Recommendations of the First class to the lesson in grades 5-11 of foreign schools on the topic: “Ukraine is the European power”

Svit on porozi XXI stolittya experiencing intensive development of integrated processes of the post-industrial organization, which is necessary for the formation of a regional economic organization. Such democratic tendencies in the horn of a hothouse are no more politically liable, and the successful adoption of an important role and importance in the life of the community. The main minds of the democratic organization are: a great deal of knowledge, competence, commendation and compromise. Such people are guilty in tolerance of culture and culture, assimilating the picture to their own, law, and mutual understanding of important economic and social development.

One of the priorities of the strategic development of Ukraine is the recognition of the integration of the Eurasian socialist community. Suhsadna school maєсприяти розвиткові демократичноїкультури, формаванню політико-правових і соціально-економічних знан. The words of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, “Not the Sustainable Europe, by the Center Europe.” Ale is true of the Poles of the European Susansion of the European Union, and, of course, members of the European Union. ” Ukraine, having laid out a strategic course on integration to the C, proceeded to improve the economic environment, croc after croc, and pragne, influenced the competitiveness of the European sporting goods.

By the head method of the lesson є: - learn about European democratic habits and the particularities of becoming democratic in Ukraine;

- spryyannya becoming active

- vihovannya povagi before natsionalnyh, spiritual, cultural nadban європейських народів, свідомого громадянина України і Європи;

- rozvitok poteutty vidpіdalnostі for spilne majbutne; In Europe, European hulk.

Ukraine is known in the center of the European continent, togo geographically - the European power. I want to go vіdrіznya vіd bіlshostі rozvinenichyh Europea for socialist-economic and political development of the development, ala vona pragne up to ob'єdnannya with the most European and European countries for development of the world, to use the structure, to use the reason, but to use the same code, to use the same code, but to use the structure, to use the… Ukraine has mastered cordons with deacons of land, and it is possible to enter into it at the most important hour to reach your warehouse (Polscha, Slovachchina, Ugorshchina, Rumuniya). Vona has recognized the intemational and the zovnishnopolytic course of schodo-european-professional development, she has the right to become the vibu- duvati, the democratic system, the national reserve, and the good relations with the territories, to enter the warehouse to the European Union, especially to Ukraine. Ninі our power bere course for vdoskonalennya ekonomіchnoї, polіtiko-pravovoї system scho spriyatime pіdvischennyu zhittєvogo rіvnya i DOBROBUT people nablizhennyu Ukraine to єvropeyskih standartіv in sotsіalnіy sferі, Povernennya to єvropeyskih polіtichnih i cultural traditsіy.

In Ukraine, the Program is approved by the European Integration Union of the European Union, which means that it is worthwhile for people to stop working in Ukraine and Ukraine. Ukraine has become the first middle of the United States, a yak uklala A request for partnership and partnership with the European Union. In 2005, the plan was approved for the “Ukraine - European Union”, which is the first transfer of backward vinosnas, just as far as the framework of political development is concerned, and that is, on the whole, on the whole, on the other hand, I’m working on the most important person, I’m working on the same amount, I’m working on the most important person, I’ve been able to do this. The European Union and Ukraine have consistently developed a certain amount of privacy and stability, security and otbrobutu. Such a pidhod basis on the springs, spilnnogo vlasnosti differentsii. Tse spriyatime podalshemom zmіtsnennyu our strategic partnership.

The process of the European Covenant on all spheres of life of the State, without reference to the world. V_dtak, UkraineIt was for the sake of Europe and UNESCO that it was broken down and adopted by the Lisbon Convention about life in the field, which is described in the system of Europe. Qiu convention was signed by 43 countries, including Ukraine.

The familiarity of the scientists with the main steps of the bilateral relations of the Ukraine-European Union, just as it is, is becoming active and active in the realm of reality, the development of the real estate, in the framework of the United States, and the United States of America. Necessarily, on the one hand, osvit is the main way of real life for the formation of socially political, cultural, informational, communal, and competence.

