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Rose McGowan is an American actress best known to Russian audiences due to the TV series “Charmed”.
Actress Rose McGowanActress Rose McGowan


Rose Arianna McGowan (Rose Arianna McGowan) was born on September 5, 1973 in the cradle of the Renaissance - Florence. Her mother, the writer Terry, emigrated to Italy from France, and her father Daniel, the artist, from Ireland. Both parents of the girl were creative and intelligent people, so Rose and her five brothers and sisters had many hobbies and often traveled with the whole family.
Rose McGowan in childhoodRose McGowan in childhood
That all changed when Father Rose became a member of the Children of God sect. He ceased to be interested in secular life, refused newspapers and magazines, gradually turned into a hermit. The girl's mother did not share her husband’s views on life and divorced him. When Rose was 10 years old, she and her mother moved to Washington.
Young Rose McGowanYoung Rose McGowan
In America, Rose quickly learned two things: English and independence, because mother was more involved in her personal life than raising her daughter.When Rose was 14 years old, one of my mother's gentlemen accused her of drug use, because of which she was forcibly sent to a clinic for the treatment of drug addiction. The actress herself all her life claimed that this accusation was false. In the drug dispensary, McGowan spent about a year. Once free, she refused custody of her parents and moved to her grandparents.

Movie career

Before realizing herself in acting, Rose tried dozens of different professions. From the age of 16 she worked as a waitress, a clerk and a cashier, combining work with studies. In 1989, after graduating from high school, she entered the Seattle School of Art.
As a result, Rose McGowan decided to become an actressAs a result, Rose McGowan decided to become an actress
McGowan first appeared in film in 1992, starring in the low-budget film "Frozen Californian." Two years later, she was invited to the main role in a larger project - “Generation of the game“ Doom ”.
In 1996, Rose played a supporting character in the cult horror film Scream. A year later, she could be seen in the films “Travelers”, “Alone with the Killer”, “The Dangerous Trio”, as well as in the fantastic comedy “Nowhere” in which Christina Applegate, Mina Suvari and Shannen Doherty became her partners on the set.
Rose McGowan in the movie "Scream"Rose McGowan in the movie "Scream"
In 1999, she was awarded the MTV Movie Awards in the nomination "The Best Villain" for the title role in the movie "Murder Queen".

Participation in "Charmed"

This fame came to McGowan in 2001, when she became a member of the main cast of the popular TV series “Charmed” about three witch sisters. At that time, the fourth season of the project was broadcast in the USA, but the beauty Paige Matthews performed by Rose was immediately loved by the fans.
Rose McGowan on CharmedRose McGowan on Charmed
Entering her heroine in the series occurred in connection with the unpleasant conflict of Alyssa Milano, who played Phoebe, and Shannen Doherty, who plays the role of Prue. The actresses did not get along with each other, and in the end Milano gave the producers an ultimatum: either I or she. Writers had to "kill" Prue, and Paige took her place.
Thanks to "Enchanted" McGowan became a very successful and sought-after actress. Since 2002, for participation in one series, she received more than a hundred thousand dollars. In 2006, the series was completed.

Rose McGowan's personal life

From 1998 to 2001, the actress met with musician Marilyn Manson. During their life together, the Hollywood beauty has managed to commit many extravagant acts.The most memorable of them occurred in 1998, when, in a company with a gentleman, she attended the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in a very frank dress that caused a storm of criticism from the media. In 2001, the couple broke the engagement.
Pictured: Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowanPictured: Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan
In 2007, the actress had an accident. Shards of sunglasses stuck into her face - traces of the disaster can still be seen on her face, despite three plastic operations.
Rose McGowan before and after the accidentRose McGowan before and after the accident
In the same year, she began an affair with the notorious thrash director Robert Rodriguez, who was related by marriage to producer Elizabeth Avellan. They met at the Cannes Film Festival, and Rodriguez, while not watching “Charmed,” was impressed by Rose’s charisma and invited her to his film Planet of Fear (he later went out with Proof of Death by Quentin Tarantino as a 3-hour film Graindhouse ").
Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez met, but in the end he returned to his wifeRose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez met, but in the end he returned to his wife
It was McGowan who shot a machine gun hidden at the foot in that famous scene, and she also recorded three songs for the film's soundtrack.
Rose McGowan in Planet FearRose McGowan in Planet Fear
In 2009, the actress seriously injured her hand. Because of this, she was forced to abandon the main role in the blockbuster “Red Sonya” (a remake of the 1985 film of the same name with Arnold Schwarzenegger), who planned to shoot Rodriguez. After the refusal of Rose, he abandoned the director's chair - it passed to Simon West, and after the project was completely frozen.
Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowanHarvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan
In addition to Red Sonya, Rodriguez planned to make two more films with Rose in the lead role, but the producers refused to coordinate the little-known actress from the long-closed series, and even with an unhealed injury. McGowan, who decided that an affair with a venerable director would open her way up, was disappointed in him and put an end to the relationship.
In 2013, Rose married artist Davey Diteyl. Three years later, the couple divorced. Now the actress is not married.
Rose McGowan and Davey RetailRose McGowan and Davey Retail
In December 2017, hackers leaked her candid photos to the Web.

Rose McGowan now

McGowan is currently shooting a little, but in 2017, she and Danny Trejo worked on the film The Last of the Dwayns, directed by Chris Extein.
When a scandal erupted in Hollywood in October 2017 (the actresses massively accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment) Rose McGowan was one of the first to claim a producer’s incitement in her honor. Star "Charmed" admitted that in 1997, Weinstein raped her during the film festival "Sundance", and then bought off 100 thousand dollars.
Soon the actress was accused of drug possession: she forgot a purse in the plane, which turned out to be cocaine. The position of Rose - the substance she threw on the orders of Weinstein, who avenged her recognition. Representatives of the producer called her words far from the truth. In 2018, a trial of McGowan was due.

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