Review of the work "Poor Lisa" by N. Karamzin

The story "Poor Lisa" produced a radicalrevolution of public consciousness and brought to its author a great success. Karamzin NM was the first in the history of Russian prose, who drew attention to the feelings of the peasant girl.

History of creation of the work

The review of the work "Poor Lisa" is impossible without determining the identity of herReview of the work of Poor Lisaof the author - N.M. He wrote this story in 25 years. Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin by right can be considered one of the most educated people of the late eighteenth - early nineteenth century. His name is associated with the formation of professional literary activity.

The story "Poor Lisa" was published by the author in"Moscow Journal" for 1792, which he began to publish upon his return from a trip abroad. Around the same time saw the light of "Letters of a Russian traveler."

Memories of contemporaries say that in the 1790s Karamzin was staying at the Beketov dacha, which was located under the Simonov Monastery. The situation facilitated the writing of a tale of poor Liza.

Genre of the work

The review of the book "Poor Lisa" is an analysis andEvaluation of the work that first raises the problems of the common man. Karamzin became the founder of sentimentalism in Russian literature. The literature of this genre is directed to the feelings, experiences of a person.

Review of "Poor Lisa" Karamzin puts the questionabout the need to evaluate a work showing interest in an ordinary person, regardless of his class membership. This book refers to the feelings of a common man.Book review Poor Lisa

The creative method of Karamzin

The review of the story "Poor Lisa" requires a definition of the specific nature of the work, a designation of its difference from the literature to which the society of that time was accustomed.
First, Karamzin became the founder of the genre of a short novel, which was a success for contemporaries. A small volume makes the plot of the book more dynamic.

Secondly, the author uses techniques thatachieves that readers perceive the described events as authentic, and the heroes of the story are considered real people. He uses in the book the names of the places actually existing, for example, the Simon Monastery. This author emphasizes that the action takes place in Moscow and its environs.Review of a poor Karamzin

The image of poor Lisa, drawn by Karamzin onpages of the story, also breaks the stereotypes of society. The name itself until the beginning of the eighties of the 18th century was rarely found in Russian literature and was used, mainly, in a foreign language version, usually in comedies. So most often called the maid. Lizette was usually very young, pretty, frivolous. This image does not inherent in the innocence, which gave Karamzin his heroine.

Review of the work "Poor Lisa" shouldpay attention to the idealized images of the girl's parents. About her deceased father, the author says that he was a good family man, loved work and was a prosperous peasant whom everyone around loved. The girl's mother loses vitality, ceaselessly mourning her husband. She loves her daughter endlessly.

Themes of the story

The review of the book "Poor Lisa" should contain a definition of the theme of the work. The author denotes several topics. One of them is, undoubtedly, an appeal to the life of ordinary peasants.Review of the story Poor LisaAs the main character, the writer portrays a simple peasant girl with patriarchal ideas about spiritual and moral values.
Karamzin in his novel opposes the cityand the village. The appearance of the city is inextricably linked with Erast. The image of poor Lisa in the work embodies the life of nature. A man from the village, he is a man of nature, defenseless in the city space. It is no coincidence that Lisa's mother experiences that her daughter goes to the city.
In addition to the theme of the little man and the question of social inequality, the author speaks of the fateful circumstances, grief and happiness in love.


The review of the work "Poor Lisa" is impossible without the definition of the idea laid by the author. The story attracted the attention of the readership of that time with the idea that "peasants are also able to love."

"Poor Liza" has gained wide popularity inRussian society. The idea of ​​the story was very much in tune with the trends of that time. This was a period when literature rejected the predominance of civilian themes of the Enlightenment in it and translated the emphasis on the individual, her inner world.

Review of the story "Poor Lisa" shouldto designate one more discovery of Karamzin. With the writing of this book in the literature appeared the concept of psychology - the ability to touchingly reflect the inner world of man.

The nature of the conflict

A review of Karamzin's Poor Liza can not fail to note the conflict in the story. It is a gap between young people who fell in love with each other in different social strata.
Light feeling brings the heroes closer together, gives them a moment of boundless happiness, and after the breakup of the relationship, Lisa puts her hands on herself. Erast for the rest of her life blames herself for the death of the girl.

Karamzin became the first Russian writer who completed the story about unequal love by the death of the main character.

The main characters

The review of the work "Poor Lisa" requires the designation of actors. The main heroine of the story is a young peasant woman. Sensitivity is the main feature of herThe image of poor Lisa character. Fervor and sentimentality lead Lisa to death. Lisa beautifully speaks and behaves like a real lady. She experiences the death of her father, but, afraid to upset her mother, she hides her tears. "Beautiful with the body and soul of the settlement" fervently loves the parent, takes care of her, and works all day long. Liza remembers her mother even at the most difficult moment in her life. Before rushing into the pond, the girl took care of her, leaving money.
The image of Erast is quite consistent with his socialenvironment. He is a "fairly wealthy nobleman," an officer who thinks solely of his pleasure. He is upset because he does not find it. Undoubtedly, Erast is endowed with "a fair mind and kind heart". He represents a new type of hero of Russian literature, in the character of which the disappointment of the Russian nobleman is indicated.
Erast falls in love with Lisa, not thinking about the circle to which the girl belongs. However, his feelings can not stand the test.

The story "Poor Lisa", in addition to attention toproblems of a small man, Erast's image opens a gallery of "superfluous people", rich smart idlers who live in idleness. If he was busy with business, there would be no tragedy.

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