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znannya about zagalnoludskі, national tsinnosti, understand about the rights of the people yak nyvishchu tsynn_st; znannya about ропevropeyski іdeali, about freedom, the right - tobto phyloskskiy znannya, just to help with the form of the war for the designation of the most important, large-scale;

knowledge about The Suchasnyj Єvropu, її іstorіyu, geografіchnі osoblivostі єvropeyskogo regіonu, about natsіonalnі that svіtovu culture, relіgіynі that movnі osoblivostі, osvіtu, science єvropeyskih kraїn dopomozhut usvіdomiti polіkulturnіst Єvropi, vzaєmozalezhnіst rozvitku єvropeyskih cultures spіlnu єvropeysku nalezhnіst, Location ukraїnskoї culture in kontekstі єvropeyskoї;

polіtiko-pravovі knowledge usvіdomlennya such understanding, yak demokratіya, totalіtarizm, knowledge about rіznі polіtichnі ustroїєvropeyskih kraїn, єvropeyske suspіlstvo, Yogo іnstituti the role of law in nyoma, mіzhnarodnih zakonіv that єvropeysky court ponyattya about mіzhnarodnі єvropeyskі organіzatsії, knowledge, scho daєmozhlivіst sformuvati vmіnnya dіyati in Pevnyi sotsіumі, brother of fate in dіyalnostі mіzhnarodnih organіzatsіy that asotsіatsіy, orієntuvatisya in іdeologіchnih that polіtichnih techіyah єvropeyskih organіzatsіy, spіlkuvatisya of legal bodies virіshuvat and conflicts with the rules of democratic procedures, take place in different situations with the law;

social and economic knowledge about the organization of economic life in the European Sustainability, the development of social life,specialties in Europe

Perfection of the perfection of the first lesson can be carried out in the formal design of the classroom: with the attributes of national perception; a symbol of European Union; the map of the image of Europe; stand am and s of a short characteristic of the geographical position, the natural resource potential, the specifics of the population, the most characteristic rice of the economic development of the political camp; poster of the ami, yaki rozkrivayut zmist gromadyanskoiosviti; povitryanimi bags with the great interests of the Ukrainian members; kvіtami; that vikristannyam audiot vіdіomatіrіalіv.

Forms of a lesson in the main school can be differently (geographically “Graceful Europe”, literary quiz “Europe by my Ochima”, highlight after folk literary turkish).

In the senior school, the first lesson is recommended to hold a dispute, discussion, press conference, round table discussion on the following topics: "Why did Ukraine have a European vibe?""By the European nations to the world and the world", "Mi - hulk Єevropi" and so on.

On urotsі mozhna zapochatkuvati Venue of competition CREATIVE IB writing referatіv vіdpovіdnoї subjects, zbіr іnformatsіїpro dіyalnіst For Єvropi, єvropeysku spіlnotu, єvropeyskі іnstitutsіїta rozrobku uchnіvskih proektіv i programs іz zabezpechennya іntegratsіїUkraїni in Єvropu and pіdvedennya pіdsumkіv timed iti to Єvropi Day.

The problem of a European vibor of Ukraine cannot be solved one day. Prodovzhennyam rozpochatoїroboti, efektivnosti Form zaluchennya uchnіv to aktivnoїuchastі in polіtichnomu, legal, ekonomіchnomu th cultural zhittі Suchasnyj suspіlstva mozhut Why Єvropeyskі clubs, SSMSC ohoplyuyut rіznomanіtnі spherical i spryamovuyut robot on formuvannya pochuttya єvropeyskoїєdnostі through poshirennya knowledge about Єvropu, about іstorіyu Єvropeyskogo Union yogo structure a modern camp development, complete and complete; familiarize yourself with the lives of people in the United States, their culture, my life; on familiarity with new people, moreover; on the pioneer рntelektualnogo p_vnya uchnіv, vіdkrittya new European bachchennya svetu; on zaochochennya vivchennya_ozemnykh mov; form the new generation of Europe, virovovannya Maybutnih lіderіv.

Pvdvodyayachi p_dsumok Pershogo a lesson, Varto p_dkresliti, Scho, Ukrainian Power, Mayuchi great natural, economic, cultural, intertextual potential, able to know everything along the middle of the people and Evropi i situ. Ми - європейці настільки, наскільки ми - українці; And even if you are right with your Ukrainian language, you can create your own Ukrainian standards for European standards.

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Recommendations of the First class to the lesson in grades 5-11 of foreign schools on the topic: Ukraine - European Union 48

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