Preparing for February 23: holiday script

Favorite perfume or shaving kit - not all that you need to take care of on the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day. A real corporate party will be a real surprise for beloved men, for which it is better to create a scenario in advance.

What is celebrated on February 23? A little about the history of the origin of the holiday

The idea to devote the February Day to the celebration of strength and courage arose in the early twentieth century. In the troubled times of the First World War, Soviet Russia faced a powerful external threat.February 23 scriptFor the purpose of defense, the process of formation of regular troops began, which became known as the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army and the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Fleet. Their ranks included volunteers who wished to stand up for the homeland in arms.

On February 18, 1918, the enemy armed forces invaded our territory, occupying the Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine. Already on February 23, a military parade took place in Petrograd, immediately after which the newly formed Red Army fought the enemy, preventing it from taking over the city. Then came the victories at Narva and Pskov.

To honor the heroism of the soldiers, in 1922 the national holiday was approved - the Birthday of the Red Army. Remembering the feats of our heroes, we celebrate it until today. The holiday of February 23 is one of the beloved, popular and special. After all, this is the day of our male defenders.

February 23: possible holiday scenarios

Creative representatives of the weaker sex over the entire existence of the holiday have invented and implemented many different options for holding the "February" corporate events. According to the logic of things, on February 23, the script should contain something of such a military style.

gifts for February 23For example, funny signs on the offices: “Headquarters” (for the boss's office), “Radio box”, “First-aid post”, “Shtrafbat”. In the morning of the 23rd, the first thing to do is to take all the men to the “Voenkomat”, where the “nurses” will take measurements of all volumes and put them in special cards. Who will be the recruit of the year?

The menu is also better to make "in a military way." Potatoes in uniforms, herring, bacon, green onions. And what about 50 grams of hot drink without marching? But this, of course, if the "Headquarters" allows.

Linen bags with a real “soldier’s” set will look great as a gift: soap, tea, matches, socks.

With a limited amount of time for February 23, the script can be chosen and shorter.Arrange the Man of the Year awards ceremony during the traditional buffet. Funny nominations, cute gifts and a lot of attention from the female half of the team - every “Defender of the Fatherland” will be pleased with this festive corporate event.

Congratulations on February 23: wishes and gifts

Beautiful words from beloved women on Defender of the Fatherland Day mean as much to men as holiday gifts. What should be the greeting? First of all, sincere. In the second, fun. A man with a sense of humor will definitely appreciate a joking SMS or quatrain on a small homemade postcard. You can describe his best qualities, praise, thank or intrigue, hinting at the gift that awaits him on February 23. Holiday scenario should be made in advance.

congratulations on February 23

To congratulate male colleagues, a great idea would be to create a huge collage, which is also better to do in advance. Print on a drawing paper or draw a picture with many characters (these can be animals, cartoon characters, military parade, etc.), and then attach a photo of one of your “protectors” to each character’s place (only a headso that the body remains drawn). From above, you can also sign and write various lovely congratulations on February 23. Men should appreciate this.

What is worth giving on February 23?

Given the fact that March 8 is not far off, when choosing a present for Defender of the Fatherland Day, you should try your best.

A standard set for expensive men is familiar to every woman since school: various shampoos and shower gels, toilet water, socks, shirts, ties and terry robes. But is it worth to trust the "classics"?

When choosing a gift, it is better to start from the individual preferences of a particular man: the extreme will like the gymnastics subscription, the fisherman will appreciate the cooler bag or folding chair for a comfortable waiting for a bite, and the athlete will be delighted with the home exercise machine for the press and the dumbbell set. If a gift is needed for a person whose special preferences are still a mystery, a universal solution, for example, will be a flash drive, a wireless computer mouse.

Gifts for February 23 may not have a certain material form. After all, the main thing is mood. A festive dinner and a romantic evening with your beloved man - on February 23, it’s better not to invent a script.And wait, after all the efforts, the return move is on March 8.

What is not worth giving for February 23?

The issue of presents on Defender of the Fatherland Day is as important for men as it is for February 23

There is an opinion that the representatives of the stronger sex are ready to “revenge” on March 8, if their gifts on February 23 will include lotions, foams, shampoos, socks, pants and photo frames.

It is also worth remembering that the perfume and shirt - the prerogative of his wife, but not colleagues.

Oddly enough, men like flowers as a gift as much as women like. After all, they can cheer up anyone! So try to give men a bouquet of flowers, and you will discover new secret preferences of the stronger sex.

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