Places in Russia that are considered abnormal zones

Places in Russia that are considered abnormal zones

Is it possible to somehow explain the passion of the Russian person to anomalies, riddles and secrets? What makes you go from year to year to places about which fame goes? Maybe it's the quest to conquer your fears? And, maybe, in thirst of all new and new adventures. To understand this, we decided to go on a virtual tour of sinister places.

Devil's swamp of the Novgorod region

Which of us didn’t attend the thought: “I’d disappear without a trace now!” If the desire is really great, you can try “happiness” on the Devil's swamp in the Novgorod region. It is better to leave the compass at home - you hardly need his help in the swamp, you will still get lost. Locals warn: do not go to the Devil's swamp! You will disappear without a trace.

Mountain of the Dead in Sverdlovsk Region

Mansi call this place "Cholat Syahyl", which translates as "Mountain of the Nine Dead". All those who go to the mountain in the composition of 9 people, waiting for the inevitable death.

Not once did groups of people die on the Hill.In most cases, no external damage was found on their bodies, but wild horror bound their faces. It was on this mountain that the Dyatlov group perished mysteriously.

So that something like this does not happen to you, you should not pass under the “Golden Gate” - two huge stone arches that are located on the top of one of the rocks.

Medveditskaya mountain in the Volgograd region

Fireballs and UFOs - that’s what the Medveditskaya Mount is full of. Some researchers claim that lightning travels along well-defined paths, namely, underground tunnels 20 meters in diameter with smooth and even walls.

Locals say that in these old times, robbers and Gypsy-horse thieves deftly melted the stolen goods. But supposedly in 1942 the tunnels were blown up. Old-timers tell everyone who wants to go to the mountain how, in 1990, he sat down to rest on a haystack in the Devil's Lair of Medveditsa Mountain, a shepherd, and burned alive, but his clothes and hay remained intact.

Devil's Glade in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

It is believed that before the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, nothing supernatural happened in the glade.And then it began - the tourists disappeared in whole groups, the animals that ran into the clearing, certainly died, while their bodies did not decay for a long time.

The devices record an incredible electromagnetic radiation, as if a high-voltage line passes nearby, and the compass needle does not point at all to the north, as expected, but directly to the center of the sinister glade. According to eyewitnesses who visited the clearing, they were pursued by unreasonable fear, and the body was bound by unbearable pain.

The dead village of Rastess in the Sverdlovsk region

Once upon a time, the well-known Babinovsky road passed through the village, connecting the European and Asian parts of Russia. In the village lived gold miners.

Perhaps for this reason, it was the aliens who liked the place - eyewitnesses tirelessly told about mysterious glow. And in general, the village was popular, because in addition to the aforementioned comrades, devilish forces along with evil spirits lived in it.

Today in the village - not a soul. A depressing picture - as if in one second the residents took and disappeared, leaving things and unfinished business in their homes. No less a nightmare sight and represents the local cemetery, in which a huge number of gaping dug graves. Hunters and tourists bypass the village side, and that the rest of the desire.

Malovishersky forest in the Novgorod region

If you really want, except for mushrooms and berries, to see something outlandish in the forest, Malovishersky is the most suitable place. According to the natives, a small group of hominoids (in other words, snow people) settled in this forest area, affectionately called “avdoshki” by the locals.

And everything went from Baba Avdotya, who lived in the village and dreamed of getting married. Only her wife, no one in a hurry to do, because she was a weird person. Having lost one last hope, she gave up on Avdotya and went into the forest. And I chose to live not some banal hut, but a burrow. So she lived in a hole a year, two, and then disappeared. True, someone swore that he saw her with a wild man, overgrown with fur. Ostensibly from this union and appeared "avdoshki", which inhabited the entire forest. But is it worth believing such slander?

Lake Labynkyr in Yakutia

Who now does not know about the Loch Ness monster? And we have enough of such good. On the Yakut lake Labynkyr lives twin brother of the Scottish monster. His name is hell. Locals warn: the monster is aggressive, not sparing neither animals, nor people.It is better not to stay on the shore for a long time - it can go on land.

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