Pripyat - unique panoramic photos.

In April 2016, German photographer Sean Gallup visited Pripyat and brought back several unique panoramic images. Sean called his project "Inside Chernobyl Exclusion Zone" - and as far as I know, this is still the only project of 360-degree images from the Chernobyl zone.
The first photo shows the neighborhood of school number 5 - the youngest school from the Fifth microdistrict of the city of Pripyat. This school is somewhat different from other schools in the city - it looks much more modern, and residential buildings in the Fifth microdistrict are somewhat different than in other parts of the city.
Under the cut - the rest of the unique panoramas of Pripyat made by Sean.
02. Rusty equipment on the floors of the Pripyat hospital - the infamous Medical Facility-126. It was within these walls on April 26, 1986 that the medical staff received more than a hundred people who had suffered from the accident at the station and received huge doses of radiation - including firefighters who were putting out the collapse of the Fourth Block.The basement "MSCh-126", where the clothes and belongings of the victims were dumped and about which I wrote here, is now the most radioactive and dangerous place in Pripyat.

03. An abandoned amusement park, which is located right behind the central square of the city. In the foreground is the booth selling tickets for the Ferris wheel - it managed to rust by the 1990th year, but the glass in it was already kicked by looters. Yes, and some kind of idiot spray paint was shining, why?

04. Scattered books on the floor of one of the primary school classes. By the way, the disorder in many Pripyat public buildings was caused not by the “panic during evacuation”, but by the banal work of the marauders - they were looking for valuable things. Scattered dolls in kindergartens and open notebooks on school desks are more the work of reporters looking for dramatic shots.

05. Children's playground inside one of the city’s myorarions. The panel houses in this part of Pripyat have twins in the Lithuanian atomograd Visaginas, which I told about here.
It seems that the houses were preserved in fairly good condition, and if there were no radiation, they could live in them, but this is a deceptive impression.Pripyat passed the "point of no return" somewhere in the early 2000s, and it is already impossible to live in these buildings - they are gradually falling apart.

06. Scattered gas masks in one of the classes of the school are directly the work of marauders; during evacuation they did not even remember gas masks. Boxes with children's gas masks opened marauders - platinum and palladium were used in the gas filters of the markings DP, marauders extracted these valuable metals.

07. Restaurant in the central square of the city. If I am not mistaken - the restaurant part of the restaurant remained unfinished and did not work.

08. Quarters in the Fifth microdistrict of the city. Due to the lack of greenery in early spring, you can clearly see the architecture of buildings - these are quite ordinary panel houses found in the Soviet cities of the 1970s – 80s.

09. Gymnasium in school number five, the facade of which we have already seen on the title picture in the post. The safety of the gym is very good. In general, I must say that School Number Five is very strange - it was preserved much better than other buildings in the city, and there were much fewer things left there - as if someone had taken and pulled out almost everything.

ten.The gynecological chair in the courtyard of the Pripyat hospital was pulled out back in the nineties, and since then it has been standing in the courtyard.

11. A pharmacy inside the abandoned Pripyat hospital.

12. Rusty soda machines for sale on the city pier near the cafe "Pripyat".

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