Salt Lake (Taman): description and photo

In the Krasnodar Territorythere is an unusual Salt Lake. Taman is the land of three seas. And Salt Lake originates from the peninsula. The pond is not an ordinary piece of the sea. A large layer of healing silt was found here. And its extraction does not greatly reduce the amount of therapeutic mud, as it is constantly being restored by nature.

History of the lake

On the map, published in 1847. in Tiflis, Salt Lake was not yet inflicted. This confirms that at that time the reservoir as a separate object did not exist. The lake entered the Kuban Estuary, which split into several small ones after a while. In the period 1850-1912 years. The salt lake separated from other reservoirs and became a separate object. At first it was called Bugazsky. Then it was renamed Salt.

salt lake Taman

Description of the pond

If you look at the watershed from the watershed, itseems great. Salt Lake (Taman) has high banks, on which grow cereals and wormwood. And only in one place the pond is open to the sea, but it is separated from it by a sprinkling. The water in the lake is framed by white breakers. But they, if you approach the pond, turn out to be a dazzlingly sparkling, clean, coarse-grained crust of salt.

The lake is small, only 1.5 km long andwidth of 1000 m. And the maximum depth of the reservoir is only 10 centimeters. The lake feeds - rare atmospheric precipitation and sea water, rolling through the natural shaft during heavy storms. Therefore in summer Salt Lake (Taman) almost completely dries up. And the remaining water accumulates salt: 400 grams per liter.

Over the years, a wonderfulThe beach, which is much longer than the boundaries of the salt pond. It consists of fine quartz sand with impurities of pebbles and shells. The beach is small - only 100 meters wide. But its length is impressive - 40 kilometers. The beach starts from the Salt Lake and ends only at Anapa.

Taman Salt Lake Vespers

How was the mud formed?

Earlier in the lake there were trades. People collected salt, which remained after evaporation of the water. But in 1952 this development of the lake stopped. But the reservoir opened to people their new properties. Under the crust of salt was a large layer of curative mud. This is a black sludge. It is very plastic, and it feels greasy to the touch. Il has a strong smell of hydrogen sulphide.

When dirt gets on the air, it gets oxidized andbecomes gray. But the ooze, immersed in the lake, again turns black. In 1968, the mud was examined, it turned out that it contains a huge amount of hydrogen sulfide, bromine and iodine. And clogging impurities in the mud are completely absent. Studies of mud have shown that it is curative.

Salt Lake (Taman) for centuries keeps healing silt. It is formed from the remains of dead plants and animal organisms, which fall to the bottom of the lake. This is an excellent food for bacteria. They oxidize residues with the help of sea water. And as a result, bacteria get vital energy. Due to the reduction of sulfates, the composition of the water changes. A lot of hydrogen sulfide appears in it. The mud of the lake lay for centuries on the bottom, forming a healing mud. All traces of tourists quickly drag out, and the reservoir continues to save healing mud.

salt lake Taman how to reach

The healing properties of the lake

Thanks to the therapeutic mud, which is located in the Salt Lake, many diseases can be treated:

  • pain in the joints;
  • oncological diseases;
  • obesity;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • problems with the nervous system;
  • skin diseases;
  • pathology of the musculoskeletal system;
  • consequences of accidents and injuries;
  • diseases of male and female genital organs;
  • pathology of the ears, throat, nose;
  • Thyroid gland diseases.

There are no contraindications. Healing mud is taken from the lake to many sanatoriums. And it is effectively used for the treatment of diseases. The air of the lake is not less useful, since it contains a lot of hydrogen sulphide, salts and light ions.

Holidaymakers, coming to Salt Lake, smearhealing mud places. But the procedure should not last longer than 20 minutes daily. The result is visible after 10 days of regular mud baths. Scratches and wounds are tightened even after one application of dirt. You can immerse yourself in the Salt Lake with your whole body.

Taman: how to get to Salt Lake?

This pond is a unique natural hospital. Therefore, they come here mainly in the summer - try mud baths.You can reach Salt Lake only atown car. Public transport to the reservoir does not travel. But you can come to Taman. Salt Lake (Veselovka - a nearby village that can be used as a landmark) is located near the beach "Yantar". Check in - from the side of Artyushchenko.

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