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What unites a businessman driving a car, a student in the morning metro and a housewife for cleaning? The answer is simple - the ability to read a book. Today, even for the busiest person, this is accessible and simple: listen to your favorite piece in audio format. In addition to the headset or speakers need, of course, the book itself. The rating of the best audiobooks presented in the article will help to understand all their diversity. Here are described the genres, names and names of those by whom the work comes to life.

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Top Audiobooks: Fantastic Rating

Fantastic works, perhaps the most popular among readers of books in audio format. In the plot there are no long artistic descriptions, the story is dynamic and intriguing. Therefore, the effect of listening to such a book can be compared to watching an action film. But it depends, of course, on the quality of the presentation. The following works can boast like this:

  1. The works of the Strugatsky brothers “The Inhabited Island”, “Monday Starts on Saturday”, “It Is Difficult to Be God” and others occupy leading positions in the list of “Best Audiobooks:“ Fantastic. ”Rating. But each of them is a separate fascinating story about a fictional, but so familiar to every world.
  2. The second position is rightfully deserved by audio books by Max Fry: "Debut in Echo", "Stranger", "Chimera's Nests". The voice of D. Verovoy perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a detective story, fiction, illusions, unusual irony or harsh humor.
  3. The works of S. Lukyanenka "Chistovik" and "Blundeur" in the voice acting of A. Andrienko are light, fascinating prose about the fictional world and the lonely hero who fights in it and writes his own story.
  4. The fantasy world, described in the work of D. Glukhovsky "Metro 2033", combines the best traditions of the genre - fictional characters, monsters, the salvation of the world and the modern hero. The voice acting belongs to E. Kamenetsky.

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Audiobooks: modern prose

Rating the best audio books in modern prose allows you to select the best. Here are the best quality of them:

  1. "Flowers for Algernon" D.Kiza is a spiritual story that combines elements of psychology, fiction and romanticism. Read in one breath, and in voice acting S. Yanishevskogo rightfully becomes the leader of the rating.
  2. The rating of the best audio books continues “Bury me behind a plinth” by P. Sanayev in his own voice acting. Who, if not the author, better conveys the described - the atmosphere of Soviet childhood through the eyes of a child, love, betrayal and the world as a whole?
  3. "Fight Club" by Charles Palanik is a cult work that, in the performance of D. Zemtsov, acquires a special color. Read or listen, but do not tell anyone about the fight club!
  4. "The house in which ..." M. Petrosyan is a magically real, artistic, but from the real world, an exciting book in the voice acting of I. Knyazev.
  5. "Game of Thrones" by J. Martin shook the world not only with a literary presentation, but also with a high-quality screen version. The time has come to evaluate the work in the audio version performed by Dmitry Dmitriy and Elena Polonetsky.

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Classic: audiobook rating

  1. “The Master and Margarita” - the ageless book of M. Bulgakov gained a new life thanks to the work of A. Klukvin, M. Sukhanov and D. Moroz.
  2. The voice of the works of Dumas' father and son, "The Three Musketeers" and "The Count of Monte-Cristo" V. Gerasimov brings them an honorable 2nd place.
  3. "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka" by Gogol came to life with A.'s voice.Klukvina and continue to delight lovers of life-affirming and good works.
  4. In the world of true friendship, love and humanity, the performer of the book "Three Comrades" by Remarque V. Antonik will dip.
  5. "Moby Dick" Melville became even more charming and fascinating, thanks to the voice of V. Gemasimov.
  6. "Crime and Punishment" Dostoevsky rightfully appears in the list of all the best books. No exception - and audio, which also belongs to V. Gerasimov.

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Educational and scientific literature: rating

Popular books also include the best audio books. Readers rating in this genre can be represented as follows:

  1. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" R. Kiyosaki and S. Lecter - the original guide to the relationship between the material state of the family and the upbringing of children.
  2. A. Carr, "Easy way to quit smoking" - a book with a title that speaks for itself. Feedback from readers suggests that the method proposed by the author really works.
  3. "The subconscious can do anything" J. Kehoe - a popular book about the activation of the brain and self-programming for a happy life.
  4. "Psychology of influence" R. Chaldini - this product is not only for professionals.Collection of effective practices that will help influence people and protect themselves from unwanted attention.
  5. “How to make anyone fall in love with yourself.” L. Lendés is another witty guide with a screaming title. Tells about the 6 components of romantic love.

