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Considering the option of investing in real estate abroad. Because there are already two investment apartments in Moscow, but the situation on the rental market is getting worse and worse every year. Most inclined to Spain. Tell me how best to search and buy?
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Answered 29 April 16:40
It depends on the purpose for which you are planning to purchase - for rental, for your own summer vacation, for further relocation for permanent residence. I would choose a property that would suit all purposes in case your plans change. As I understand, you are from Moscow? Look, on the website of this company there is a considerable choice of real estate in Spain. If you want, it will help you not only with the choice, but also with the checkout.
Answered on April 29, 16:54
I also considered the option of buying property in another country. But I am more interested in countries in which when buying an apartment or house a simplified procedure for obtaining a residence permit is provided.
Answered 29 april 17:02
Familiar bought a house in Bulgaria. Trains a couple of years, then tired. Now he doesn’t know what to do with it - there are not so many tourists, the house is mostly idle, and if it is leased, the agency takes a decent commission for its services.

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