. During this time, the young actor has managed to gain experience, as well as for the first time to play in several movies.
However, the first roles of the actor are hardly truly remarkable. He played police officers, bodyguards, workers, and also some other episodic characters. A very indicative in this regard is the Hollywood film “The Bourne Supremacy,” in which Vitaly played the role of a Russian taxi driver.

Career of actor Vitaly Abdulov, filmography

Several larger roles came to our today's hero only in 2004, after graduating from the Moscow Art Theater. During this period, our today's hero played roles in the films “Shukshinsky Stories”, and also appeared as an old serviceman Yevseyev in the popular TV series “Soldiers”.These works brought him the first real success, which very soon got its continuation.
Lena Tretyakov and Vitaly Abdulov - Love for the shot)))
In the mid-2000s, Vitaly Abdulov began to appear frequently on the theater stage, as well as receive proposals for filming new cinema projects. The most famous were the roles of a diesel operator in the film “First after God”, Boa in the tape “Ticket to the harem”, and also physical instructor in the famous “Raneta”. The last series also featured such actors as Anya Rudneva, Natalya Milnichenko, Lera Kozlova, Galina Polskikh and others.
Yes, the main roles are still bypassed by our today's hero. However, his brilliant background work
still brought the actor deserved popularity.
Zagibailov in the film “Hot November”, captain Zurov in Zastava Zilina, assistant mayor in Kadetstvo - these and many other roles of the actor are still considered among the best in the extensive filmography of our today's hero.

Vitaly Abdulov advertising

In addition, a certain amount of fame to Vitaly Abdulov was also brought in roles in commercials.Surprisingly, however, in this industry a talented actor plays exclusively in the advertising of cellular operators. So, in particular, in his career there are videos made for Megafon, MTS, and even the Swedish company Tele2. Actor's work in the last of these commercials has been particularly successful. The unlucky mafia from this advertisement somehow became especially popular with viewers, and therefore very soon became very popular.

Vitaly Abdulov today

In recent years, the actor also, as before, plays mainly episodic roles. In 2012, he appeared in episodes of three different serials at once, and also played a very prominent role in the television project “The Second Uprising of Spartacus.” Nothing is known about the future career plans of the actor.
Vitaly Abdulov and Ksenia BaskakovaVitaly Abdulov and Ksenia Baskakova

Personal life of Vitaly Abdulov

For a long time, the Internet has discussed the details of the novel by Vitaly Abdulov with a young singer from the group “Ranetki” - Elena Tretyakova. The lovers were together for several years, and therefore their friends and acquaintances were already spreading rumors about the allegedly preparing wedding.
However, in the summer of 2010, it became known that a beautiful couple had broken up. Similar news began to appear after our today's hero appeared on one of the southern resorts in the company of another young actress - Xenia Baskakova. Subsequently, Vitaly admitted that the relationship with his former lover was long past.
Currently, the actor lives in Moscow with a new girlfriend. However, new messages about the relationship of two celebrities yet.

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