Russian actress Olga Chursina: biography, career and family

Olga Chursina - an actress with amazing appearance and great creative potential. Want to know what she was fond of in childhood? What education did you get? Does Oli have a husband and children? Answers to these and other questions are presented in the article. And we can only wish you a pleasant reading!Olga Chursina

Olga Chursina: biography, childhood

She was born in Moscow in 1984, December 25th. She was brought up in an ordinary family. The father and mother of our heroine are not related to the acting profession.

From an early age, Olya attended the rhythmic gymnastics section at the Olympic Reserve School. And at the age of 9 in her life appeared ballet. The girl was able to enter the Academy of Choreography, working at the Bolshoi Theater. The teachers noted the natural flexibility of Chursina (junior), as well as her diligence and sense of rhythm. After graduation from the Academy of Choreography, our heroine began performing on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater.She was involved in such productions as “Vain Precaution”, “The Nutcracker”, “Sleeping Beauty” and so on.

Chursina managed to work in the famous ballet show Todes, whose founder and director is Alla Dukhova. And Olya graduated from the model school at the Fashion Theater and collaborated with the V. Zaitsev modeling agency.Olga Chursina biography

Acting education

In 2002, a young Muscovite from the first attempt entered the RATA. Her choice fell on the acting department of directing faculty. Olya was a diligent and executive student. In 2006, she graduated from university, receiving a red diploma.

Films and series

Olga Chursina’s film debut took place back in 2002. Director Nurbek Egen approved her for the role of young ballerina Lena Ilyinskaya in her melodrama “Willis”. Novice actress liked the atmosphere prevailing on the set.Olga Chursina actress

In 2003, the second picture of Chursina was released. In the Russian action movie “Marsh Cast”, she successfully reincarnated into one of the main characters - Masha Fedotov. Oli's acting was highly appreciated not only by the audience, but also by professional directors and avid critics.

In the period from 2004 to 2006, our heroine appeared in several more TV shows and movies.The young actress tried on various images. She was a singer, dancer and even Grand Duchess Romanova.

In 2007, Olga Chursina won the lead role in the 160-episode Ukrainian melodrama “You Can't Order Your Heart”. The image created by her (Matetskaya Alexandra) turned out to be bright and believable.

In the same 2007, the second season of the comedy series “Three on Top” came out. Olga's character is a cute and cheerful girl Julia. Such an image allowed Chursinoy to become a sex symbol of this project. The number of her fans among the audience has increased significantly.

The following are other interesting film works of the actress for 2009-2012:

  • crime series “City of Temptations” (2009) - ballet dancer;
  • Detective "Guardian" (2009) - the former model;
  • comedy “Love-carrot” (season 3, 2010) - the bride of one of the heroes;
  • Russian-Ukrainian psychological thriller “Dragon Syndrome” (2012) - Inna Isaeva, former ballerina.

Film career continuation

In 2013, Olga Chursina appeared in one of the episodes of the detective fiction series “The Fifth Guard”. After a short break, the actress began to act in films again. In 2017, the premiere of another film with her participation.It will be a historical drama called “Alexander Peresvet - Kulikovo Echo”.

Olga Chursina: personal life

The first husband of our heroine was Alexey Nadrudny, a Russian actor of Ukrainian origin. Their acquaintance took place in 2008 on the set of the series “You Can’t Serve Your Heart”. Lesha and Olya immediately liked each other. The novel of two creative people developed rapidly. The couple not only signed the registry office, but got married in church. However, this marriage did not last long. Spouses are increasingly quarreling and expressing mutual claims. In the end, it all ended in divorce. The couple had no children.

For some time, Olga Chursina plunged into work. The personal life of the girl overshadowed. But soon fate brought her to an intelligent and charming man. This is a well-known actor and TV presenter Sergei Druzhko.Olga Chursina personal life

He did everything to achieve the location of Olga. For several years, Druzhko and Chursina was legally married. In 2014, the actress gave her husband a son Plato. For Sergey, he became the second child. From his first marriage with Marina Sosnenko, he has a son, Yevgeny (born in 2006).

Interesting Facts

  • Olga and her current husband, Sergey Druzhko, sometimes work together. In 2014, they conducted health tours to Indonesia. The show was called "Bali Reboot".
  • As a choreographer, she staged the play "Mozart and Salieri."
  • Our heroine successfully works in television. The actress participated in the parody show “Big Difference”. For example, in the 42nd issue Chursina tried on the image of the singer Christina Orbaikayte. Then she was invited to the comic program "33 funny letters." And she agreed. The girl quickly joined the team.


Olga Chursina used to set goals and always achieve them. She managed to try her hand at sports, model industry, film and television. We wish her creative success, peace of mind and family happiness!

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