Popular fish, which is really impossible

26-10-2017, 13:46
Unfortunately, even such a useful product as fish can not always be safe for your health. We have compiled a black list of those varieties of fish that are best never to eat.
It is difficult not to like fish dishes: they are most often suitable for dietary nutrition, because they contain the perfect balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also saturate our body with essential acids and trace elements.
Recently, we talked about the most useful types of fish that are best included in their weekly menu. But, unfortunately, even this most useful product may not always be safe for your health. Today we decided to create a kind of black list of those varieties of fish that it is better not to buy and order in restaurants.
A seemingly harmless at first glance mackerel, which we used to eat smoked or salted, is not at all such a useful fish as it might seem.
This large predatory fish accumulates in itself the most dangerous for humans mercury, contained in large quantities in sea water polluted by industrial emissions. If this fish is your favorite, eat it no more than once a month.
Tilapia is valued for its high content of easily digestible low-calorie protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is easy to cook, and the number of wonderful recipes with this fish is enormous, but tilapia is strictly contraindicated for many. The fact is that, along with healthy fats, this fish is literally replete with harmful ones. Hence the prohibition to use tilapia to anyone who suffers from heart disease. In addition, tilapia is omnivorous and all kinds of toxins accumulate in its meat, which can be dangerous for the human body.
Tile - another ambiguous and doubtful for inclusion in a permanent diet type of fish. It is the leader of all toxic fish, because it is in tilefish that contains the most mercury. This fish is strictly forbidden to eat to pregnant women and children, and an adult man, in order not to suffer from food poisoning, should limit it in your diet to 100 grams per month.
They like to fry, smoke and pickle this snake-like fish, and eel dishes are expensive, because it’s not at all the right way to serve and reveal all the exceptional taste qualities of this fish.
Unfortunately, the main river delicacy is also known for its ability to easily absorb industrial and agricultural wastes in water, as well as mercury in its fatty tissue.
Each of us at least once in our life has heard about a delicious shark steak - a dish of tasty and nutritious meat that does not contain bones. Cooking a shark is very difficult because of the specific smell, and that is why the dishes from it are considered a delicacy.
However, do not rush to order in the restaurant soup of shark fin or shark fillet. This predator, like many other fish from our list, is famous for its ability to accumulate a lot of mercury in its tissues.
Sea bass
Sea bass - a rarity on the shelves of Russian fish stores. Unscrupulous sellers often give him cheaper varieties of fish (for example, pangasius or sea bass).
Do not be upset: better forget about this purchase at all.Sea bass is known for its high content of mercury in meat, and it is recommended to limit its consumption in food even to adults.
Gentle, delicate taste, minimum bones and relative ease of preparation - these are just some of the properties of swordfish for which this fish is highly valued by chefs around the world.
Unfortunately, this fish is very expensive, and in many restaurants they give out cheaper and, worse, harmful fish species. For example, a shark, about the dangers of which we have already described above.
Bluefin tuna
The famous fish contains a lot of mercury: most of this harmful substance is found in blackner and bluefin tuna.
In addition, for the most part, this unfortunate fish is grown on special farms and fish farms, where it is additionally fed with hormones and antibiotics. But tuna that has grown up in natural conditions today is almost impossible to find on the shelves of stores.

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