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Roman Abramovich is an entrepreneur, one of the richest people in the world. Received wide popularity during work as governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Region.
In the photo: Roman AbramovichIn the photo: Roman Abramovich


Roman Abramovich was born on October 24, 1966 in a family of workers. The father was the builder and the main earner in the family, it is not known for certain about the profession of the mother. Lived a family in the city of Saratov.
Roman Abramovich in childhoodRoman Abramovich in childhood
Roman's childhood cannot be called easy: when the boy was only one year old, he lost his mother. However, his trials did not end there. Father, trying to support his family, worked hard. One of the days at the construction site was fatal for him - as a result of an accident, he died, leaving his son a complete orphan.
The house where little Roman Abramovich lived for some timeThe house where little Roman Abramovich lived for some time
After losing the parents of the little Roman, the relatives took on their upbringing. The first who responded was his uncle, who lives in the city of Ukhta, where the boy subsequently moved.
Roman Abramovich at school (third from right in the top row)Roman Abramovich at school (third from right in the top row)
When Roman was 8 years old, he was waiting for the next move - this time to Moscow. There he came under the care of another uncle - Abram. Simultaneously with the change of residence, the boy went to school. School No. 232 was chosen as the start, in which he studied until its completion.
Roman Abramovich in his youthRoman Abramovich in his youth
Study never attracted Roman - all school subjects seemed boring to him, and immediately after receiving a certificate, he decided to go to serve in the army.
Roman Abramovich in the armyRoman Abramovich in the army
Upon returning from service, he still succumbed to the entreaties of relatives to get a higher education. The novel chose the direction as close as possible to his current interests and abilities - the Faculty of Forest Engineering of the Regional Institute. Granite of science and this time turned out to be uninteresting for him, which is why he later abandoned his studies. The only useful thing that Roman learned from his studies was the discovery of his own organizational skills, which were useful to him in the future.


The beginning of the career of Roman Abramovich can be considered the beginning of the 80s. It was during this period that he first turned his attention to entrepreneurial activity.The money accumulated during the part-time job was enough for him to acquire the first enterprise, “Cosiness,” whose profile of work consisted in the manufacture of children's toys. Even then, he met his colleagues, with whom he still does business (in the future they will jointly manage the Sibneft enterprise).
Roman Abramovich and Boris BerezovskyRoman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky
However, the chosen field of work was not enough to realize the ambitions of Roman, and he decided to try his hand at trading. The oil industry was already the most promising area. The similarity of interests and the desire to express themselves in business have pushed a young purposeful person with a number of “important” people. Among the most famous names can be identified Boris Berezovsky and Boris Yeltsin.
In the “dashing 90s” Roman Abramovich could become the founder of a number of large corporations.In the “dashing 90s” Roman Abramovich could become the founder of a number of large corporations.
Next came the "dashing 90s." The novel, already having at that time large capital, could become the founder of a number of large corporations. It is noteworthy that, despite the growing exponentially in income, he managed to avoid the attention of the press for a long time. Factor X in this matter turned out to be the declassification of his working ties with Boris Yeltsin. At this time, Roman was the head of AVK, still concentrating on working with oil.It was during that period of his life that an entrepreneur for the first time became a defendant in a major scandal (a case was initiated about the theft of a large batch of fuel).
Roman Abramovich: Yes, I am an oligarch!
In 1998, the name of Abramovich was finally mentioned in the media. He was credited with a close friendship with Boris Yeltsin and even the management of the president’s private affairs. In the late 90s, Roman collaborated a great deal with another “growing” billionaire - who later became the central figure of the scandal with Nastya Rybka and Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko.

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