Prefix "Dandy". How to connect to the TV?

Today's young people have little to be surprised about in the sphere ofcomputer games. They have long been bothering with the question of how to connect the "Dandy" to the TV, and play on super-powerful computers. The most realistic graphics, believable characters, incredible musical accompaniments - all this is quite common for a modern gamer. But still a couple of decades ago all this was not, but there was something that conquered the hearts of millions of people - one of the first consoles - the prefix "Dandy".

A little from the history of the "Dandy": the game of our childhood

Born before the nineties probably rememberhype around an incredibly "cool" prefix with an elephant logo on the panel, which appeared in the early 90's. Then the game cost incredible money for a Soviet citizen, but this did not stop the developers from earning millions in this market.

In fact, the "Dandy" is the first on the domesticmarket, but not the first in production. The company Nintendo before it managed to release dozens of other versions of consoles, but only "Dandy" was able to conquer the hearts of domestic gamers. At that time in Russia there were 4 dealers from the company "Stapler", which carried out the delivery. Unfortunately, this company curtailed its activities by the year 94.

Of course, even now it is possible to find for a long time allforgotten "Dandy" on the shelves of some stores and on specialized sites, but they are all far from the original, and are nothing more than a fake from China.

how to connect a dandy prefix to a TV

Cartridges and the most popular games on "Dandy"

Prefix and joysticks alone do notwere of interest without special cartridges, they were the carriers of basic information. On one such cartridge could be as one game, and 999! But the most valuable were those in which there were from 3 to 10 different games. Young people constantly changed, bought and sold cartridges to each other. Even in our time, you can meet people who have had entire collections of original and rare games.

It is thanks to a huge assortmentquality and interesting games that were released for the operating system Nes, this console has become so in demand among Russian gamers. Such immortal creations as Mortal Kombat, Pakman, Super Mario, Tanks, Adventure Island and many others will always remain in the memory of people who survived the cult of the nineties.

how to connect a dandy to a TV

How to connect the Dandy to the TV?

This is the question that manyhappy buyers of the prefix of that time. In fact, there was nothing complicated in this, it was enough to connect the a / v plugs of the set-top box and the TV, and then start the channel search - it's easy!

But the fact is that in those days the TVs were simple, that is, they had the appropriate connectors, but how to connect the "Dandy" to the TV of the modern model that supports HDMI?

If you have not found on your TV an audio / videothe output, perhaps, will find the output of SCART, in fact, it is the same as A / V. In this case, you have to buy an adapter or the SCART cable itself, it is a wide connector on one side, and "tulips" on the other. Thanks to this cable, you can decide how to connect the Dandy to the TV.

how to connect a dandy to a TV lg

How to connect the prefix "Dandy" to the TV of the new generation?

Unfortunately, in recent times, manufacturers havemore often began to produce TVs that do not have connectors for component connections, because modern receivers have a high-resolution interface.

Let's say you decided to plunge into the past andplay retro games. A prefix was purchased for this purpose, but later it turned out that there are no A / V and SCART outputs on your TV. What to do? How to connect the "Dandy" to the Samsung TV, which did not have the necessary connectors (however, this applies to any brand).

It is not easy to get out of this situation, but it is possible. You will have to buy a special device - A / V converter to HDMI. Such converters are sold in online stores and on popular Chinese venues.

how to connect dandy to samsung TV

So, before you connect the Dandy toTV LG, make sure that the set-top box is turned off and disconnected from the power. Next, using a cable with "tulips" connect the attachment to the converter. On the other hand, the converter is connected to the TV using an HDMI cable. It remains only to insert in the console a cartridge with your favorite game, connect to the network and turn on the game. Perhaps you will need to find channels to get to the desired wave.

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