Pups in Fallout 3: where to look? Fallout 3 Game Guide

Each game keeps a lot of secrets. Learn all is not easy. In addition, not every gamer is interested in 100% passing. Someone does not want to look for additional artifacts, collect lost items and chase optional missions. But if you are interested in pups in Fallout 3, then this article is for you.

A game

Fallout 3 is a game that for many has become the most beloved. It appeared almost 10 years ago and from that moment it was able to collect a fanbase for the next part, which, by the way, also became a cult one.

The project has a kind of role-playing subgenre, which is sometimes called role-playing action movies or Action / RPG. As the name implies, this is the third part of the series. Bethesda Game Studios was still working on it, and doing it.

In addition to the PC, the game could be played on game consoles: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Pups in Fallout 3 are figurines that are needed to improve the main character. Depending on which baby doll is found, the hero gets a bonus to one of the parameters.The number of these elements is equal to the number of skills, as well as the parameters of the main system, which is called S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (7 parameters).baby dolls in fallout 3

As a result, the passage will help the player to collect all 20 pups, which can be located in different locations of the virtual city. When a gamer finds a baby doll, his karma index drops, and he feels the aggression of the locals.

This is due to the fact that not every thing just get it. Some are hidden in a vault or someone else's house. If all this is cracked, karma is "minus". Those baby dolls in Fallout 3, the location of which has been disclosed, are easy to send to inventory. For the collection can be put on the shelf. Find a stand for figurines can be in your home.

In the original, baby dolls are called Bobbleheads, hence the Russian-language interpretation of the Boblheads.


So, it was previously mentioned that there are 20 pups in the game. 13 of them directly affect the skills of the main character. Therefore, we begin with the search for these particular figurines.

To masterfully manage heavy weapons, you need to find the “Heavy Weapon” baby doll. After that, the skill will receive 10 points, which will accordingly affect the battle. To find this statue, you need to go to the headquarters of the fort "Konstantin".On this terrain, in the basement and is a bonus.

fallout 3 codes

To improve your skill in controlling light weapons, you will have to find the “Light Weapon” statuette. He will also add 10 points to skills. For his search go to the Base of the National Guard. Baby doll is hidden in a warehouse, but it is locked there. To go there, you need to use the lever on the third floor.

Possession of melee weapons will improve after the baby doll found in Fallout 3. Your 10 points are hidden in the “Divevich Building” location. Who has already played in this area, knows that it is very big. In addition to the main building, there are ruins and a dungeon. Finding here is extremely difficult. Baby doll is hidden under the ground.

There is an energy weapon in the game. To get an extra bonus for his possession, look for Boblhead "Energy Weapon". The Enclave Base Raven Rock has prepared extreme adventures. We'll have to go to the bedroom commander. In this case, the gamer has one chance: you can not return here.

Without a weapon, you also need to be able to fight. To improve this skill you need to go to Rokopolis. This is a hidden location underground. It is not on the map. To come across it, you will have to move west of Casey Smith’s garage and north of Gerdersheid.In order not to miss the entrance there, carefully inspect the area and look for colorful flags. The baby doll itself is hidden behind the body of the murdered Argyle.

To improve the ability to "barter", go to the Evergreen Mills. This area can be found, hitting the market, to focus on the seller Jack. From him to proceed to the workbench.

To become more eloquent, you can use the code on dolls in Fallout 3. But if you are interested in finding all the figurines on your own, then you will have to go to the undertaker Jones. In his den there is a terminal, behind which the next Boblhead is hidden.where to find pups in fallout 3

For the skill "medicine", you need to be careful from the very beginning of the game. This artifact is located in shelter 101, where the main character is from. Baby doll is on the table with his father.

For "scientific achievements" we are looking for a pups "Science". He is hidden in the shelter 106. In it you need to look for the most eastern room.

To improve the ability to "explosive" you need to go to the station broadcasting WKML. Perhaps you have been here often, but you didn’t even know where you could hide the statue. In fact, the developers cleverly settled it among the stones in the tank.

To quickly and skillfully repair everything, we are looking for Boblhead “Repair”. To do this, we visit the residents of Arefu, and one of them will have to break into the house.You can't say that Evan King will be happy with such guests, but you came to him on business. To get into the house, the ability to "hack" must be from 50 points. But remember, crime will affect your karma.fallout 3 codes

Baby doll "Breaking" is hidden in Bethesda's office on the second floor. And the “Sneak” was hidden in the Yao-Gai tunnel.


Perhaps all of the above statues in your inventory, and you can not figure out where to find the dolls in Fallout 3, which will affect the parameters S.P.E.C.I.A.L ..

Strength will increase in a criminal way. For pups have to wade into the next house. This time, Lukas Simms will not be happy about our appearance. We are looking for a statuette in the bedroom. Perception will improve after visiting the Dave Museum. For those who do not know, the building is located on the “Republic of Dave” terrain. Baby doll is hidden in the right part of the structure.

Endurance is perhaps the most difficult to reach baby doll. Behind him will have to go to the dwelling of the "nails of death." The statuette is hidden under the corpse of the Brahmin. Charisma (Charisma) "is" in a shelter 108. Here you need to find a room in which a lot of beds.code on baby dolls in fallout 3

Intelligence (Intelligence) is hidden in the navel, which scientists have in the laboratory Rivet City. Dexterity (Agility) - in the office of Greener Paschers.Luck brings us to Arlington Cemetery. In this location there is a house of the same name, going down to the basement of which we find a baby doll.


In addition to looking for Boblads, you can use codes. Fallout 3 will not be easy for everyone to play. Therefore, gamers may need outside help. To do this, the console will have to enter the necessary commands.

For example, if you are tired of dying from all the surrounding characters, use tgm. This will give you immortality. If you need to quickly navigate through locations, and you suffer from topographical cretinism not only in life, you can enter tcl to pass through walls or tmm 1 to show all locations on the map.

Fallout 3 codes also work on improving the hero. For example, to raise the level: it is enough to enter advlevel in the console. If you do not want to search for a baby doll, but want to get 10 points to a particular skill, you can use the player.setav x 10 command. Instead of x, just enter a skill or attribute.

location of baby dolls in fallout 3

For example, player.setav repair 10 is a code that raises the Repair skill by 10 points. By the way, the number can also be changed to the desired.


Of course, it’s not easy to look for pups in Fallout 3, but it’s very interesting.Usually, loyal fans first go through the game for the plot to find out what happened next, or to get acquainted with a new story. After the majority sits down for a long passage, visiting all the locations, collecting various items and gradually improving the hero.

Even if you cannot find statues on your own, use hints to understand where to look for them by location names.

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