Pony crocheted horse

After watching cartoons, kids usually want to have the same toy. Reminding them favorite hero. That's my granddaughter after watching the cartoon "Horse-pony" fell in love with the variety of horses is pink. I, of course, did not refuse her this request and for two evenings at the TV I tied her up, for joy.
It took her:
  • acrylic threads for calf;
  • purple for mane;
  • white for the face;
  • black and blue for the eyes, quite a bit;
  • synthetic winterizer for stuffing;
  • hook number 3;
  • scissors;
  • needle.

horse knit sticks

The whole horse is knitted with single crochets. You can knit in a spiral, not accenting the beginning of the series, you can even rows. But then on the canvas will be visible oblique connection. First, knit the muzzle. We start with a loop of amigurumi, we knit 6 loops without a nakida into it, we connect them. In each row we make an increase of 6 loops. We expand to 30, these are 3 rows of extensions and we also knit 6 rows without changes. Then we change the thread to pink and expand the canvas to 36 loops.We knit 6 rows without increasing and begin to reduce 6 loops in a row, bringing their number to 6. We fill the head with padding polyester and tighten the thread.
Knit neck

We knit the neck in the same way as the beginning of the face, which is knitted with white threads.
Torso fit

The body fits like a face, only expanding the canvas to 36 loops (5 rows). Then we knit 20 rows without adding, and begin to decrease in 6 loops in the reverse order. Before closing the loops, we fill the trunk and tighten the thread, leaving 15 cm in order to tie the tail.
We knit the legs

We knit the legs. We start with an amigurumi ring, in which we knit 6 loops, and then we expand the canvas in 3 rows to 24 loops. Then we knit 4 rows with white thread without changes. Cut a circle out of cardboard, put it on the base of the hoof for rigidity. Change the thread to pink and continue to knit another 20 rows. We cut the thread. Leaving the end of 20 cm for sewing feet, and then stuffed with padding polyester. All legs knit the same.
Ears in pink

Ears in pink knit simply. We start with 8 loops in the Amigurumi ring, then in the second row we knit two into each loop. Another 6 rows of knit without addition.
Sewing ears

Sew ears to face.
We tied with threads and needle

We do the under the eyes. Embroider pink mouth
Thread and needle bind

We tie several eyelets with threads and needles to make our nostrils.
We tied with threads and needle

Sew neck to body with closed end up.
Sews the neck

Then sew the muzzle. Here we must try to give her the position you want.
Then sew the muzzle

Sew on feet. Here you can sew and vstapyrku and just as you wish.
Now eyes. We collect 6 loops in the ring amigurumi with black threads. We tear off and continue to knit the second row of blue, increasing the number of loops 2 times. Pink threads separately knit three rows of a circle expansion. Then sew the pupil on the pink field, slightly shifting to one side of the white circle. We embroider glare on eyes. Then along the contour we sew them to the muzzle in the places of the tie.
crocheted horse

We've already got such a nice horse.
crocheted horse

Now we make skeins of purple yarn in two sizes - for the tail and mane. For a longer tail.
crocheted horse

We visually divide each pasma in half and sew it along this line. Tie the tail in the center and once again scroll with the thread that we left, so that it was slightly raised. Mane sew around the neck, cut bangs and straighten. We tie a necklace of a bead on the neck.
crocheted horse

If the horse seems to you too shaggy, then the mane can be spread on two sides or braid a pigtail.
crocheted horse

The eyes, thanks to the highlights, turned out lively and radiant.
crocheted horse

Now she is ready to play with your children.
crocheted horse

It can be given to any child, giving him joy.

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