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1940 At the tank factory near Kharkov, they took into account the experience of fighting on Halkin-Gol and created a new, maneuverable tank with good protection. But the problem is that there are only two weeks to see military equipment on Red Square, and the combat vehicle has not yet been tested. In order to catch up and have time to show up to Stalin himself, the chief engineer-designer of the plant decides to send two existing samples of the T-34 from Kharkov to Moscow under its own power, and consent is taken from Zhukov himself. Although the length of the path - this is a small of troubles, in front of the team the creators of the legendary tank waiting for real adventure and even fighting.
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Tanks. Adventure. 2018. Starring Andrew Merzlikin, Aglaia Tarasova and others
Initially, the film was going to be called "Stalin's Tank", which gave a lot to ideology, but in the end the picture was called simpler - "Tanks", and this is true, since Stalin's figure appears only in a couple of scenes at the very end. The film is not burdened by any ideology at all, there is only a historical period in which the film takes place, and there is also the lieutenant of the NKVD Peter Mizulin, who at first tries to build everything.
The film is based on a true story of the run of new tank images, enriched with various adventures, friendship, betrayal and, of course, love. Particularly pleased with the fact that the screenwriter of the film did not overdo it with the last, leaving the pleasant and even spicy presence of the heroine Aglaia Tarasova in one place, but without exhausting scenes of love and jealousy, as usually happens in our movies.
Dispensing and lightness - this is generally the hallmark of this film. "Tanks" do not load the viewer with either ideology or side storylines, neither excessive fiction, nor long dialogues. Even without the deaths and blood cost, although at first glance - where without it in a military movie. The result was a fascinating story about the tank race itself, which is perfect for the whole family. And the film will cope with this task perfectly, because the plot is not trivial, it is interesting to follow its development, there are beautiful shots of tank movement, there are many good actors with good play, there is high-quality humor, the story is based on everything and everything is simple and clear. Yes, and also the director of the film is the same Kim Druzhinin, who has such a successful film as "28 Panfilov members", that is, with tanks he is definitely on "you".
Actually, I was at the premiere of the film, the audience came out satisfied.This is the movie to go with children on the May holidays.

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