Audio books for kids

  1. "Little Prince" Exupery is deservedly considered a textbook of good and universal values. The book is required to read not only children but also adults who are mired in urgent problems. The voice acting is represented by K. Habensky and M. Efremov.
  2. The cycle of Harry Potter stories is a whole culture today. JK Rowling and her brainchild are voiced for the audio-book format by the talented performer A. Klukvin.
  3. Children's literature cannot be imagined without Tom Sawyer and his avid comrade Heck Finn. Skip to the world boyish adventures of the heroes of Mark Twain can performer books A. Kotov.
  4. The whole audio performance is dedicated to the adventures of the girl Alice in Wonderland and the Looking Glass - fairy-tale worlds created by L. Carroll. The actions of the book by V. Abdulov and G. Ivanova, as well as V. Bondarev, M. Hvorostova and O. Dolonina were voiced.

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The best performers of audiobooks: rating

The quality of an audiobook depends not so much on its genre, but on the quality of performance. After all, the first means exclusively personal literary preferences of a person, and here there will be as many opinions as there are people. Audio format implies the transformation of visual information into audio. The same book will be absolutely differently perceived if different people read it out loud. Therefore, there are those who manage it better than others. The timbre of their voice, intonation, emotional inclusion and give the opportunity to create a rating of the best audio books.

Often this kind of activity involved in theater and film actors. In addition to the voice of foreign films, they are trusted to read the plot of the books. But these are quite rare cases. There are those people who do this more often and are professionals in their field. About them and will be discussed further.

  1. Alexey Borzunov - the voice of such famous works as "Perfume", "Portrait of Dorian Gray", "White Guard", "Humiliated and Offended" and other books in which it is important to convey the tragedy and realism of life.
  2. Alexander Klyukvin. He owns the voice of the fundamental classical, like "War and Peace", "The Inspector", "The Master and Margarita", works, and also more modern ones - the stories about Harry Potter.The voice of this person is familiar to lovers of the cult series about Alpha. A distinctive feature is the ability to convey the character and mood of very different, dissimilar characters.
  3. Vyacheslav Gerasimov is a speaker with 30 years of experience, a master of intonation and the author of many dances of classical and modern prose voice works: “Dead Souls”, “Idiot”, “Black Stones”, “Wheel of Happiness” and many others.
  4. Maxim Pinsker is the owner of an enchanting low tone voice, which gave readers the opportunity to hear such classic works as The Captain's Daughter, Three Comrades, Lolita and many others.
  5. Alexandr Kotov is the voice of the tragicomic works, which managed to voice the tale of Tom Sawyer, Ivanhoe, Notre Dame, Red and Black.
  6. Alexander Bordukov, who owns the voice of characters from the stories about Sherlock Holmes, "Madame Bovary", "The Great Gatsby".
  7. Ivan Litvinov, a talent for a very accurate transfer of the characters of the characters and the atmosphere of the work. His voice read favorite works of many Bulgakov, Orwell, King, Dostoevsky and many others.
  8. Alexander Khorlin is a true master in the verbal depiction of fascinating journeys, adventures and heroes with substandard thinking. These are Gulliver’s Adventures, Crime and Punishment, the Lord of the Flies, and the Collector.
  9. Oleg Buldakov is a diverse personality who has tried himself in many professions, his main instrument is his voice. He went from a DJ on the radio to the TV presenter and, of course, the performer of audio versions of books. Many of the works of King, "Osiny Factory", "Truth" - his best audio books.

the best performers of audio books

The rating of the works and the people who voiced them can be supplemented. Every year it can change. There is always one thing - even with the development of technology, the number of readers does not change. On the contrary, progress makes it possible to read your favorite works in conditions that are not intended for this. And this trend can not but rejoice.

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