Safe sedative for nursing mothers

The birth of a baby dramatically changes lives. For nine months, a woman is preparing morally for the birth of a long-awaited child. However, very often this time is not enough to fully realize how much attention a newborn will require.

At the same time, hormonal changes in the female body continue, which, of course, affects the emotional state. Fatigue after nine months of gestation, waiting, the process of childbirth and further care for the baby exhaust even the most resistant of the fair sex. It is not surprising that sometimes irritability, nervousness and bad mood become their main friends.

Before choosing a sedative for nursing mothers, let's try to understand the causes of this condition and consider alternative solutions to the problem.

Postpartum depression

Many young mothers remember with a smile the first months of a child's life, others miss their tummy and happy pregnancy - all people are different, and the reactions, respectively, may differ.sedative for nursing mothers

After birth, approximately 10-15% of women try to cope with a depressive state, but only in 3% the diagnosis “postpartum depression” is confirmed by a doctor, after which appropriate treatment is prescribed. In this case, only sedatives for nursing mothers will no longer help, and sometimes hospitalization is inevitable.

Symptoms and influence of external factors

It is very important not to hesitate to seek qualified help if you notice the presence of the following symptoms:

- lack of strength

- feeling of sadness and sadness,

- anxiety with panic attacks, headaches and increased heartbeat,

- insomnia,

- loss of appetite,

- tearfulness

- feeling lonely

- depressed mood.

In such a state, girls and women are often ashamed and consider themselves to be bad mothers, because they cannot fully feel the joy of having a baby.

Negative Gain

An important role is played by factors (psychological, social, interpersonal) that can aggravate the condition:

- poor support from husband and family,

- severe pregnancy

- complications during childbirth,

- low socio-economic status,

- age over 40 years,

- alcoholism,

- the lack of a permanent job or its complete termination at the beginning of pregnancy,

- propensity to a depressive state.

Do not doubt that postpartum depression harms not only you, but also the baby. An urgent need to consult a doctor and find out what sedatives you can drink for nursing mothers.sedatives for nursing mothers

In our country, unfortunately, this disease is rarely detected. A depressed woman has no interest in interacting with the baby she needs. Such children literally “absorb with milk” a tendency toward states of heightened anxiety, suffer from low self-esteem and have difficulty expressing feelings.

How to help?

The first months with a newborn is a period of lack of proper sleep. Some children are restless. Pain in the tummy, constipation, changing weather - all this greatly affects their mood.

Taking care of a child, doing laundry, cooking and other women's responsibilities takes a lot of time, and we completely forget about ourselves. Passing by the mirror, we note a far from slim figure, bags under the eyes and “something incomprehensible on the head”. Where to take a positive attitude?sedatives for nursing mothers

The first thing to do is pull yourself together. Do not rush to run to the pharmacy and sweep all the sedatives for nursing mothers off the shelves. Try to do without drugs first.

On their own

Here are some simple ways to help improve your mood without medication and to remember your favorite:

  1. We are asking for help.Yes, you have become a mother, but this does not mean that caring for a child rests entirely on your frail shoulders. Dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives - attract everyone who is ready to help you. In the end, a walk in the fresh air does not require special skills in handling the baby.
  2. More rest.Washing, cleaning and cooking are important things, of course. But, choosing between two hours of sleep and a vacuum cleaner, it is better to stop at the first. If you have a serious lack of sleep, then go to bed with the baby.
  3. We remember ourselves before pregnancy.What did you like to do until you found out that you will soon become a mother? Hobbies, playing sports, meeting with friends or shopping - do not suffer remorse and at least a couple of times a month take the time for yourself.
  4. Hike to the doctor.In various sources there is a lot of information about a sedative for nursing mothers, but we urge you to contact professionalsespecially when it comes to more serious antidepressant drugs. Do not hesitate to disturb the doctor, because the baby’s mother is alone and she should be healthy.


