Peter Jackson: Filmography and Biography

The filmography of Peter Jackson interests many fans of the work of this talented director and producer. He gave society a lot of interesting pictures, some of which received cult status. The man has come a long way from obscurity to beautiful ribbons. A full description of creativity is present in the article.

Early work

Peter Jackson's filmography begins in 1983 with a parody picture of alien invasion. Her name “In Bad Taste” is not widely known, but it was there that the man was the cameraman, the producer, the director, and even wrote the script himself. Peter wanted to do everything perfectly and began to go beyond amateur work. Four years were spent only on revision, which bore fruit at the festival in Cannes. Tape bought for rent in twelve countries, which gave impetus to creativity. The second tape was a comedy with the use of the puppet "Meet the Fibla", and the third and truly professional was recognized as the movie "The Living Dead".The plot of this comedy with horror weaves tells of a strange animal that turned people into zombies.

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More mature work

A new period in the filmography of Peter Jackson marked the release of the film "Heavenly Creatures" in 1994. The plot told her about two girls who were friends among themselves and created a fictional world for themselves. This psychological drama demonstrates dependence on illusions and the consequences of similar hobbies. Then came the famous film “Forgotten Silver” in the genre of deceptive documentary films. The story of an unknown director Colin MacKenzie, who allegedly invented a color image and sound in cinema. When it turned out that all this was invented, the fans were very upset, and some were more than outraged. In 1997, a turning point came in the filmography of Peter Jackson - he received the rights to film the saga “The Lord of the Rings”. He approached this work as responsibly as possible, assembled a team of professionals in his field. The director wanted to create a trilogy, and therefore moved from cooperation Miramax to the studio New Line Cinema.

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World fame

The appearance in the list of Peter Jackson films of the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" brought fame to the director around the world. This brilliant work on the formulation of the works of John Tolkien was made as qualitatively as possible. The first part of the saga “The Brotherhood of the Ring” was published in 2001, a year later - the second, “Two Fortresses”, and the third, “The Return of the King”, in 2003 was the most successful. The trilogy received 17 Oscars in total, and 11 of them fell on the last film of the saga. This record was achieved only by the Titanic and Ben Guru. The plot of "The Lord of the Rings" tells about the opposition of the forces of good with evil in the expanses of Middle-earth. Old unions have fallen, new ones are not formed, and more and more people are becoming the banner of Sauron. In this difficult time, the fate of the whole world was in the hands of two hobbits. A variety of adventures, an interesting recreated world, an original concept - all this was the key to the success of the trilogy. Plus, an excellent cast, with whom the director has done a great job.

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New masterpieces

In 2005, a list of films by Peter Jackson added another masterpiece called "King Kong". This is a remake of a picture of the same name a decade ago, but with large amendments to the plot. The man performed as director and again managed to surprise all viewers.The picture was quite versatile in terms of emotions and special effects. The plot is about a huge intelligent monkey, which was taken by force from natural conditions for the sake of experiments. For all viewers, the film caused completely different feelings, but many liked it. This is confirmed by the box office of 547 million dollars. Record "The Return of the King" is twice the amount of this amount, but these figures also indicate the success of the tape. Peter Jackson’s films and biography should be known to every fan of the director who returned to his beloved post in 2009 with the film “Sweet Bones.” The plot is based on the best-selling author Alice Sebold, where fantasy and detective are organically intertwined.

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Tolkien again

Photo, biography and filmography of Peter Jackson as a versatile personality may be of interest to every movie lover. In 2011, the man returned to his old thoughts of filming another famous trilogy by John Tolkien's The Hobbit. Corporate identity and experience with this fantasy gave results. The first part called “Unexpected Journey” immediately interested the audience. The story of the famous “Lord of the Rings” character Bilbo Baggins with the dwarves relished the audience.In 2012, she collected quite good box office, and with an interval of a year two subsequent episodes were released. The plot tells about how the king of the former ruined country of the dwarves with his comrades decides to go to battle with the dragon Smaug. It was he who took refuge in their mines and appropriated all the treasures. Along the way the heroes are waiting for old friends, new enemies and a more diverse, but still familiar world of Middle-earth. These were the last currently released works of the director. Viewers are looking forward to new releases from him. It is precisely known that the maestro is currently working on the painting The Chronicles of Predatory Cities, which is expected next year.

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Other work

Films, photos and biography of Peter Jackson are interested in the whole world. A man is often recognized on the street, because he made an invaluable contribution to the development of world cinema. In addition to the post of director, he often acted as producer of various films. One of the first in this regard is the "Scarecrow." Cinema with a lot of special effects plus collaboration with Robert Zemeckis gave invaluable experience. The next time the post of producer Jackson took when creating an animated picture "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn."He supported Steven Spielberg in using new motion capture technology. The picture turned out quite interesting for adults and children. Peter Jackson became interested in the film “District No. 9” and agreed to become a producer, while the director was Neil Blomkamp. The film received a nomination for an Oscar in the category "Best Movie". From the filmography of Peter Jackson it is clear that he immediately decided on the style and did in this direction only the highest quality work, which attracted many fans to him.

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