Pumpkin varieties: table and decorative

Pumpkin belongs to the herbaceous plants of the pumpkin family. Its fruits are distinguished by a fairly solid outer layer (bark) and dense pulp with seeds.pumpkin varietiesPumpkin varieties are diverse in appearance as well as in their properties. In various sources, you can see descriptions of up to 27 species. Among this species diversity, the best varieties of pumpkin suitable for cultivation in our latitudes - nutmeg, solid, large-fruited are distinguished. In addition, each of them has a large number of subspecies. In general, pumpkin varieties can be divided into three main groups: decorative, fodder and edible (table).

Dining varieties pumpkin

  1. Pumpkin ordinary, perhaps, has received the greatest distribution. It is round, large in size, has a bright orange skin and a sweetish taste. Such pumpkins grow up to 25 kilograms, but for eating it is better to choose small specimens weighing up to 5 kilograms - they will be more sweet and less fibrous.the best varieties of pumpkin
  2. Butternut squash is characterized by a special aroma and oblong, elongated shape. The peel of such a fruit is a bright color, yellow-brown, smooth to the touch. Due to the fact that the pulp of this sort of pumpkin is less fibrous, it is fairly easy to prepare.
  3. Acorn Gourd got its name due to the appearance of an acorn. It is round and small in size, has a dark green thick skin, cut by deep grooves. The pulp of such a pumpkin has a dense texture, orange-yellow color and has a special sweetness. Acorn Pumpkin is great for baking and stuffing.
  4. Pumpkin Harlequin is small and flattened. The peel is orange-green, spotty. The flesh is rather pale, but has a pleasant sweetish taste.
  5. Pumpkin Spaghetti got its name due to the texture of the pulp - after heat treatment, it splits into individual fibers, forming a semblance of spaghetti. The pumpkin itself looks more like a melon - oblong, light orange in color. Greenish blotches on the peel are a sign that the pumpkin is not ripe enough, so you should not choose such specimens.sweet pumpkin varieties
  6. Pumpkin Kherson - one of the favorites of the category "sweet pumpkin varieties." It has a very sweet and juicy flesh. The fruit itself is gray, flat, with an elastic smooth skin.

Decorative Pumpkin Varieties

The main feature of decorative varieties is that the fruits of such pumpkins are unsuitable for food. However, the intricate appearance, fancy shapes and bright colors of decorative small pumpkins made them extremely popular. They are grown at home and in the country. Ripe fruits are dried and used as decoration, for flower arrangements and bouquets, or even make small containers for salt and pepper. Growing ornamental pumpkins requires a certain amount of space for the plant to grow. The wall of the gazebo or fence in this case will provide the best support. So, from one plant you can collect up to 40 small pumpkin. At the same time, both leaves and flowers of an ornamental pumpkin will also serve as a wonderful decoration for the garden.

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