Plasma lifting for hair: reviews. Indications, contraindications

Your They became dull, thin, split, like a sponge? No firming shampoos, masks, head massages - none of this helps? There is still a way out, and this is a plasma lifting. This is a procedure that will help restore your old beauty to your curls, give them a new life, and you - a great mood. Today we will learn and consider what plasma-lifting is: photo before and after this manipulation, possible indications and contraindications, important recommendations that must be followed after the hair has been healed. Also, find out what opinions about this procedure are people who have experienced this unique technology of repairing damaged curls on themselves.from hair loss

What is the method

Plazmolifting - treatment of hair with injections. Developed this method of care for unhealthy hair in Russia, and initially this invention was used in surgery.Only recently it began to be used in trichology. Mesotherapy, plasma lifting of hair - similar procedures, but they have one significant difference. The difference in the composition of injections. If, during mesotherapy, vitamins and nutrients are injected into the scalp, plasma plasma is infused during plasma lifting. Venous blood is used, it is taken from the patient himself, who is being manipulated.

In what cases is assigned

Hair treatment with plasma lifting is recommended by doctors in such situations:

- During treatment, as well as the prevention of alopecia.

- If the hair began to fall out badly.

- If the curls have become dull, brittle, lifeless and naughty.

- If the hair has changed the structure after chemical exposure, such as painting, curling or keratin straightening.plazmolifting photo before and after

Contraindications to the use of plasma lifting

Despite the fact that this procedure, in principle, is safe, but still some people can not pursue such a course. Plasmolifting for hair is prohibited to do with such problems and features of the body:

- With malignant tumors.

- During pregnancy and breastfeeding.

- If there is a blood disorder.

- When exacerbation of chronic illnesses.

- If there is an infectious disease (herpes, ARVI).

- When allergic to anticoagulants.

- During menstruation. The fact is that during this period the pain threshold is very low in women, and at this time the risk of hematomas and bruises in the places of injections increases significantly.

- With autoimmune diseases.

- If the tests do not meet the standards.plazmolifting for hair reviews

Action procedure

Plasma lifting effect brings the following:

- The process of the death of the hair follicles is suspended.

- Hair stops falling out.

- Fragility and section of curls decreases.

- The hair follicles are strengthened.

- Dandruff disappears.

- Increases hair density.

- Normalization of the sebaceous glands.

- Hair get healthy, beautiful, natural shine.

What not to do before and after the procedure

Prior to this manipulation, it is necessary to exclude the use of fried, as well as fatty foods, alcohol is strictly prohibited. On the day when the procedure is prescribed, it is better to refuse to eat at all, and try to drink more fluids.

When plazmolifting for hair, reviews of which are written by many girls who have undergone this manipulation, is carried out, the trichologist must tell you what to avoid.So, after the procedure it is necessary to refrain from the following points:

  1. You can not wash your hair for a day.
  2. Avoid exposure to the sun. And if this is impossible to do, then you need to wear a head scarf on your head.
  3. It is forbidden to visit the bath, sauna or swimming pool for 3 days after the plasma-lifting.
  4. It is not recommended to massage the scalp 3, and preferably 4 days after the procedure.
  5. It is forbidden to make hair masks with irritating components, such as pepper tincture, for 1 week after plasma lifting.
  6. Immediately after the procedure and throughout the next day, try once again not to touch your head.

plasma lifting effect

Required tests before the procedure

Plasma lifting from hair loss begins with a general consultation, at which the specialist asks a few questions to the future patient. The task of the doctor is to determine whether a person can carry out this procedure, whether he has contraindications. The doctor also examines the patient's scalp, identifies problem areas on it. Additionally, the specialist prescribes the delivery of biochemical, clinical blood tests, as well as an analysis of hepatitis markers.

The first stage of the procedure: blood sampling

  1. A disposable syringe specialist collects venous blood from the patient. On average, you need from 10 to 20 ml, depending on what surface of the scalp will need to be processed.
  2. The beaker with blood is determined in a special apparatus in which the plasma is separated.

Everything, the means saturated with platelets, is ready. Now it needs to be inserted into the scalp of the patient. And this is the next stage of manipulation.

The second stage of the procedure: the introduction of plasma

  1. The specialist will treat the places of administration with an antiseptic.
  2. As a painkiller, the doctor may apply a special ointment or injection with a needle of the minimum diameter.
  3. Injections are made in certain areas, it can be either the scalp or not. Depth of injection means - 1 mm. During the procedure, the specialist constantly changes the needles so that they are always sharp. This is necessary in order to be able to minimize the discomfort of the patient.
  4. The procedure can be considered complete when the doctor has introduced all the means into the necessary areas of the scalp.

mesotherapy plasma hair lifting

Duration of the procedure

Plasma lifting session for hair loss lasts about 40-50 minutes.According to the results of such therapy, the trichologist makes a decision about the need to repeat the procedure. Usually enough 4 sessions to heal the hair. However, the same curls do not happen, so someone may need 6 and 7 sessions, and someone will cost three. The gap between procedures should be a week. Repeat this therapy twice a year.

