Rihanna Pratchett - screenwriter of computer games: biography, personal life, achievements

British writer Rihanna Pratchett is a multifaceted creative person, but primarily known as a screenwriter of computer games. She managed to become the owner of a large number of awards, one of the most sought-after authors in the industry and the creator of several popular characters.

Famous surname

The writer was born in the UK, December 30, 1976. Rihanna's father - Terry Pratchett, a cult writer in the genre of parody fantasy, the author of a series of books "Flat World", has received overwhelming success. His works were translated into dozens of languages, one of the novels set a historical record for sales speed, the total circulation exceeded 85 million copies. According to surveys, in the nineties of the last century, he was recognized as the most widely read author in the United Kingdom.Terry Pratchett was awarded the title of Knight of the British Empire for his contribution to literature. He died at the age of 66 after a long struggle with a rare form of Alzheimer's disease.Rianna Pratchett

Children's impressions

Naturally, the writer was influenced by her father’s fame, especially at the beginning of her career. This legacy at the same time contained both advantages and difficulties. On the one hand, the name of Rihanna was associated only with the author of cult bestsellers, diverting attention from her own talents and abilities. On the other hand, it was a unique opportunity as a child to become closely acquainted with the creative atmosphere in which fantastic works are born. In addition to creating fabulous characters, the father was interested in electronics and robotics, and introduced his daughter to this hobby.

Among the most vivid childhood impressions of Rihanna, the last place is occupied by watching the films "Terminator" and "Alien." Since then, she became close to the plots about the heroes fighting with cars and aliens. Rihanna was an active child and at the age of nine she attended karate classes.Rianna Pratchett biography

Virtual world

Since the advent of computers, the elder Pratchett began using them while working on books. He had a system of six monitors that made the writing process more comfortable. Terry was one of the first authors who tried to communicate with their fans using the Internet.

He was an avid video game lover. The writer believed that they should serve not only as entertainment, but also contain intellectual depth. He took part in the adaptation of some of his works for computer games. All these circumstances have become a prerequisite for the future work of his daughter. According to Rihanna, it was her father who from her young age had been addicted to video games. Subsequently, while working on the creation of heroic images, she projected her children's impressions onto them.


Rihanna Pratchett was educated at the London College of Printing. She began her career in Minx, which considered young, active and assertive women as her target audience. The management of the magazine learned about Rihanna’s passion for computer games and commissioned her to write several reviews on this topic as an experiment.But the attempt was considered unsuccessful, and soon the publication again fully focused on the discussion of cosmetics and fashion. This was followed by a lengthy job in PC Zone magazine as an assistant editor. In addition, Pratchett has collaborated with many publications, including The Guardian.Rianna Pratchett personal life

Video Game Scripts

Rihanna tried her hand at writing scripts in 2002. The first computer game in the creation of which she took part was called Beyond Divinity. It was released in April 2004. In the story, the player plays the role of a servant of the divine essence, a paladin, who hates and pursues necromancers. During the battle with the most vicious of them, the hero is abducted by a demon. He moves the paladin to another universe, where his soul is chained to the death knight. Together, they must find a way to break this bond. In addition to the game, Pratchett wrote a short story based on her story about the world in which the main characters live. In the process of working on the project, she acted as editor.

Heavenly sword

A couple of years later, Rihanna received an offer from one of the British studios to write the script of the computer game Heavenly Sword in collaboration with the famous director Andy Serkis.In general, this project was not particularly successful and received very low-profile reviews from critics. According to some reports, the game did not even pay back the development costs. But her script caused universal admiration. Some observers have called it breathtaking. Bright and emotional images of the brave protagonist and her intelligent and cruel opponent made a strong impression. Rihanna Pratchett was nominated for the prestigious BAFTA award for her work on this scenario. The main character Nariko has become one of the most memorable characters in the world of computer games.rihanna pratchett games


This work was a significant breakthrough on the way to heights of glory. The plot and the characters in many ways resembled the creative style of the father of Rihanna. A parody of the well-established laws of the fantasy genre and the black humor of the elder Pratchett moved to the script written by his daughter for the game Overlord (translated as "overlord" or "sovereign"). The story tells about a mysterious warrior, resurrected by fantastic creatures. With the help of his gremlin-like servants, he must defeat the heroes symbolizing the seven deadly sins.

