Reliable ways to change the IP address of a computer

Each computer device connected to the global network has its own unique IP address, thanks to which its location can be determined. Without such an address, no website can find a way to send answers to the questions you asked. That is why the existence of an IP address is so necessary. Why is it sometimes so important to be able to change the address of your computer device and how to change the IP? In this article you can find the answers you need.

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Reasons for replacing the IP address of a computer device

Sometimes, working with some online programs, you can get a message about blocking them. To unblock the work of these sites, you will only need to change the IP using or any other anonymizer, and access to any web site will be unblocked. In addition, you will receive complete anonymity in the global network. And this, you see, is sometimes very useful.

Nowadays, the massive development of websites, earnings in the Internet and the development of SEO-promotion just need to be able to change the address of a computer in the network.Why do you need it? When a specialist in website promotion parses the global network in search of trust sites, registering on a variety of resources and promoting his project, he threatens the static address of a computer. There is a chance of falling under the ban, moreover, it just can’t do with a single IP address. And here comes the problem of changing the address number. How to change the IP of the computer?

how to change computer ip

Change IP-address via the command line

Many people do not know that the easiest way to replace the IP address of a computer device is to change it via the command line. You only need to know a couple of commands to easily see the real IP and change it to another. How to enter the OS command line? In the Start menu there is a search bar. It is necessary to register in it the English “cmd” layout and press the Enter button on your keyboard.

how to change ip address

A dark window opens, called the command line. To see the real Internet Protocol address of the device, you need to write ipconfig, and the machine will give all the data on the connection on the local network. This includes not only the IP address, but also the main gateway, subnet mask, local channel address. Now consider how to change the IP address of your computer.To do this, use the netsh command. To go to a static address, you need to enter the netsh interface ip set address name = ”Local Area Connection” in the command window. Next, without pressing Enter, depending on the type of connection of your Internet connection, you need to add a new static address static, consisting of three four-digit sets of numbers in order: IP, subnet mask and address of the main gateway. These data do not need to be separated by dots or commas, you must write them separated by a space. If you have DNS settings, then you need to use the static command, and in the case of a DHCP connection, source = dhcp.

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How to change the IP address programmatically

It will be much easier for some users to change their IP address with the help of software than to get into the address bar and enter a set of text commands. And it is not surprising, because programmatically changing IP is much easier, especially if you do not understand the settings for the subnet mask, IP addresses and the main gateway. There are many different types and versions of software for your computing device that can change the IP address.

The program may be free, but in this case you may have certain limitations. Premium versions allow you to:

  • hide the IP of your computer device from spies and hackers;
  • protect your computer and provide reliable protection from Wi-Fi hot spot;
  • provide anonymity online;
  • allow you to work anonymously on various operating systems that currently exist.

Now there are many such programs, so we will not dwell on any particular. Each user will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate option.

How to change the IP of the computer through online resources

With the development of online stores, freelancing and other earnings, the global network has increasingly attracted the attention of scammers, spammers and hackers. They have learned how to easily track your activities and steal personal data, especially passwords and credit card information. You can no longer easily parse the Internet, and your web activity is easily monitored by an Internet provider, an account of your online purchases and downloads is maintained.

If this bothers you, there is a great way to protect your identity and personal life. You can use online resources that mask your IP address well.They make it easy to bypass firewalls and Internet filters. Regardless of location and internet connection, you can access a blocked resource and its content. How to do this, you ask?
It is enough to go to any of the anonymizers existing in the network, register on it and choose the existing type of tariff: free or premium. As soon as you complete these actions and obtain certain rights, you can immediately be an elusive user of the global network and parse in its spaces without fear of being caught by hackers, scammers and spammers.

Checking the change of IP address

As mentioned above, checking the change of the static address of a computer can be viewed using the address bar by writing the ipconfig command. This command will not show how to change the IP address of your computer device, it is only able to display the existing values ​​of the mask, the main gateway and the IP device.

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