“Put" thumbs up ", I will finish the continuation in the evening": grandmother Valya from Krasnodar has three blogs

The 86-year-old grandmother (or rather, already a great-grandmother), Valentina Alekseevna Kuleshova, has a year of instagram page where she talks about politics and sports, shares recipes and talks about her youth. Her "Notes grandmother Wali" read almost 45 thousand people. Recently, the old woman started two more blogs - on the Ekho Moskvy website and on the Yandex.Dzen platform, and the conversations became more serious.
The old woman sincerely tells her readers about war and famine, reports the history of front-line soldiers, recalls how they arrested her father in 1937, and began teasing them with her “daughters of the enemy of the people”. It is impossible to stop reading this chronicle, which cannot be called a note by a note.

Not so long ago, Valya’s grandmother moved from Nikolaev to the Krasnodar Territory — closer to her children and grandchildren.They advised an active, fun, talkative old woman to have a page on social networks - you’ll share your life experience, tell about the harvest, share photos of granddaughters and give advice. No one in the Kuleshov family expected that this idea would not only be crowned with success, but would also become a special project for the whole life of Grandma Vali.
“People write to me why so little, write more,” Valentina Alekseevna admitted in an interview with Channel One. - And I, it turns out, began to consider myself to be some kind of obligation.

But in instagram you cannot write a lot, you will not tell all the stories, especially when memories of childhood and youth - the most difficult and cruel pore that Valentina Alekseevna survived, surged through.
Relatives came to the rescue again - children and grandchildren began to record after the grandmother the most touching and not the simplest stories that she used to tell the household. And then they started posting them on other Internet sites. So the blogs appeared on Echo and Zen. All of them are called the same - "Notes grandmother Wali." Now Valentina Alekseevna leads them independently, having learned to upload pictures to the network and to type out texts.

“Great-grandmother blogger, I'm 86! Active old age. Stories about the war from an eyewitness ”- that is, perhaps, all the introductory information that you will find in the most detailed blog of Valentina Alekseevna on“ Zen ”. But as soon as you start reading her heartfelt stories, it becomes uncomfortable, as if from the screen of a smartphone or computer you are watched by a thin, screaming girl Valya, who just had her father arrested. At least that's what today's post of August 3, 2018 was written about.
“The happiness of the father that mother was a strong woman, and was in fact thirteen years younger than him. She held herself, drove us for a walk, and supported life as with her father. True, somehow imperceptibly turned gray. I suffered as a five-year-old child can suffer. And although my father spent most of the time at work and we rarely saw him, it was unbearable to know that he was somewhere in prison. ”
In 1937, Vali’s father, the director of the Yegorievsk Forestry Enterprise, was arrested. Late at night, people in military uniform took him away, the family did not understand anything, everyone was crying. He was released only after a year and a half "for lack of evidence." Grandmother Valya is still sure that his father served no reason, “under the general company”.

Another story of Valentina Alekseevna about how she, being very small, lost her bread cards.
“I was so bitter:“ Go look! ”My sister screamed at me at home.“ My mother and I will die of hunger, you will be left alone! ” Mom came, did not scream, did not punish me, but only for a long, long time she was crying bitterly. I suffered and everything was like a fog ... It was terrible not to die of hunger, but to destroy my loved ones. If mother immediately turned to the military registration and enlistment office, they would help us immediately, but she was ashamed - they only added bread to us, how to say that we lost the cards ?! ”
Valya found the cards in a month - they were under the cover of the diary. It was a very scary month for an 8 year old baby. War and famine were all around.

Veterans are taught that in no case should we neglect food. Especially bread. This knowledge they carried through life from the most terrible war years. Therefore, probably, Valentina Alekseevna speaks so much about hunger. Her future husband, Anatoly (he, like Valentine, was born in 1932) lived in a war with his parents in the Urals in evacuation.
“One morning he heard the conversation of his parents that there was nothing but potatoes in the house, and that one the size of a pea. My father approached him and said: “Try not to run and jump at school, so you'll be less hungry ...”, ”the old woman writes.
Yes, Valentina Alekseevna tells some stories for those who cannot tell anything themselves. For example, the history of front-line soldiers or old friends (“prisoners were taken out of a concentration camp, those who tried to escape from the convoy were shot on the spot”). Or stories about Soviet customs, for example, to cut girls with a scythe (“the guys didn’t like the modesty that our pigtails personified”). About how Gagarin was loved, what was given to children in the Union on New Year's Eve, how she herself entered the Institute of National Economy in Moscow, how she met her husband, how her father was rehabilitated. Each story is a treasure trove of interesting historical facts and sketches.

But if you thought that the stories of Grandma Vali are only about the past, then this is not quite the case. Not for nothing, she wrote at the very beginning that her old age is active, and her very appearance in the blogosphere means that Valentina Alekseevna is in trend. Therefore, on the pages of her Internet diaries, one can also find reflections on foreign policy, sports (she wrote very actively during the 2018 World Cup) and, of course, pension reform (“we don’t even have enough money for food, but we manage to put off to your funeral ”).
In my heart, after reading such posts, it becomes especially cool when you see the note below: “Subscribe to my channel and press" thumbs up ", I will be pleased, and you will not miss new stories." Or else there is "If you put a lot of" fingers up ", I will finish the continuation by evening."
Write, Valentina Alekseevna. Please write as much as possible, because your stories, your knowledge, sufferings, achievements and victories - everything you talk about in your blogs - is the main bridge, thanks to which the connection between our generations will not be lost.

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Put your thumbs up, I will finish the evening in the following: grandmother Valya from Krasnodar has three blogs image, picture
Put your thumbs up, I will finish the evening in the following: grandmother Valya from Krasnodar has three blogs 93

Put your thumbs up, I will finish the evening in the following: grandmother Valya from Krasnodar has three blogs 42

Put your thumbs up, I will finish the evening in the following: grandmother Valya from Krasnodar has three blogs 48

Put your thumbs up, I will finish the evening in the following: grandmother Valya from Krasnodar has three blogs 40

Put your thumbs up, I will finish the evening in the following: grandmother Valya from Krasnodar has three blogs 43