Rare photos of Natalia Varley

13-11-2017, 09:04
I think you all know well that the wonderful Natalya Varley before you start a film actress’s career performed in a circus. We all know her well in the image of Nina, a student, a little thing, and even coach Marta Erastovna, who dreams of making Alice Selezneva a star of Soviet sports.

But here in the circus its very few people saw

And to become exactly a circus arty was a dream of her childhood. For its implementation, Varley even went into self-harm. Parents dreamed that their daughter would become a pianist. And when it came time to enroll, their daughter cuts her finger with a razor and with the words “I can’t play the piano” goes to enter the circus school. Here she is in a ballet class.

And the dream came true - Varley became a circus equilibrist.

Here is another interesting photo. If someone did not know - Varley in the upper right corner. And in the center - Oleg Popov.

And these photos have already been taken on the set of "Caucasian Captive" Gaidai.

Varley managed to not only star in them, but also to continue circus training.

Well, relax on the wonderful Crimean beaches.

Managing even on vacation to get on the cover of the magazine.

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