"Rick and Morty", freeze-frame, part II

In the first part of the post about Rick and Morty - https://andeadd.livejournal.com/1473717.html - we analyzed the shots that escaped our attention in8th series of the 3rd season.
Today, we turn our attention to two more episodes in which shots flash at machine-gun speed, which is why it is impossible to look at them in dynamics.
* * *
So,8th series of the 1st season. In its finale, the Smith family goes on vacation to the version of the Universe where hamsters live in people's asses. We are quickly shown a few shots with the adventures of the Smiths in the world of the butt hamsters. Let's look at them slowly.
Monument to zhopny hamsters who won the war against I am even afraid to imagine whom.

Rick and Mortie ride the roller coaster along with the aborigines.

Playful party; Perhaps it even ended in flirting, or even something worse.

This is perhaps the most important thing: local scientists explain Rick and Morty how a hamster lives in a person.

Group selfie before returning to our universe.

* * *
Further -4th series of the 2nd season. To make sure that Rick is not an alien, Morty recalls various unpleasant stories with his participation. Frames also flicker very quickly.Here they are in statics.
The monster drags Morty while Rick glues his chicks.

A magmatic monster fills Morti with lava while Rick devastates his coveted flask.

Rick goes about his business, not paying attention to how the two slugs spend ominous experiences over Morty.

Rick takes his pants off Morty and pushes him down the stairs in front of pretty classmates.

* * *
Well, to close the topic.
As I understood from communication with those who respect the subject, many of them did not see three SEPARATE charming cartoon films that successfully complement the series.
"Rick and Morty in Court"(if someone doesn’t know, this is the BROWNED reproduction of the fiery dialogue between the judge and the respondent at one of the court sessions in the USA; the respondent is a fat successful troll):
"Rick and Morty visiting the Simpsons"(they say that Rick and Morty will soon visit again in a couple of animated series):
"Zhodosranchika Family Album"(published just yesterday):
By the way, from the last video it turns out that Zhospranchik is a Jew.
This is quite a slippery moment, because in the series about the Protectors, it was painfully intense for Rick to otmazyvatsya from accusations of anti-Semitism. Those. It is quite possible that Rick is a hidden anti-Semite, and naturally raised his daughter in the same vein.
And if so, thenBeth Smith in the 4th series of the 2nd season shot at Zhospranchik Intentionally, that is, it was a kind of Jewish POGME in miniature.

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