Roman Pashkov: biography and creativity

The songs of “Director” and “Naked” of the “Gradusy” group are known to all Russians who have ever gone out into the street. Roman Pashkov and other band members woke up famous after the execution of these hits. Fans dream to learn about them as much as possible, and journalists from a variety of publications regularly interview. In the life of young people there are really a lot of interesting facts that they willingly share with the public.

Teenage years

pashkov novelBorn one of the soloists of the most popular project in Stavropol. Roman Pashkov was brought up in a full and prosperous family, which did not prevent him from being a hooligan as a child. They lived in a spacious private house, and together with Roman, parents raised their daughter Vika. The boy studied in triples, and in high school he completely stopped trying.

As a teenager, Roman Pashkov played handball, and after his first disco he quit sports and started learning to play the guitar. By his own admission, the young man was a fighter. After school, he entered the directing department, but was expelled for absenteeism. Later, he conducted a music program on local television, but this career was interrupted.He and his friend went to conquer the capital.

Meet Ruslan Tagiyev

novel pashkov biographyDue to his cocky character, Roman Pashkov met his future colleague, Ruslan Tagiyev. It happened on the main square of Stavropol, where young people gathered in the evenings. At that time, Roman looked very eccentric - he wore a white shirt, knotted on his chest, and high-heeled shoes that clicked while dancing.

At first, the young people didn’t like each other, almost got into a fight, but everything turned into a breakdance battle. From that moment on, the biography of Roman Pashkov made a serious turn, he began to engage in creative work. Young people removed the basement for their school of dancing, and then completely decided to try their luck in the capital. The first time they rented an apartment, in which they very soon began to have parties. The first hits of Degrees were also born there.

The first years in the capital were very difficult. After a while, Roman Pashkov went on leave. His biography would not be interesting to anyone if it were not for the young man’s mother. He did not want to return to Moscow, but she herself bought a ticket for him on the train and pushed him back into adulthood.Upon arrival, comrades removed a new apartment and began to work on their promotion.


biography of the novel pashkovAn interesting part of the biography is the idol's personal life. He met his wife in Stavropol, when the girl was only 14 years old, Roman became her first man. He met his future wife Anna in his own dance school. There was a couple of three and a half years, between them burning mad love. The reason for parting was Roman Pashkov. The biography of him at this moment just made a sharp turn, the young man was going to the capital. Since the girl was only 17, her parents did not let her go anywhere. They sent her to study at the university.

Gradually, the feelings began to fade, Anna became a stylist and went to New York. There she got married and almost got a “green card”, but here she met Roman in one of the social networks. Later, they began to call up, and during one of their visits to Moscow, the young man sang the song “Naked” to the girl, in the clip for which Anna later starred. That music put an end to this story. Anna returned to the United States only to collect her things. Her friends, who did not understand such an act, partially turned away from her, but she found love.

In 2013, the couple played a modest wedding, to which all the friends from Stavropol could not come.In the near future, lovers are going to get married. This event they are going to celebrate more magnificently. In 2015, Roman's son was born.


photo pashkov novelBiography of Roman Pashkov greatly influenced the work of the group. The songs “Degree 100” and “Notices” tell about his difficult relationship with Anna. Many hits of this group were written by Roman and Ruslan in the first rented apartment, which almost put an end to their career. Meanwhile, the founder of the group was Dmitry Bakhtinov, whom they met in Moscow. It was he who gathered the team and began to promote the project.

Literally a year and a half later, the group became popular due to the hit “Director”, which not only received a rotation on all leading radio stations, but also began to appear in movies and TV shows. This song often sounded behind the scenes of the series “Youth”. Immediately after this hit, a photo of Roman Pashkov and other members of the group circled all the tabloids. The remaining singles also started from the high positions of the charts. Due to this, in March 2011, "Degrees" were able to release their debut album.

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