Polio is returning to Ukraine

Critically low vaccination of children against poliomyelitis can lead to the return to Ukraine of this deadly virus. So, in the Transcarpathian region, two cases of poliomyelitis in children were recorded. Both sick children were not vaccinated against polio.

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The emergence of the outbreak of poliomyelitis in Transcarpathia immediately became the number one topic on Facebook. We have selected several opinions with which we believe it is important to meet.

Polio is returning to Ukraine - image №1Evgeny Komarovsky, pediatrician

In Ukraine, polio. 2 cases, both in Transcarpathia, are not related to each other, children are not vaccinated. One child is 4 years old, the second 11 months. Both have paralysis.

The virus is isolated and fully identified by a WHO laboratory.

According to experts, the spread of this version of the virus is possible only in situations where the level of vaccination is not just low, but critically low. It is not surprising that the poliovirus epidemics associated with a similar virus have previously occurred in such countries,like Afghanistan, Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan.

Now Ukraine has been added to this list.


I draw the attention of parents whose children are not vaccinated, or vaccinated with violations:To protect against a circulating virus, a live oral poliomyelitis vaccine (OPV) - which is in droplets, and droplets - in the mouth is optimal.

If you are offered an inactivated vaccine (IPV) - this is less effective.

(...) On August 11, exactly one year passed since the last case of poliomyelitis was discovered in Africa - the continent has never stayed so long without identifying new people.

The community of mammals, unable to ensure the safety of their young, is doomed to extinction.

(...) paralytic poliomyelitis occurs in 0.1–1% of cases. This means that since 2 children with paralysis, then at least another 200 suffered asymptomatic, abortive and non-paralytic forms - but they walk, communicate, spread the virus. And you would have thought that we have almost no doctors who saw polio, so in time to presume a diagnosis and isolate the patient's chances a bit.

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Polio is returning to Ukraine - image number 2Evgenia Korotych, chief editor of the magazine "My Child"

In Ukraine, polio. There are two cases of paralytic. This means, according to statistics, about 200 people who actually had the disease, most likely with an undelivered diagnosis (for our doctors have already forgotten what polio looks like), which are the distributors of viruses.

There are two problems: the first is, of course, huge troubles with the vaccine. It is simply not in free clinics and it is necessary to search hard in paid ones.

And the second is anti-vaccination agitation that is gaining strength. All those who feel like it, repeat the nonsense about "Doctors do not vaccinate their doctors!", "Autism from vaccine" and other "Toxic substances in vaccines." And even there are some medical luminaries, arguing in the same spirit.

Well, about medical luminaries I will not - for here you can only obscenities. About ordinary people I will say.

I will never forget how one unfamiliar man hotly told me how he and his wife never vaccinate their twin children, because (see above). And then he began to paint as much whooping cough, which these children had been ill with - what a horror it was and how they almost died.And in fact nothing in the head is not closed. Nothing.

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Polio is returning to Ukraine - image №3Ivan Primachenko, one of the founders of the online courses "Prometheus"

Ignorance kills (...). Poliomyelitis returned to Ukraine (...), two children are paralyzed. Meanwhile, Africa celebrated the year without a single recorded case.

The answer is simple: through the efforts of false scientists, charlatans and “caring” moms / daddies, who are blowing up anti-vaccine hysteria, the percentage vaccinated against polio in Ukraine has dropped to a record low 49%, and some people openly suspect that the situation is even worse.

The thesis that the refusal of vaccination is an attempted murder - not only for his child, but also for other people's children - is deeply incomprehensible in our society.

And after all, coercion and administrative measures of our parents, caring to the madness, cannot be persuaded - they will be partisans in their apartments from pediatricians to the “victorious” end.

And not only with vaccinations, trouble: it is enough to recall the outright use of antibiotics for the "treatment" of light acute respiratory infections (viral diseases).

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