Side effects

Plasmolifting for hair, the results of which are simply amazing, can sometimes cause undesirable reactions. Side effects are expressed in the following:

- The appearance of small bruises at the injection sites.

- rash in the area of ​​injections.

- Redness of the part of the head where the injection was made.

- The appearance of hematomas.

These unwanted reactions with time, of course, pass. The main thing - to endure this period.

Advantages of the procedure

Plazmolifting, the photo before and after which can be observed in this article, has such undeniable advantages:

  1. Naturalness The patient is injected with his own blood, in which there are no chemicals and additives.
  2. Hypoallergenic.
  3. There is no need to prepare for the procedure for a long time, and then also recover from it.Everything passes quickly and easily.
  4. Safety of the manipulation. The blood of the patient is taken, while the work of his internal organs is not disturbed. Therefore, plasma-lifting does not pose any danger to the organism.
  5. Long lasting effect.
  6. The absence of scars, scars after the procedure.

Cons of plasma lifting

  1. High cost.
  2. Autoinfection is the activation of a virus that is in the patient’s blood. To avoid this, it is necessary to pass all the necessary examinations and pass tests.
  3. Seldom - infection with serum infections. To avoid this problem, you should choose proven licensed clinics.

hair treatment with plasma lifting

Cost of

The price for a full course of plasma lifting depends on the number of procedures required, as well as the area of ​​impact. The cost of one session of such a hair recovery can vary from 6 to 20 thousand rubles, it all depends on the clinic where it will take place, on the qualifications of doctors, on the prestige of the institution. However, a person who has decided on such a procedure should know that choosing a medical facility for plasma-lifting on the basis of only a low price is fundamentally wrong.After all, those professionals who make this manipulation cheap, often do not have licenses and certificates. Therefore, you can not trust such clinics. Choose an institution you need only the one in which you will be completely sure. You can come to the clinic, ask them for certificates, licenses and decide on this basis whether you will use the services of specialists of this company or not.

Positive patient feedback

Plasmolifting for hair reviews gets mostly approving. Many people already after the second session observe a positive trend: the hair stops falling, becomes thicker, silky. In this case, itching and dandruff disappear after the first procedure. Also a significant advantage is that the hair after such a manipulation begins to grow rapidly. Many of the fair sex are called plasma-lifting, perhaps the only procedure that saved their curls. Now there is no need for daily washing of the head, because after such a procedure, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized. Plasma lifting is, in the opinion of many girls, a modern effective method of treating the scalp and hair.But not only women undergo this procedure, but also men too. And they, by the way, are happy with the result.plasma lifting for hair growth

Negative Patient Responses

Unfortunately, plazmolifting for hair reviews receives not only commendable, but also unflattering. Some people point out that this procedure was too painful for them. However, as they themselves say, manipulation was done without the use of a local anesthetic. Although doctors should offer the patient pre-injection. Yet the plasma is injected into the scalp with a syringe, and in any case it can be not only unpleasant, but also painful. Therefore, if the doctor does not propose to anesthetize the places of future injections, then you should run away from such a doctor. There are still negative reviews of people criticizing this procedure for its inefficiency. They say that 2 sessions were held, but no result has come. But here, too, is not so simple. Each organism is individual, and if one person needs only one procedure, another may need 5 or even 6. Therefore, it is impossible to assume that plasma-lifting for hair growth is an inefficient manipulation, especially if it is carried out in a specialized clinic.In order for this procedure to help you and only positive emotions remain from it, you need to follow these important guidelines:

1. Seriously approach the choice of the clinic.

2. To pass all the tests that the doctor requires.

3. Fully trust the doctor and follow all his recommendations, which he gives after the manipulation.

Now you know everything about such a procedure as plazmolifting for hair: reviews, indications, contraindications, advantages and disadvantages of this method of healing the scalp. Determined that this is a very effective way to regain excellent hair. True, it is well worth spending for this, because plasma-lifting is a rather expensive procedure, but it is worth it. Therefore, if you want your hair to always be thick, luxurious, docile, do not bathe, do not fall out, then contact a trichologist. Most likely, he will advise just such an effective procedure, as plazmolifting for hair.

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