Virtually all sedatives for nursing mothers are commercially available. The most popular herbal, which not only fixes the nervous system, but also has a positive effect on lactation. A fragrant drink with seeds of dill, cumin, fennel, chamomile or anise will have a beneficial effect on the digestion of toddler.soothing tea for nursing mothers

You can purchase a collection at the pharmacy or pay attention to a soothing tea for nursing mothers from one of the manufacturers of baby food. Two types of drinks are presented in the Russian brand “Grandma's basket”. For example, “Tea with anise”, which includes anise, cumin, clover, nettle, lemon balm and fennel.

A similar set of ingredients in drinks from the German brand HIPP. The only drawback - granulated tea contains sugar. This improves the taste of the herbal collection, but does not always benefit.

So, now we know for sure what a sedative can be for nursing mothers.

Tested method

Unfortunately, not always regular tea is enough to find harmony and tranquility. Many girls and women, on the advice of doctors, prefer the proven remedy - valerian. She successfully copes with mild mental disorders, has a minimal amount of side effects and does not affect the quality of breast milk.

Traditionally, the drug comes in two forms:

- drops,

- soothing pills.

For nursing mothers, dropping is strictly prohibited. Of course, they work much faster, but the alcohol content still inspires fear. Another option is to brew the valerian root yourself.

How does it affect?

Two specialists should control the drug at once: a pediatrician and a young mother's doctor in attendance. Against the background of the use of valerian, the state of the baby may change - it increases sleep time or there is relaxation and lethargy during sucking.

Valerian should not be taken by hypotonic patients: the pressure decreases even more, which can lead to lethargy, weakness and loss of consciousness. If you are hypersensitive, an allergic reaction occurs in a woman, in rare cases the opposite effect is observed - sleep disturbance or nervous overexcitation.

It is believed that valerian - not the most effective sedative for nursing mothers. Very often, doctors prescribe it along with other drugs, which we will discuss later.


Many sedatives for nursing mothers are available on the basis of natural ingredients. For example, motherwort, which is presented in three forms:

- Pills

- Filter packages for brewing

- Alcohol tincture (contraindicated during lactation)Nursing Pills

When motherwort helps you:

  1. For insomnia. Overwork, inner feelings and hormonal changes sometimes interfere with normal rest. The new mother doesn’t have much precious time. With regular use motherwort will certainly improve your sleep.
  2. With elevated blood pressure. During lactation, nervous excitement and headaches “give up without a fight” due to motherwort.
  3. With difficulty breathing and tachycardia. Frequent carrying a child in your arms or raising a stroller sometimes leads to a heart rhythm.


The well-known drug “Glycine” is another answer to the question of what sedatives can be nursing. This is a protein amino acid that is easily absorbed by our body.

what a sedative can be lactating

The range of application is quite large:

- regulation of metabolism

- removal of overwork and psycho-emotional stress,

- decrease in excitability and nervousness,

- increase mental performance,

- normalization of sleep rhythms.

The drug has a cumulative effect (the course of treatment is 2-4 weeks), therefore, it must be taken under the supervision of the attending physician. Sometimes “Glycine” is prescribed to newborns during restless sleep, so a small amount of the substance that enters through milk will not do any harm.


Many believe that “Persen” is a good sedative for nursing mothers. One of the main advantages is the natural composition, in which there are extracts of valerian, lemon balm and peppermint.

sedatives for nursing mothers

Despite the mint, which can affect the process of breastfeeding, experts recommend the drug as a sedative for nursing mothers.

“Percen” is shown under the following conditions:

- insomnia,

- increased nervous irritability,

- irritability.

The drug is not cumulative action, calms within half an hour after ingestion.Does not affect the ability to drive a car.

To accept or not?

Sometimes loneliness becomes an outlet. Half an hour of silence, a relaxing bath with the addition of essential oils or a walk in the fresh air - all this will help to relieve a little tension, distract and bring thoughts in order. Ask your husband for a light massage or just spend time together.

Young mothers are struggling to maintain breastfeeding. During this period, taking any drugs, even if on a plant-based basis, is undesirable. But if you feel that you live at the limit, then it is advisable to consult a specialist. A competent doctor will evaluate your emotional state and select a suitable sedative.

Remember that many girls and women face problems in the first months of motherhood. Usually we are ashamed of our weakness and are embarrassed to ask for help even from our own people, but it’s very difficult to cope with problems alone. Only a calm and happy mother can fully give affection and love to her baby.

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