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Rachel Taylor is an Australian actress and model, known for her roles in the TV series "Capture", "Phantoms", "Jessica Jones", "Defenders".
Actress Rachel TaylorActress Rachel Taylor

Childhood. Career model

Rachel May Taylor (July 11, 1984) was born in the small Australian city of Launceston on the island of Tasmania, in the family of Christina and Nigel Taylor.
Raychel is a native of AustraliaRaychel is a native of Australia
In childhood, Rachel didn’t even think about becoming an actress. Everything changed when she was 13 years old. At their school, Riverside, a new literature teacher, Peter Maran, appeared. He infected Rachel with his love of books, stage art, and cinema, after which she enrolled in a school theater group and realized that she was completely enchanted by acting.
The girl dreamed of a movie with 13 yearsThe girl dreamed of a movie with 13 years
When Rachel was 14 years old, she was recruited by a model agency Skye-Jilly International, with which she reached the final of the beauty contest Miss Teen Tasmania-1998. Taking the first steps in the modeling business, she moved to Sydney. After graduating from school as an external student at the age of 16, she began to combine photography with the study of political history at the University of Sydney.Even then, she began to go to all sorts of screen tests, but over the next two years she did not receive a single offer.

Actor career

Her first film experience was a small role in the biographical drama “The Secret of Natalie Wood” (published in 2004) about a famous American actress. The following year, in 2005, Rachel got a cameo in the Dynasty: Behind the Scenes of Sex, Greed and Intrigue, based on the history of the popular television series of the 1980s Dynasty.
Young Rachel Taylor in the horror film “Leshy”Young Rachel Taylor in the horror film “Leshy”
The main female role went to her in the Australian low-budget horror film “Leshy”, which was greeted by the audience not too warmly. Slightly big ratings were waiting for the horror "I see no evil."
Shot from the movie "I see no evil"Shot from the movie "I see no evil"
But for her role in the TV series "The Cape" Rachel was nominated for a national TV award Logie Awards in the nomination "The most popular actress novice." In the role of Sasha Forbes, she appeared on the screens throughout the 58th series (2005-2006). However, due to low ratings, the series was removed from production.
Rachel Taylor on The CapeRachel Taylor on The Cape
A breakthrough in the career of Rachel Taylor made the role of Maggie Madsen, a hacker recruited by the US Department of Defense in the first Transformers by Michael Bay (2007).On the set of sci-fi thriller Rachel was fortunate enough to work with Shia Labaouf and Megan Fox.
Rachel Taylor in TransformersRachel Taylor in Transformers
Participation in Transformers has changed my life. It's funny that even a minor role in such a popular film transferred me from the status of complete obscurity to a budding actress who has the opportunity to choose from several interesting projects.
Scene from Transformers
While the tabloids rejoiced at the “discovery of a stunning new actress”, Rachel Taylor announced that her heroine would not appear in the second part of Transformers. She directed all her efforts to the shooting in the independent tragicomedy “Shock Effect” with Alan Rickman and Chris Pine, which was released in 2008.
"Shock Effect" - a film about lucky winemakers"Shock Effect" - a film about lucky winemakers
It seemed that such eminent actors were a good company for a novice actress, and the film received quite good reviews from critics. But the commercially successful picture, not intended for the mass audience, did not, and Rachel returned to shooting horror films, but a level higher than her first films. In 2008, Taylor played a major role in the horror film “Phantoms”, a remake of the 2004 Thai horror film with the same name. Despite the mixed reviews, the film has collected a good box office.
Frame from horror movie "Phantoms"Frame from horror movie "Phantoms"
Then there was a lull in her career. She appeared in the crowd of the movie “List of contacts” with Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman, played the main roles in the short film “Washingtonians” and the full-length drama “Cedar Boys”. In 2009, she co-starred with Thomas Middletych in the comedy “Desperate Heads” and in cyber-horror “Ghost in the Net”. But none of these projects could not loudly declare themselves.
Rachel Taylor in the movie "Ghost in the network." Scene in the shower
In 2011, the actress began filming the series Anatomy of Passion as Dr. Lucy Fields, obstetrician and perinatologist. Rachel appeared in 8 episodes of the series. In the same year, Taylor got the role in the TV series "Charlie's Angels", a remake of the 1976 television series.

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