Quest "The die is cast" in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance

In one of the most popular new RPGs, which was released in 2018 under the name Kingdom ComeDeliverance, there are tasks that are difficult to handle on their own. One of those is "The die is cast", where you have to work hard to perform. In this article you can find a complete description of all necessary actions.

Initial actions

In the task “The die is cast” there will be a moment where the player will have to lose all his belongings from the inventory. And even those that are in horse saddle bags. Later, the protagonist will return them, but in order not to have to worry much for his good, it is better to hide him in a personal chest beforehand. This small trick will allow you to more calmly treat the task. The mission is activated immediately after the quest "A needle in a haystack." The player will have to follow the northeast from Sazava to the place where you can easily cross the river. After appearing at the desired point, you will need to make a fire. It activates the cut-scene with certain events.

the die is cast kingdom deliverance

Variety of options

After arriving at the place in the task “The die is cast”, the robbers will appear in the cut-scene.They will require proof that Svyatosh is killed. This is a character from the previous problem in which the player decided his fate. The dialogue will differ slightly with the criminals depending on what decision was made in that mission. This is important, because the passage variant depends on it. If Svyatosh was killed and robbed, then evidence must be provided. The second possibility provides for giving money for your life. Robbers will take the currency only if the amount satisfies them. For this you need to have a lot of money in your inventory. The easiest thing for a player is to say that Svyatosh has nothing with him, and then the robbers will attack the main character. Then, on the instructions "The die is cast," the user can kill them all or escape with the help of a horse. Another option is to obtain the achievement "Merciful." It is best to use it, because it is the simplest in terms of implementation and does not provide for any losses.

die is cast

Next steps

Further, on assignment "The die is cast" in Kingdom Come Deliverance, the player will have to go to the bandit camp. You should know that it is in this place that the player will take away all equipment and this is where the advice comes in handy,given at the beginning of the article. It is also necessary to take into account the impossibility to return from the camp of the robbers or to start the implementation of other tasks. The user will have to concentrate on one task. If the player is ready for this, then you can go to a high hill, south of Sazava. It is best to use the quick transition on the map. After arrival, the main character must go to the main entrance. The player may insist on the need to get inside or use a conviction. This characteristic must be pumped so that the gangster at the gates believes in the need to deliver an urgent message. In any case, the player can get inside even without knowing a special password.

die is cast

Additional purpose and continuation

After entering the camp to complete the task “The die is cast” in Kingdom Come Deliverance, the player can immediately go to Eric. Its location is marked on the map, but this does not need to be done immediately. Initially, the protagonist named Indrzhih is recommended to explore the entire camp. This will be useful in the future, because some events will be associated with this location. The player simply wander through the territory and look into the tents.The main notes Indřich will take when visiting the back of the camp. When the inspection task is completed, you can move on to Eric. After a long dialogue, you should declare your ability to fight with a sword. Then the main character will be sent to the combat master named Vanek. This character should already be familiar to users. It was he who taught the main character in Skalica the art of gun ownership. Here it is better to pretend that his face is unfamiliar, then Vanek will not recognize Indřich.

cast lots to start the game

Captivity and escape

After talking with Vanek on the instructions “The die is cast” in the Kingdom Deliverance, the player will have to fight him in a duel. Nothing depends on it, and therefore, to succumb or try to win, depends only on the desire of the player. Further, in any case, you will have to return to Eric, and after the dialogue with the leader, the cut-scene is activated again. It will show how all things are taken from the main character, but if there was nothing in the inventory, the robbers simply imitate this process. Salvation will come quickly from a guy named Zbyszek. He has already met in Skalica users. This time it will be enough to talk with him, and he will agree to help.After getting the freedom, the player is encouraged to run to the first marker on the map with all his might. It will be a small wall through which you can climb the main character.

the kingdom draw

Mission completion

From the title of the quest, you might think that you will have to find out after casting lots, who to start playing. In fact, there is only one main character in this project, and the task is so called because of the variability of actions. When escaping from the camp, the enemies will hunt for Indřich. The second marker should not run in a straight line, because then the player will simply roll down the slope and die. Initially, it is better to go a little diagonally, and then carefully descend. It is night in the yard, and therefore the terrain will be poorly visible. Enemies will not follow down the main character. Zbyshek will wait at the place of the second marker, and the player must agree to complete his part of the transaction. Further, Indřich will automatically move to Pan Radzig. In the dialogue it should be said that Zbyshek greatly helped and he needed to give an award. After that, the mission of “Counterattack” will begin with the assault of the bandit camp.

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