It remains unclear whether the warrior is a negative or positive character. He does not remember anything about his past. His personality and motives are ambiguous.During the struggle, the warrior overcomes the temptations of each of the seven deadly sins. The script brought the writer a serious recognition. She was awarded the prestigious award from the Writers Guild of Great Britain.

Mirror's edge

This project was developed over several years, and tens of millions of dollars were invested in it. Pratchett was invited to create a suitable plot. But the result was a disappointment for both the writer and the developers. Critics found the script weak and predictable. The story of the main character, who lives in the anti-utopian city of the future and opposes the totalitarian regime, seemed too banal.

Mirror's edge has become a commercial failure. The developers expected to sell at least three million copies, but only two thirds of this amount was realized. Nevertheless, the main character with a tattoo around her eyes joined the collection of female warriors from the world of fantasy and became another character created with the participation of Pratchett.Rianna Pratchett achievements

Tomb raider

The finest hour for Rihanna came when she was invited as the lead author of the script for restarting the famous story about the Tomb Raider.The writer collaborated with the studio at all stages of development. The challenge was to rethink the image of Lara Croft. For many years, the character of this character has been changed several times.

Pratchett admitted that her own perception of the main character of the game Tomb Raider was experiencing ups and downs. According to the writer, over time, the image of Lara Croft became excessively sexy and devoid of deep content. The iconic tomb raider turned into a killing machine, consisting of a hypertrophic bust and a pair of pistols. Pratchett believed that it was necessary to create an emotional connection between the players and the main character. She set her goal to make Lara Croft a living, suffering person capable of evoking sympathy from the audience.computer games screenwriter

Leaving the project

Many critics gave a low rating of the new version of the cult character. Despite attempts to portray the manifestation of emotions, the tomb raider remained a familiar fighting machine. Criticism of Rihanna Pratchett for the unsuccessful reconstruction of the image of Lara Croft and predictable plot twists is not unreasonable, but it should be remembered that the success of such projects depends on the entire development team.

In 2015, another story was released under the name Rise of the Tomb Raider.Soon after, the scriptwriter announced the termination of cooperation. With all the failure of the project, we can safely say that the most famous development was added to the games of Rihanna Pratchett.

Father's continuation

In 2012, Rihanna Pratchett co-founded Narrativia Limited, a company with exclusive rights to the works of her late father. Many expected the writer to continue the famous series of books "Flat World", but this did not happen. She stated that the posthumously published novel The Shepherd's Crown was the last. Narrativia Limited has announced the beginning of work on three television projects based on the works of the elder Pratchett.rihanna pratchett criticism

Recognition and rewards

The achievements of Rihanna Pratchett are in successfully conquering the development of video games. In the past, men dominated the industry. Some works by the writer definitely deserve high praise, others are harshly criticized. Some fans of the fantasy genre believe that Pratchett did not inherit the talents of his father. But an impressive amount of prestigious awards refutes these claims.The most important among them is undoubtedly the award for the best script for Tomb Raider in 2013. Despite the controversial reviews, this work has become a decent page in the biography of Rihanna Pratchett. She managed to get rid of the label of the daughter of a famous writer and find her own way in the works. The writer is one of the hundred most influential women in the gaming industry.

Personal life

Writers and literary figures usually do not become objects of increased attention from the tabloid press. But the personal life of Rihanna Pratchett is of interest to many people because of her participation in ambitious projects and the famous family name. Their curiosity remains unsatisfied, since this kind of information about the writer is completely absent. It is only known that she loves cats. It is possible that the whole life of the scriptwriter is limited to the world of fantastic heroes.

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