Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews

Even leaving far away from the capital, to Chelyabinsk,you can have a great time with your family and friends, noting a meeting or a holiday in local institutions. If you go to restaurants in Chelyabinsk with an entertainment program, then you will not be bored for sure. Local chefs are not worse at all, and maybe even better, and prices are much lower.


If you want to feel the taste of luxury andaristocratism, look into the restaurant "Titanic". Chelyabinsk as if carries on the ship in the last century, with its elegance and craving for a chic idle pastime. The interior of the building is thought through to the smallest detail, recreating the atmosphere that reigned on board the legendary liner. Unique interior items and real antique things add a touch of flavor and special chic.

restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program

We also took care of the convenience of visitors: if you want to sit in a separate company, you can pre-book a booth with the function of calling your own waiter. In addition to VIP-service, there is a well-equipped, cozy banquet hall with a small dance floor. On Fridays and Saturdays live music is played.

Kitchen, according to visitors' reviews, also onheight. Restaurant "Titanic" (Chelyabinsk) positions itself as a fish, but meat dishes are also very tasty. Portions are not small, the staff is very polite and unobtrusive, the order is brought quickly. So if you want to spend an evening in an unusual setting, look at the street of Timiryazev, 30.

The best brasserie

"Restaurant House Spiridonov" (on the prospectusLenin, 21-in) will be to the liking of all lovers of quality beer, because the restaurant has its own brewery. The drink is made according to secret recipes specially designed specifically for the "Restaurant House". The institution offers four kinds of frothy beer: cherry and dark, and stronger wheat and light.

Regulars and guests celebrate the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant and attentive service of each client, regardless of the size of the order.

restaurant titanic chelyabinsk

The menu consists of dishes of European, Russian,Czech and German cuisine. They note delicious kebabs cooked on charcoal, and tender German sausages, always juicy and hot. For those who are looking for something less caloric, there is a large selection of light salads and dishes from fish and seafood.

On weekdays from noon to 6 pm you can orderbusiness lunch. For a very democratic price you will get an excellent lunch of two or three courses and will be offered to choose one of three drinks. Thus all fresh and a portion of the decent size.

If you are considering the eventrestaurants of Chelyabinsk with an entertainment program, then be sure to pay attention to this one. On weekends there are entertaining themed parties with acrobats, gymnasts and go-go girls. Live music is played, guest artists are invited.

Eastern fairy tale of Chelyabinsk

If you prefer languid and mysteriousatmosphere of the East, you will undoubtedly have to taste the restaurant "Shafran" (Chelyabinsk) on the street of Commune, 120. It is located in a stunningly picturesque place - in the pine forest of the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Here you can celebrate the event both in a big way and sit a small company - in two banquet halls there is a secluded cozy corner, and a place for a feast. In the summer there is a terrace with a beautiful view of the pond.

The interior is luxurious, immersing in an eastern fairy tale, but at the same time it is a very pleasant and not pathos institution.

saffron chelyabinsk

The menu also, according to visitors' reviews, is goodthought out. Of course, in the first place, these are dishes of eastern cuisine (Uzbek, Chinese, Uyghur, Vietnamese). Here you can taste soup fo-bo from veal tails with veal fillet and rice noodles, duck mahra and choy-bau from seafood. Desserts attract even with some names, the wine list beckons with a great choice of drink. Nice hookah card.

For small visitors of the restaurant there is a separate menu, do not forget about vegetarians.

Live music is played in the evenings, and on the weekends there are entertainment programs. For children there is a children's room with animators.

The average check per person without drinks is approximately 800-1200 rubles.

In addition, the restaurant "Saffron" (Chelyabinsk) offers additional pleasant bonuses: your own wardrobe, lounge area and the opportunity to take your favorite dish to take away.

Budget restaurants

Sometimes you want instead of home gatherings orpastime in a bar or cafe to get out "into white people." However, prices in some restaurants will be a significant blow to the budget. Nevertheless in Chelyabinsk, there are good places where you can spend an evening in a friendly company or celebrate a holiday without much damage to your wallet.

