Power controller: what is it?

What is a power controller? This article focuses on a small part of your gadget, such as a mobile phone or tablet. Technologies have long been out of place, so various failures can occur, seemingly for unknown reasons.

What it is?

power controller

This is a very small microcircuit that is soldered to the board of your mobile phone, usually near the charging connector. What is the power controller for?

It regulates the process of applying electrical current to the battery of your mobile device and, as a rule, is sufficiently technological to determine, for example, that your phone is already fully charged. In this case, the process of power supply simply stops, and an inscription appears on the display of the smartphone, which indicates that the battery of your device is charged. Perhaps it also protects your device from higher voltage chargers, preventing the smartphone from failing.

Broke the power controller in the phone, how to check?

power controller in the phone

If your mobile phone suddenly stopped charging or the battery lasts only a few hours, then most likely the reason is in this problem. Verification options, in principle, not so much. You can try to charge the phone a little longer than usual, or completely discharge and charge the battery. If the damage is serious, then, most likely, such actions will lead to nothing, and sooner or later the phone will simply refuse to turn on.

There is also an option when the smartphone starts to constantly reboot - the power controller is again to blame. In this case, there can be a lot of reload cycles - until the battery is exhausted. However, there may be other reasons for this behavior of your gadget.

Other breakdowns

power controller in the phone what is it

Perhaps the fault of the strange behavior of your phone is another malfunction. Rebooting and shutting down is not necessarily a power supply controller. The fault may be the battery.

However, everything is a little easier. In the case of a battery, first of all, make sure that there are no signs of damage or, for example, excessive overheating. If you have a monolithic battery (as in the Iphone), then it is better to contact the service center.

If you can remove and inspect the battery (there is such a technical possibility) and there are visible signs of damage: swelling, concavity, etc., then it is better to try to replace it under warranty or buy a new one, depending on your situation.

Regarding self repair

power controller in the phone how to check

It does not matter what is broken in your phone: a battery or a power controller, it is strongly not recommended to make repairs yourself. It is better to reach the nearest service center and allow the problem to be solved by professionals. Self-repair often leads to a complete failure of the smartphone.

After all, its implementation requires a special tool, possibly additional parts (the same power controller, only new) and many other details.

How to extend the service life?

Having understood what a power controller is, you can give some useful, if not new, recommendations on how to extend the work of your gadget.

The most important thing is not to use chargers from other manufacturers. Despite the fact that the terms say that such a replacement is safe - it is better not to risk once again.A small difference in voltage, which can be caused by anything, up to various materials from device manufacturers, is quite capable of disabling both the power controller and the battery.

As for the device itself, then, in addition to chargers, it is better not to use batteries from other gadgets. Of course, the era of counterfeit batteries has almost passed, but perhaps compatible devices remained.

Well, the last, quite logical advice - avoid moisture. If your device is not protected from water, it is best not to wet it again.


Now you can answer the question: "The power controller in the phone - what is it?" However, do not attempt to repair this part yourself. Without the necessary experience and tools, this will most likely break your smartphone. It is better to contact a special repair shop where you have experience with similar breakdowns.

In addition, if you notice signs such as, for example, frequent reboots with a full battery, fast discharge, and the fact that your smartphone does not see the charger, this is again a reason to take the phone to the masters.

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