Pillow with embroidery

Did you have a desire to please your loved one with a special gift? I wanted to make a very intimate and sensual gift to my beloved? Was the desire to put the soul, feelings and warmth in a gift? Is there a person you want to say words of love for the first time? And so, so that he will remember this?
If you answered positively to all questions, then we are with you along the way. Going to the way of creating a gift, take with you only positive emotions, bright thoughts and, of course, love. And all because we will create a small and eloquent (and, yes, yes, red! - as Odessans would say) a pad for a loved one and the most dear person.
What we need for embroidery:
- red floss (in my picture of 30 * 30 cm, 2.5 skeins were enough for me);
- white canvas (take the smallest canvas, the picture will look neater);
- needle for embroidery;
- embroidery scheme (I don’t offer my scheme, as it was in very low resolution and endured many transformations from me);
- ordinary needle;
- white and black threads.
For the pads we take:
- white cotton fabric for the "napernika";
- silicone and / or synthetic winterizer;
- red fabric for the back side of the pillowcase (I took crepe satin - it looks beautiful, but the threads on untreated edges are getting awful. I advise you to check the red fabric for the ability to shed.);
- secret red snake;
- pins;
- needles, white and red threads;
- preferably a sewing machine.
* I do not specifically specify the size of the fabric, since the picture, canvas and pad can be absolutely any size. It is important to remember one thing: when working with cotton, we add 1.5-2 cm to the seams, and with crepe-satin - 4-5 cm.
Let's get down to business!
1. First of all, you need to choose a picture that will decorate your pad. Fortunately, with the choice of pictures on the romantic theme on the Internet, problems do not arise. It is advisable to choose a square picture. Under the selected picture we take the canvas, taking into account the seam allowance from the edge of the picture - 3-5 cm.
select a picture

2. For more convenience in the process of embroidery, I would advise you to use a black thread to stitch a grid of 10 * 10 crosses. You can draw a grid with a pencil or pen, but then free space will have to be embroidered in white.
draw a grid

3After the picture for the front side of the pad is ready, it's time to do the pillow itself. From white cotton fabric we sew traditional "bedtick". In fact, this is an ordinary bag.
ordinary bag

4. I used both sintepon and silicone. We take a synthetic winterizer of a rectangular shape.
Take sintepon

5. From a synthetic winterizer sew a bag to the size of a bag of cotton.
cotton bag size

6. We put a bag of sintepon in the "bedtick" and fill it with silicone.
We put in a bag

7. We sew a bag from a synthetic winterizer. This trick will help us to make the pillow perfect shape and prevent silicone from rolling into lumps in the corners of the pillow.
We sew a bag of sintepon

8. Mark with pins the line of the future seam for the “bedtick”.
Mark with pins

9. I advise you to make a seam before stitching it completely.
to seam

10. Carefully stitch with white thread near the edge.
to seam

11. Let's take a snake. Divide the back of the pillowcase in two. And on the side that was cut, process the edges.
to seam

12. Attach the snake to the fabric.
Baste a snake to the fabric.

Baste a snake to the fabric.

13. Snake should not reach the edge of the pillowcase. Cloth without a snake stitched from the wrong side.
Baste a snake to the fabric.

14. Using pins, connect the front and back sides of the pillowcases as they should look at the finish. These pins will serve as a guide, which should be the cushion in the end.
pins will serve as a guide

15. The difficulties for me began at the stage of sewing pillowcases.First, sew a pillowcase from the front, moving away from the edge of the future pillowcase (from the line of pins) by 1-2 cm. That is, slightly wider than the area of ​​the pillowcase. Turn it inside out and stitch along the lines of the future pillowcase. And again turn on the face. Thus, the edge of the fabric should be inside. If small threads stick out of the seams, carefully cut them with nail scissors.
cushion with embroidery

cushion with embroidery

The cushion is ready! Love you and sweet dreams!
cushion with embroidery

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