Jackson's bar & grill

If you are looking for Chelyabinsk restaurants with an entertainment program, but more democratic prices, pay attention to this place on Lenin Avenue, house 64-d.

The interior of the two halls is made in the Americansubject: one - for noisy companies, another - for those who want to stay in a more relaxed atmosphere and talk. A huge bar and professional bartenders, masterfully mixing cocktails, a large selection of whiskeys and beers. The menu offers Mexican or American cuisine. Of course, different types of steaks: from beef, pork or fish. Do not bypass the corporate salad of the restaurant "Jackson's Chef Salad", most visitors recommend it to try to enjoy an amazing combination of juicy beef and tender shrimp.

Spiridonov's restaurant house

On weekdays, you can have a good lunch, taking a business lunch at a ridiculous price (from 150 to 210 rubles). The lunch menu is different every day.

Since Friday, live music has been played in the rest house and theme parties with dances are held. At the entrance of the guests meets a cute skeleton, with which you can take a picture for memory.

The average check per person is from 500 rubles.

Das sausages

Another beer restaurant in Chelyabinsk, but, unlike Spiridonov's Restaurant House, with more budgetary prices, is located on Artillery Street, 136.

The interior is pleasant, all the waiters - in German traditional costumes. But, according to numerous reviews, the institution is suitable for large and noisy companies.

The menu features German cuisine. Especially popular are sausages and burgers. It is noted that always serve excellent cold beer, and the size of the ordered portions is simply huge.

restaurants in Chelyabinsk reviews

The restaurant broadcast sports matches, and whenno games are foreseen, Das Kolbas, like other Chelyabinsk restaurants with an entertainment program, entertain guests with original shows.

In the evenings, local groups perform in the institution. There is free Wi-Fi and parking for visitors.

The average check per person is approximately 600-800 rubles, along with drinks.

"Mr. X"

Restaurants in Chelyabinsk with entertainment programdiffer in variety. Lovers of all the unusual should go to this cabaret restaurant on Victory Avenue, 312. A pleasant evening with an excellent entertainment program is guaranteed. There is a spacious dance floor, always live music, and on the weekends a well-made show program that will not bore anyone.

If the soul asks for a more relaxing holiday - you can order a hookah or play in Russian or American billiards, at worst choose cards.

If there is a desire to sit not in the general hall, but to retire from prying eyes with your company, the restaurant suggests booking cozy cabins.

das flask

The kitchen is European, there is a children's and vegetarian menu. According to reviews, they cook deliciously, portions of decent sizes (you will not go hungry for sure), the staff is polite and quick-witted.

It is also noted that ventilation works great, even if there are a lot of people in the hall. There is free parking and internet access.

The prices are acceptable, the average bill per person will be about 1000 rubles.


A very peculiar institution from the list of "restaurants in Chelyabinsk with an entertainment program."

A small family establishment on Kirov Street,163, the main highlight of which are dishes of Ukrainian cuisine with funny names, which are a pleasure to read. Such a little where you can find. In addition to national cuisine, traditional dishes are also served. But all visitors note that it is better to order exactly Ukrainian ones - they are cooked with a soul. Here you will enjoy the taste of borsch "Poltavchanka" with aromatic garlic pampushkas, fish soup or mushrooms, stewed pea soup. Pleased with the choice of hot and salads. A large selection of both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic drinks, there is even tea from the samovar.

jackson's bar grill

The interior is very original: you seem to get into a classic Ukrainian village, such as shown in the cinema. At the weekend, guests are pleased not only with delicious food, but also with performances of local talented groups.

On weekdays from noon to five o'clock, you can order a business lunch. Every day the menu changes.

Do not forget about the little guests: for children there is a special menu and an animator works.

In addition, the restaurant has its own parking.

The average bill per person will be about 800-1200 rubles.

Instead of an afterword

If you are going to visit restaurantsChelyabinsk, reviews of visitors will help to form an opinion about the institution. If a greater number of negative, indicating an unfriendly staff or poor-quality food, it is better to trust the public opinion, no matter how attractive the photos of the institution. Nothing compares to the disappointment of a spoiled holiday.

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Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews Restaurants of Chelyabinsk with entertainment program: names, addresses, reviews