Radiator "Lida": price, reviews

The factory "Lidselmash", which produces radiators steel "Lida", was built in 1901 year. The heaters produced by them have high quality and a reasonable price, so they could earn the respect of many countries of the post-Soviet space and even some foreign states.

Features of the battery "Lida"

To produce batteries, only the best equipment is used, so every step of the creation is carefully monitored to prevent the slightest error. As a result, we obtain products of such high quality.

The radiator "Lidea" has perfectly proved itself both in apartment houses, and in huge industrial buildings. Designers when creating such a heater took into account the wishes of designers, and therefore it fits perfectly into many interiors. If we keep comparative statistics, then the radiator "Lidea" outruns many types of batteries at the expense of economy, as it quickly heats up with a small amount of heat.radiator of the leader

Installation of such devices can be carried out even by an inexperienced person in this case, using the instruction. In addition, the radiator is fairly simple to clean. Its design includes a lattice, which is very easily removed for cleaning and is also simply installed back.

Types of batteries "Lidea" and their accessories

What are the instruments "Lidea"? Panel radiators are available in two types and differ in connection methods.

  • "Lidea compact" is equipped with 4 connecting tubes for side connection. In this battery, the rear panel from the front differs, which is very important for installation. The front is always directed into the room. As for the rear, there are special hooks on which the device will eventually hang.
  • "Lidea universal" has 4 connecting side tubes, 2 bottom tubes, and in the upper side part there is a valve regulating the temperature. Thanks to the additional elements and the full symmetry of the radiator, it can be installed either as a front or back side to any junction point. The radiator "Lideia-universal" has the opportunity to connect below with the help of an H-shaped unit. Thus, it will make it possible, if necessary, to shut off the water and make the battery dismantling.Radiator "Lida": price, reviews

The kit for both types of heating appliances includes:

  • 2 (3) bracket;
  • 4 (6) plastic plate;
  • 4 (6) screw;
  • 4 (6) dowels;
  • a stopper;
  • air vent.

Models of the heater

The main component of the battery is a panel that radiates heat. In addition, due to strong metal and multi-layer enamel coating, the heater can withstand heavy loads and has a stable protection against corrosion. The entire welding process passes without the hand of a person, and the workers only make sure that there are no failures, so there can not be any errors in the design.

So, you decided to buy radiators "Lida". Their price depends on the length and height of the product. On average, it is from 1,5 to 17 thousand rubles.

All finished products are thoroughly tested under high pressure, so the manufacturer, without fear, gives a guarantee of 5 years. In general, the radiator "Lidea" has 1 or 2 panels and a similar number of convectors or their complete absence.steel leader radiators

There are such types of Lidaea batteries:

  • Model number 10. Consists of 1 panel, without convector, grill and walls, and the depth of the device is 47 mm.
  • Model number 11. The structure includes 1 panel, 1 convector, without grating and walls. The depth of the device is 47 mm.
  • Model number 20. Consists of 2 panels, but without a convector. In the set there is a lattice and walls. The depth of the radiator is 84 mm.
  • Model number 21. It has 2 panels and an 1 convector, as well as a grille and walls. The depth of the battery is 84 mm.
  • Model number 22. It includes 2 panels and 2 convector, in addition, the grille and walls. The depth of the device is 102 mm.
  • Model number 30. Consists of 3 panels, but without convectors. The set includes grating and walls, and the depth of the product is 153 mm.
  • Model number 33. The structure has 2 panels and 2 convector. In addition, there is a lattice and walls. The depth of the device is 102 mm.

The advantages of batteries

Radiators firm "Lidea" have many positive qualities, so they are so in demand.radiators

Product advantages:

  • To heat up the radiator, much less heat and time is required.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Quality assembly does not allow fluid leakage. In addition, the powder paint on the battery is absolutely harmless.
  • The battery is easy to clean, the side panels and grille are very easily removed.
  • Aesthetically looks and fits into most interiors.
  • This type of radiator is suitable for all types of heating systems.


The drawback of the product is only one. It refers to batteries installed in high-rise buildings. Due to the small working pressure in 6-10 atmospheres, the radiator can be difficult to bear hydraulic impacts in multi-storey houses. In cottages there are no such problems, but in general, the product has a lot of pluses to cover this negative, which is very rare.

Radiators "Lida": customer reviews

Although the heating devices of this company have their shortcomings, but the affordable price and many advantages allow to remain radiators "Lidea" quite popular. This is evidenced by the positive feedback from customers.

Many people try to take foreign analogues of heating appliances and are apprehensive about products that are produced in the post-Soviet space. But the "Lidea" batteries have repeatedly proved their quality at a reasonable price. That's why buyers often write about how happy they are that they saved a lot and got such an excellent result.radiators

In addition, in rare cases, there were negative comments about the leak and peeling of paint, but this problem was helped by the guarantee issued by the manufacturer. All affected, provided, if not yet passed 5 years, changed products to new heating appliances. It is worth noting that, as a rule, no problems arise with the warranty service of the radiators "Lida".

Despite what the comment is written - positive or negative, all buyers recommend checking the product's passport and demanding a warranty card. In this case, you can not be afraid of being deceived and boldly acquire the products of the firm "Lida".

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