Restaurant "Eurasia" - to walk or not walk?

Network restaurant "Eurasia" - one of the most accessible and convenient places for lovers of Japanese cuisine. Is it so good and what should you prepare for when booking a table or a meal at home in this company?

restaurant Eurasia

If you have never tried Japanese cuisineand you have no idea about the roles and land, then the restaurant "Eurasia" will be a good place for an unusual refined and themed evening. These establishments are created to help immerse yourself in the beautiful world of oriental cuisine and appreciate the Japanese dishes in the beautiful interiors of the restaurant. All this promises us advertising ...

restaurant Eurasia

And what do we get as a result?


  • The sensations from a really chic in the original Japanese food are spoiled by cheap ingredients, imitation of real sauces, simplification and adaptation of the recipes of dishes to the modern conditions of Russia.
  • A huge number of promotional offers forreally incredibly low prices, though, to the detriment of the taste. Although it is really not difficult to eat a meal cheaply in this restaurant. And for most people who are not ardent fans and true gourmets, such food will be a joy.
  • Simple business lunches in Japanese style in an attractive price category. Really delicious light soups and a good selection of main dishes will please office plankton.
  • Delivery of food at home and in the office. Exactly the same food, cooked in the kitchen of the restaurant, is delivered in special packages to your table. It is very convenient that in the package with the order there will be absolutely everything that is necessary for the meal: the right amount of sticks, napkins, soy sauce, ginger and wasabi in separate containers (for each separately). However, recently complaints of clients that the meal comes home already cold have become frequent. It is not known what causes these incidents, traffic jams or sluggishness of the delivery service, but it is better for customers to take care of the presence of a nearby microwave oven or oven. Just in case.

restaurant Eurasia reviews


The restaurant "Eurasia" is famous for its service. Instead of well-trained, polite and fast waiters, visitors are often greeted by negligent and disrespectful staff, and this has already become a hallmark of this network. The slowness of the chefs, because of which even small and simple orders have to wait more than an hour - is also not uncommon. Of course, this does not happen in all the restaurants of the network, but feedback about this is heard more often. After all, this low quality of service spoils people's mood.

Eurasia restaurant photo

Another of the frequent complaints of Eurasia customers is cold food. Yes, in some miraculous way with such a long service waiters sometimes manage to bring the order already cold.


Initially, very beautifully decorated halls institutionsnetwork "Eurasia". The restaurant, the photo of which you will see in this article, will be distinguished by spacious halls, unusual design solutions, comfortable seats. However, most restaurants have not updated for a long time, and some details of the interior look scruffy. The chairs, tables and armchairs are worn out, the walls are also not new. Dishes that are served on the table, often with the "effect of antiquity", scratch trays and even teapots and saucers with chips.

restaurant eurasia in Moscow addresses

The restaurant "Eurasia". Reviews

How do people relate to this network? Despite all the above and often negative reviews about the restaurant "Eurasia", you can safely say that for the uninvited and modest visitors who will not carp at trifles and know how to enjoy life, visiting such an institution will leave a lot of good impressions. The main audience of the restaurant is students and working people, hurrying to a business lunch or a light supper after work. Such customers are primarily interested in affordable prices, and therefore it is possible to admit some shortcomings of staff and non-ideal condition of the halls. Still, great traffic and very humane prices for the menu - a huge plus of restaurants.

restaurant Eurasia

The restaurant "Eurasia" in Moscow. Addresses

Most of the restaurants of the Eurasia network are locatedin St. Petersburg and Kazan. In the capital, food delivery to or from the office is more popular. And there are only two restaurants in Moscow, they are located at the following addresses:

  • Velyaminovskaya street, house 6, building 2.
  • Arbat Street, Building 2.

The average bill in the restaurant of the network per person will be 500-1000 rubles.

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