Dogs are wonderful pets. They, as a rule, are pets in the family. However, one should not forget that under certain circumstances they can be dangerous and cause harm. Moreover, absolutely all dogs are potentially dangerous, but there are those who are an order of magnitude worse than others. We are talking about those pets that are above average. Education, training and caress can bring a certain effect, but does not guarantee that the four-legged friend can become aggressive.

Absolutely dangerous are any dogs.Absolutely dangerous are any dogs.
Specialists conducted a special study to identify the most intolerable breed. They took as a basis the material of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Vet Association and the United States Humanitarian Society. As a result, a list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world was compiled. It is worth noting immediately that it can surprise, because rocks that are distinguished by humanity have got into it. So, the most dangerous dogs in the world.


A surprise rating is opened. The tenth in the list of the most dangerous breeds in the world are Dalmatians. These are intelligent and energetic dogs that often become part of families. And the reputation of these dogs, which is partly embellished in cartoons and films, is in fact stained.
Dalmatians are serious guard dogsDalmatians are serious guard dogs
Dalmatians are actually guard dogs. And there are examples of their aggressive behavior towards a person and even the owner. This, however, manifests itself in the case of overt provocation.
Breed vital is a lot of exercise, it is distinguished by its sensitive nature and excellent memory. Dalmatians are famous for their high intellect, developed survival instinct and independence. However, for proper education, it is necessary to study the special literature or consult a professional breeder.
Harmless Dalmatian Games


The next position in the ranking of the most aggressive dogs is taken by many favorite boxers. Independent and stubborn dogs, which, contrary to the name, do not climb on the rampage in any situation, but are distinguished by their cheerful disposition, playfulness and vigor.
Boxers - breed, bred in GermanyBoxers - breed, bred in Germany
For proper training of boxers, you can use special video seminars, which take into account all the features of the breed. After all, dogs are quite masterful and, as they say, "stubborn." This makes training difficult, which requires different protective techniques.

Presa Canario

Without this breed, the rating would not be complete. Presa Canario, or the Canary dogs, used to tame and protect livestock. Recently, however, she has been turned up as a guard dog, since she can easily cope with a person. The attack of Presa Canario is considered absolutely hopeless for the victim. The breed is completely devoid of fear and at the same time very strong.
Canary dogs - dogs with a stable nervous systemCanary dogs - dogs with a stable nervous system

Chow chow

Chow Chow is another surprise on the list. This is a rather expensive breed. An elite cream chow puppy can cost over $ 1000. A dog similar to a teddy bear does not look aggressive at all, but without training it can turn into almost the most dangerous pet. An enraged chow-chow can be pacified unless pepper spray. In a calm state, the breed may seem independent and alienated,but this does not mean that it does not require attention to itself.
Chow-chow - one of the oldest breeds of dogsChow-chow - one of the oldest breeds of dogs

Doberman Pincher

Clearly, Dobermans are dangerous and strong dogs that can be very aggressive. Most often, this breed is wound up in guard purposes.
Breed Creator - Karl Friedrich Louis DobermannBreed Creator - Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann
Therefore, any bully should be alert if there is a Doberman nearby. The dog has a developed intellect and devotion. And in the case of provocation, it becomes aggressive, but it attacks only if its property or owners are in danger.


Malamutes can be very destructive if left unattended and, at the same time, they get bored. Dogs are not as dangerous as wolves, which they resemble. However, if their upbringing is not engaged, they will show aggression. For the satisfaction and feeling of complete happiness, the Malamutes need a lot of exercise and constant training.
Alaskan Malamutes love to dig holesAlaskan Malamutes love to dig holes

Eskimo Like

This is another wolf-like breed, which is not without reason got into the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world. Usually Eskimo huskies are not aggressive, but, like the previous ones, they need constant exercise in order not to get bored.At home, the breed can be raised, but when following a special course. Huskies are famous for their intelligence and energy, but are not considered to be first-class watchmen because of their mild temperament. Yet, according to research, out of 2,000 dog attacks in the United States, about 6% of bites occur on huskies.
Eskimo husky - very hardy dogsEskimo husky - very hardy dogs

German Shepherd

Obviously, the list of the most dangerous dogs without German shepherds will not do. This is one of the most aggressive dogs. For education, they need a special school, because animals of this breed are very smart and do not allow to do anything with themselves. Sheepdog is known for high intelligence and care, and therefore used by law enforcement agencies for special operations. Among other things, the breed is famous for fearlessness and self-confidence.
Patience and the will of the German Shepherd


In the second place in the list “The most dangerous dogs in the world” is a rottweiler. Dogs of this breed, in the absence of training, can be especially scary. Rottweilers grow quite large and massive. Their weight can reach 60 kilograms, this is the weight of an adult.
The breed is named after the city of Rottweil, where it was bredThe breed is named after the city of Rottweil, where it was bred
Therefore, these four-legged comrades can make a man worthy of competition. Therefore, it is important to study all the features and subtleties of education of this breed. Rottweilers, by the way, have a well-developed sense of territory, which is why dogs are often used as first-class watchdogs.

Pitbull is the most dangerous dog in the world

But the leader of this rating should not surprise anyone. The most dangerous dog in the world is, of course, the pit bull. The breed was bred specifically as a fighting dog, so if a novice breeder wants to shelter such a pet at home, then it is worth remembering that the danger in them lies at the genetic level. By the way, experienced dog breeders prefer to stock up on a pistol while interacting with a dog, and more often he is not in his pocket or bag, but in his hand.
Pitbulls have become the talisman of America in the First and Second World WarsPitbulls have become the talisman of America in the First and Second World Wars
And this is just in case. Pit bull is a fearless dog that can cope with absolutely any opponent. Pets will not retreat from their prey and will squeeze the prey in their jaws until they kill.That is why the most dangerous dog in the world is constantly in search of fights with other dogs.
In certain circumstances, many animals, protecting themselves or offspring, can be deadly to humans. Editorial invites you to get to know about cute animals, which it is better to bypass.

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