Pink shoes: must have!

The most girlish color, as you know, is pink. It is believed that he is preferred by the people cheerful, cheerful, optimistic about the world. Pink color in clothes attracts attention, sets the people around to a positive mood. But, perhaps, the most attractive are pink shoes, on a platform or on a hairpin, on a flat sole or on a low heel. This accessory will add uniqueness to the image, regardless of what to combine it with. Pink shoes forpink shoeshigh heels are so feminine andunusual, that by the produced slaughter effect can easily compete with red shoes. Pink is the color of tenderness, youth, spring, sweet cotton. Some girls do not want to wear pink; believe that the pink color will automatically turn them into the eyes of others in silly pupae. It's just a stereotype that is imposed on us. At a subconscious level pink shoes signal that the girl is ready to accept and give positive moments, that she is fully aware of her femininity.

The peculiarity of pink shoes is that theyperfectly emphasize other colors. So you do not need to wear pink. It is better to remember the most advantageous combinations of shades of pink with other colors, and Todga pink shoes will be a perfect addition to any image.

Delicate pink shoes or slightly muffled shoespink tones are well combined with neutral classical shades - with black, khaki, dark brown. Pink will soften the dark colors and give the image a unique femininity. You can also combine light pink shoes with light greenpink high-heeled shoestones and light purple.

Bright pink shoes, which in another way can beto name shoes of color of fuchsia, will give to an image of impudence and resoluteness, will help to declare itself. The most important rule here is to keep the color calm and the uniformity in the outfit. Screaming pink shoes on a hairpin in themselves will be a perfect accent, to complement which is absolutely not necessary. Such shoes enliven any small black dress, and if you add pink accessories and pink clutch, you will get a new glamorous bright image.

Shoes are saturated pastel pink tones prettyit is difficult to combine something. Nevertheless, the combination with the yellow, white and the color of the sea wave will be extremely successful. These shoes look good with a denim skirt, and light pink shoes without heels are suitable for everyday wear and for friendly meetings.

How to choose pink shoes suitable shade ??

  • on your own. This method is simple and effective, since such shoes are goodpink heelswith any neutral color, in the extremecase, they can always be combined with white and black. In addition, shoes of any pink shade can be dressed with jeans, getting a rather original combination.
  • given the overall shade of your wardrobe. This is the most logical way. For example, fans of pastel colors should pay attention to light pink color. These shoes will be combined with almost all your things. If you buy dark things - your way lies to showcases with bright pink shoes.

Proceeding from all the above, it becomes clear why pink shoes in this season are elevated to the status of "must have".

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