Ribbon Flowers

You probably have seen magnificent decorations in the form of flowers made of ribbons. Indeed, such an accessory is difficult not to notice, because now it is incredibly relevant! Flowers from ribbons are pinned to clothes, they decorate shoes or bags, and they are also put on their heads, attached to an elastic band or a rim. And how popular is such an accessory among the brides!
In a word, having at least one such flower in your box will not hurt every woman of fashion. Moreover, making flowers on your own from a ribbon is easier than ever! It is also nice that the cost for the manufacture of such an accessory will be minimal. Yes, and free time you need nothing at all. But you will have an original, unique in its kind design thing. In addition, such wonderful flowers will be a great gift to the fair sex (adults and very young) for any reason.
Ribbon Flowers

Have you decided to make such a flower yourself? In this case, cook:
- tapes (they can be both kapron, and fabric);
- beads, beads, small diameter buttons (they will be needed later to decorate the heart of the flower);
- needle;
- threads to match tapes;
- a candle.
If everything is ready, you can start making a flower. First you need to make a billet petals. Here you can give vent to your imagination. All of us present what the flower petals usually look like. You can cut them of irregular shape, or you can make just ovals or circles (as in our case). Note: you need to cut the petals from the tapes with a small margin, as in the process of making the accessory they will decrease in size.
Ribbon Flowers

Since the flower will be multi-layered, you need to cut the petals of different diameters - the bottom layer should consist of the largest petals, and the subsequent layers - of the smaller ones.
Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

Ribbon Flowers

When the blanks are ready, you can proceed to the formation of petals. Gently bring the edges of the petal to a burning candle. You will notice how the edges of the petal begin to curl inward. Just do not be very zealous - the edges may turn black from melting. You need to form all the petals in this way. When this process is over, you can proceed directly to making a flower.
You just need to put the petals into each other in accordance with their diameter, sew them together, and decorate the heart with beads, beads or buttons.
Ribbon Flowers

The flower is ready! It remains to sew a piece of fabric to its seamy side to hide the stitches. Want to wear a flower as a brooch? Attach a pin to it. Are you planning to decorate your hair with an accessory? Instead of a pin, use stealth or pin.
Creative success to you!

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