Pillow "Swan's down": reviews, properties, dimensions, manufacturer

Today, there are many artificial materials that are used as They are distinguished by a mass of positive characteristics. Artificial materials in many respects surpass natural fillers. However, they differ in some drawbacks. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to weigh all the nuances.

Today is popularpillow "Swan Down". ReviewsThe submitted product should be considered before purchase.

general characteristics

Artificial swan's downoften confused with natural material. These are different fillers. The production of natural swan down is impractical. To collect material for at least one pillow, we would have had to destroy 10 adult individuals of these beautiful birds. Therefore, such production does not develop today.Cushion swan feather reviews

Artificial material resembles the quality of swan fluff.However, the presented filler is made entirely of artificially synthesized fibers. The second name of this material is "tinsuleyt".

Presented synthetics is a fibrous structure. Each of its villi is coated with silicone. The fibers are twisted, resembling a spiral in appearance. They are connected in a single structure. In this case, the material looks like small balls. This feature distinguishes tinselite from other types of artificial fillers.Artificial Swan Down Pillowsget a lot of advantages over analogues.

Main characteristics

Pillow "Swan Down", according to reviewsbuyers, has a lot of advantages over other materials. This is a very soft filler. It is pleasant to the touch. At the same time, products made from this material are notable for their ease.Artificial swan's down

Siliconized fiber from which the filler is created combines the qualities of an artificial and natural material. It is an easy, gentle and warm filler. Natural swan's down is characterized by the same qualities. However, the artificial material is also characterized by increased durability and practicality.

This is a fairly durable material. It is easy to clean.The listed qualities swan's down acquired due to the presence in the composition of polyesters. Wood gum and shellac give artificial material durability. The presented filler differs in the mass of positive qualities.


Blankets and pillows "Swan's down"Today, many domestic manufacturers supply the market. The demand for such products is constantly growing. This is due to the advantages that artificial material has.Pillow 70x70

It does not cause allergies. Ticks, fungus and other harmful microorganisms do not start there. This is a hygienic, clean material. It does not smell. The material is well ventilated. At the same time extraneous odors do not accumulate in the fibers.

This is an elastic material. He does not roll, does not crawl out in separate threads through the bedtick. These are durable products. The term of their operation exceeds 5 years. Also the weight of the products is insignificant. A cushion of 70x70 cm weighs less than 1 kg. Their cost is low. In this case, the care of the product from the presented filler does not require serious effort or a lot of time.


Filler with swan downhas some drawbacks.This material is quite soft. He cannot provide good neck support during sleep. Insufficient orthopedic qualities make the use of the presented material impossible for people with diseases in the spine.Artificial swan down pillow

Also, synthetics is a non-hygroscopic material. She is not able to absorb moisture. This causes discomfort. Most often, pillows made of swan down are used in winter. In summer, with increased perspiration, the surface of the pillow may become wet.

Synthetic fibers are able to accumulate static electricity. This fact is also one of the negative characteristics. Hair because of this, lose their shine. They start to get confused. However, the filler itself does not always cause discomfort. It is very important to choose the right material for the pillowcase. In this case, natural fabrics are more suitable than synthetics.

What to look for when choosing?

Artificial Swan Down Pillowsneed to be able to choose the right. This synthetic material, due to the large number of advantages, is quite durable and functional.First of all, when choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the case.Pillows Swan Down Ivanovo

Synthetic materials napernika badly combined with the same filler. High-quality products have a cover of calico or satin. These are pleasant to the touch hygroscopic materials.

Also great attention must be paid to the packaging of the goods. High-quality cushions should be packed in a separate plastic bag. This will protect against the accumulation in the material of various adverse substances during transportation. If the pillow is sold without a cover, it is necessary to wash and dry it well before use.


Today, many domestic manufacturers produce artificial fluff pillows under different brands. The center of manufacturing of such products is Ivanovo. Here are concentrated the main production facilities of different enterprises that conduct their activities in this direction.Filler swan's down

Pillows "Swan's down" (Ivanovo)such companies as PamTex, Belashoff, as well as "The Capital of Textiles", "Samson", "Lisa", "Posteltex-plus", etc., are produced. Manufacturers produce pillows with different materials of the case.

The cheapest products can be purchased at a price of 270 rubles. In this case, the pillow will have a size of 50x70 cm. The most expensive types of products are distinguished by high density. Their cover is made of organic cotton.70x70 pillowin this case, can be purchased at a price of up to 800 rubles.

Quilted and non-quilted models are on sale. In the first case, the filler in the product will be less. This is a flatter cushion. If the product does not have stitches, there is a lot of filler in it. This is a more elastic, high-quality pillow.

Bamboo or swan down?

When going to the store, the buyer wonderswhat pillows are better. Bamboo or swan downare the most purchased types of fillers. However, they have significant differences. It should be noted that in the structure of synthetic material, the probability of development of a fungus is completely excluded. In bamboo material, this indicator is somewhat inferior.What cushions are better than bamboo or swan down

Also, swan's down is cheaper. This is a more affordable option pillows. Bamboo, although more expensive, remains in demand. This is due to its unique characteristics. Bamboo filler tighter.It creates a good orthopedic effect.

Also bamboo is a hygroscopic material. It absorbs moisture well. At the same time, the material allows maintaining the required temperature both in winter and in summer. In the hot period, such a pillow gives coolness, and in the cold - warms. Therefore, in its technical characteristics bamboo exceeds swan's down. But pillows made of artificial fillers are cheaper, and therefore are a more affordable product.

Customer Reviews

Pillow "Swan Down", according to reviews,is a fairly high-quality product. It does not deteriorate when washed, it is soft. These qualities are appreciated by many buyers. If there are no problems with the spine, this option will be a worthy alternative to other artificial materials.

Experts advise not to save on the quality of pillows. You should purchase products with a cover made of natural materials. They most often receive positive feedback from buyers. These are comfortable, soft and fairly durable products.

Negative reviews about pillows with this filler are also present. Buyers note that, due to their ability to electrify, products made of swan down attract dust.Some people who are prone to diseases of the spine in the cervical region, may experience headaches, discomfort in the back. In this case, it is recommended to purchase other types of pillows with increased rigidity.

If the buyer acquires a high quality swan fluff cushion, he remains satisfied with the choice made. Presented products receive a lot of positive feedback. Affordable cost allows you to choose a quality product for all categories of buyers.

Peculiarities of care

Toartificial swan downdid not lose its original qualities for a long time, it is necessary to properly care for such a product. The structure of the fibers facilitates quick drying. At the same time, good elasticity allows you to immediately restore the original shape of the pillow.

Wash the product with the presented artificial filler can be manually or in a typewriter. At the same time, the water should be at a temperature of up to 40 ºС. After that it is allowed to apply automatic drying. After a light spin, the material becomes almost dry.

In order for the artificial filler to dry evenly, the pillow should be laid on a flat surface. It is allowed to leave it in direct sunlight or on the battery.Even after a machine wash, the swan's down will not get out of the cover. This material is easy to maintain. Periodically, the pillow needs to be aired. It is forbidden to use formulations containing chlorine in the cleaning process.

Having considered the features possessedpillow "swan fluff", reviewsbuyers and experts, it should be noted many advantages of the material presented.

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