Phone flashlight

As you know, a phone flash can be used as a flashlight. But with long-term use, it can burn out and fail, and it spends a lot of electricity, because of which the phone's battery is quickly discharged.
Advantages of my flashlight version:
  • Compact size.
  • Bright light (slightly inferior to the flash of the phone).
  • Low electrical consumption.
  • Ease of manufacture.

For the manufacture we need:
1. LED (diameter 5 mm, voltage 3 volt, white color).
2. Resistor 100. Oh.
3. Micro USB plug with casing.
From tools: soldering iron and wire cutters.

Manufacturing process:

1. Approximately determine the length of the legs of the resistor and the LED.
2.Ludim all contacts.
3. We need to close the pins 1 and 2 of the Micro USB jumper (as shown in the picture).
4.Connect the LED to the resistor (in this case, it does not matter which contact, without observing the polarity).
5.Contact 3 is (+), and pin 1 (-) (as shown in the picture), solder the plus LED to the plus of the plug and the minus to the minus.
6. It was necessary to install the micro USB in the case and close it.
Thank you for attention!

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