Ramzan Phenomenon

Ramzan Kadyrov has a unique ability: to put all the men around him in a semi-squat.
He does not do anything special for this: he does not threaten his eyebrows, he does not yell, he does not wander, he does not build a boss out of himself. He speaks badly: quietly, confusedly.
And, nevertheless, men instinctively stand in front of him on his hind legs and try to please. At 40, he is for all of them - Ramzan Akhmetovich.

Photo: twitter.com
With a bow, with a flattery, through the "first favor".
Why is that? What is it about Kadyrov that he, without doing anything for this purpose, bends other men? It is well deserved. Not very young. Rich and famous.
What moves them when they all suddenly start to fawn on Ramzan?
And they are driven by instinct. Ancient, herd instinct.
Kadyrov is a classic alpha male.
Real, natural, genetic "alpha" - units. "Alpha" can not be. "Alpha" can only be born.
When men of other categories - beta, gamma, delta - see a genuine “alpha” in front of them, they instinctively bend their heads. Unconsciously. Without giving yourself in this report. This is the power of nature.
Look at the facial expression of the titled director Fedorov Bondarchuk when Ramzan is close by. Not the director of the famous family, but the club third-rate nipple, which was fortunate enough to take a picture with Pasha Face Control himself.

Photo: grammio.com
Basque is ready to drop an overfed muzzle into a cake to make Ramzan laugh:

Photo: life.ru
Wernick stands at attention with the right poster:

Photo: karelinform.ru
And Bondarchuk is worth:

Photo: tjournal.ru
Timati is happy to stretch out in front of Kadyrov in the ring:

Photo: youtube.com
In the presence of Ramzan, figure skater Plushenko clogged up on a gallery and does not gleam:

Photo: sports.ru
Even Van Damme pressed himself into the chair, his head in his shoulders:

Photo: zpravy.aktualne.cz
And only with one thing is changing.

Photo: wiki-chinovnik.ru
And looking at this photo, it becomes immediately clear that even in a flock of some alphas there are alphas.

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