Pin-up in Russia?

Sex, sarcasm .. Super! His provocative work is incredibly talented, witty and relevant. Some even represent Pin-up, and not strained, but real. That does not negate the thin, recognizable, real humor.

Faced with, many call them shocking and shocking. The artist himself calls his sketches satirical and relates them to a household genre with a caricature bias.

Vladimir Kazak is a modern Russian artist who was born in Tver in 1973. In 1995 he graduated from the Tver Art School with a degree in art design.

The primary goal of art- to amaze, and my creativity is a kind of protection from the surrounding predatory world.

I graduated from art schoolin the city of Tver. From 93rd he worked as an illustrator of children's books. A year after graduating from college, I mastered the computer, first of all the layout programs - Quark XPress and Aldus Page Maker. He drew in fragments, more in educational literature, which, in fact, was made up. Then he changed several studios and publishing houses where he worked as a designer and art director.

Now I also designas a freelancer, mainly packaging and a bit of illustration.There is a pool of clients, mostly local businesses, which I have been running for many years ... I work with magazines and advertising agencies, of course, I have a dream to draw my book.

I love to draw women and airplanes. No not like this. First airplanes, then women.

Since I am associated with packaging, many customers preferred to see the product sketches as it would look “in reality”. I had to learn a little visualization in 3D. Familiar, willing to share the experience was not particularly, all the information found on the network. Here there were people who helped with advice and excellent lessons, without which I could not do anything good.

The main advantagespeedpaint'a freshness of perception. It often happens that excessive elaboration of parts destroys the impression of work. A person can sit for several days, draw cilia, bleach and folds for weeks, correct anatomy, but only his sweat will smell from the finished work. And in speedpaint, he just won't have time to spoil it! Yes, in a quick drawing, especially if the author is not Craig Mullins, flaws are more visible, but they are outweighed by the opportunity to see in the nude, the main thing that impressed the author and made him take a pencil or tablet.

In factI recently started to draw on the tablet.Drawing in a classic way is different, but with a tablet, I think that so far not on “you”. On the one hand, the possibilities of it seem limitless, on the other, for two active years of work on it (and three previous periodic :) I could not develop enough hardness of the line, which I can do with a pencil or sauce on paper.

The fact is that the course of classical compositionI did not have, everything that I managed to find out for myself did not replace systematic education. Those skills that I got in school with the advent of computers could be safely sent to trash. Well, who needs to write with a poster pen or roll back a gradient on a tablet with a roller?

As for the drawings,then I just really like drawing and sometimes it turns out. On average, the drawing takes an hour and a half. It happens faster, and it happens that the picture sucks and there is no possibility to stop on time.

In my immediate workI am inspired by the desire to make a bottle / box / jar beautiful. Once in another city, on the window of a residential building, I saw a bunch in an empty bottle of my design. This is better than any Avard ...

If we talk about the drawings,I don't even know the specific source of inspiration. Sometimes you take the plot out of your head, which has been spinning there for a long time and adapt it, often inspired by the work of a colleague - how he looked at the usual subject for you.

Many ideas deliver walkson a bicycle with a daughter in industrial surroundings. Strugatsky rest! What never inspires me is the Japanese cartoons and the fantasy genre. There everything is already chewed so well that it remains only to swallow and forget.

Hard to understand,where hobbies end and weekdays begin. Somewhere I heard that if work is done in pleasure, then it is no longer work. There are of course difficult orders and intractable customers from whom you want to rest.
For this problem, I have two solutions - speedpaint and bike.

I still can not decideWhich invention is more ingenious - a bicycle or a computer. There is also a notebook, it usually draws a wife and daughter, as well as friends who drink wine with me on weekends. I also collect books about aviation.

In my opinion, the key componentThe work of a CG artist is the ability to do work that responds to the task.No matter who put it - the artist himself or the art director of his studio. But that's not all.

Recently, my colleagues and I talked about artWhat is his task - to teach the beautiful, to cultivate good feelings, or to wake up the conscience at last? And they came to the conclusion that his main goal, no matter how strange it might sound, was to amaze. Hit the viewer. And this ability is for an artist who works in a market where the customer always needs to be “yesterday”, where the tastes of the public and priorities change almost every month are doubly important. Otherwise, no one will see his work, it will simply be lost against the background of more successful work of colleagues.

The recipe for a good job?First of all, a good cook and properly selected ingredients. In our country, as in cooking, it is important not to digest the work (otherwise it will collapse), not to overcook (to maintain color balance), not to overdo it (the client can relax), not to “sweeten” strawberries too much (the morality police may have sore stomachs). In general, make the product technologically impeccable.

Another factorIt is impossible to describe this inspiration by means of a cookbook. Without it, alas, masterpieces do not work.Unfortunately, this factor does not depend on deadlines, fees and ambition. But self-discipline can help - if not a masterpiece, then a real specialist will always do a good job!

It seems to me that in a teamgrowth is faster. And we are talking about a living team, not a virtual one. Especially if there is a leader in it who can be equal to. Well, the team spirit again! When a person reaches a certain level the team can become a burden to him. And here a person needs to choose what is more important for his self-realization - success, money, recognition of colleagues or, perhaps, family and the opportunity to do his favorite thing alone. This is my personal point of view and I could be wrong.

BeginnersI would advise the same thing that I wished for myself - to draw more and have good orders! Well, if a little more detail, then draw all the time, carry a notebook with you - draw on the subway, in trains, in clubs, come home to read Gottfried Bammes (or rather watch and learn), watch what colleagues draw and learn from them. You can make copies of their work - this is useful. Well, his own style will come himself, he needs only a little help :)

The work of the author step by step:

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