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Sam Raimi is a leading American filmmaker, co-writer and producer. His most popular and well-known projects are the franchise about the evil dead and the trilogy about the adventures of Spider-Man.

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The future self-taught visionary was born in the second decade of October 1959 in the town of Royal Oak, Michigan. His parents were natives of Russia and Hungary, ardent supporters of the Conservative branch of Judaism. Sam was not the only child, the couple had two more sons, the eldest of whom, Ivan, often writes scripts for his brother’s films.

The director is happily married to Gillian Green, the couple bring up five offspring.

A starting point for a brilliant career

The film “Evil Dead” (IMDb: 7.60) was the starting point for the rapid development of a creative career as a stage director. Sam Raimi at the age of 21 for only $ 350,000 removes a youth horror film that has paid for itself 60 times.

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Immediately after the release, the director becomes very popular not only among the fans of the genre, but also among all famous film critics. Many filmmakers after viewing the work of the debutant-director began to sing the praises of class B cinematography, provincial and semi-amateur art, and stylistic delights of low-budget cinema.

Sam Raimi's “Evil Dead” in general is the full-length version of Sam and his brother Ted's short films “In the Wild Forest” and “It's Murder!”, Which they shot while they were still in high school. The main role creative union unanimous decision approved Bruce Campbell, sidekick friend of the brothers, just because he attracted the attention of girls.

Textbook example

Over time, the picture acquired the status of a cult. Sam Raimi, whose films are currently known to every Cinephile, has become a significant figure in the modern world film industry. The director’s business cards now include a long “subjective” plan, used for the first time in The Evil Dead. In addition to him, the advantages of the filmmaker's paintings include the intimate scenery and a small actingthe film ensemble, more than compensated by the flight of the gloomy, unbridled author's fantasy of the creator, who produced literate narrative techniques of directing. To this day, filmmaker Sam Raimi is considered to be the original visionary, “Evil Dead” which became a textbook example of “independent” horror cinema. The success of this project allowed Raimi to remove two sequels - “Evil Dead 2” (IMDb: 7.80) and “Army of Darkness” (IMDb: 7.60).

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Daring project

Having achieved a tremendous success then still with the dilogy about the tricks of the evil dead, 41-year-old Sam Raimi persuaded the producers to finance their next audacious project - the film “Man of Darkness” (IMDb: 6.40). Fantastic kinokomiks has become an excellent springboard for the rise of the career of the leading star Liam Neeson. And the director, as before, was more interested in adventure-entertaining, visual-spectacular, spectacular elements of the action. As a result, Raimi's creative experiment transformed into a stylish fantasy fighter, in which the director managed to create an almost surrealistic action, stylish, which is a cross between cinematic naturalism and the aesthetics of “theater of cruelty”.


In 2002, Sam Raimi’s spiderman movie was released, in which the director decided to use a completely different narrative style. In the new project of the director there are a number of topical motives, nevertheless, according to the critics' assessment, the picture does not reach the real drama of the modern teenager. However, viewers perceive the new masterpiece enthusiastically, the tape gets IMDb rating: 7.30. And the film becomes the basis for the next film cycle in the works of Raimi.

Continuing the picture - "Spiderman 2" comes out after two years, the fans get a huge portion of pleasure, and film critics once again release stinging remarks about the fragility of the plot. Nevertheless, the sequel has an IMDb rating: 7.30 and the producers, in anticipation of fabulous profits, set about producing the third film.spiderman sam raimi

To be continued...

In the third part of the epic-like biopic Enemy in Reflection, director Sam Raimi often uses the game element. If you recall that the self-taught visionary began his creative journey with real entertainment, which became “Evil Dead”, it is not surprising that he creates any film with enthusiasm, as if playingfully with a plot.It was he who introduced the element of the game into the structure of creating kinokomiksov. Thanks to this experiment, the director had an international presentation language accessible to everyone. The third part of the "Spider-Man" looks quite decent, endowed with IMDb rating: 6.20, so no one dared to blame the author that he began to play. The children's immediacy of the visionary is not just appropriate, it is extremely necessary in movie films.

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Back to the roots

In 2009, the director shoots the first after a 17-year hiatus horror film “Drag Me to Hell” (IMDb: 6.60). The picture in which, with Sam Raimi’s light hand, a mighty gypsy curse chases the unfortunate office worker, it turns out to be incredibly funny. This film is very pleased fans of the director's early work, because since the director switched to Spider-Man, it has become clear that no one knows how to bother and laugh at the same time.

After a short break, Sam Raimi, whose films for the most part have the status of cult, removes the tape "Oz: the Great and Horrible". By the way, Sam Mendez and Adam Shankman claimed to be the director of the project, but after controlling the construction of the Emerald City, the producers entrusted Raimi.After all, the director with his trilogies convincingly demonstrated his gift for the storyteller who was passionate about demonism.

Sam Raimi's sinister dead

In tv format

For fans of the art director, 2015 became a landmark year, because the blue screen of the world began the triumphal march of the series “Ash against the Evil Dead”. The project is part of the famous franchise. The Raimi brothers, T. Speziali are working on its creation, and the role of the key character is played by the unfading and not lost charisma of Bruce Campbell. Two seasons of the TV movie hold the highest IMDb rating: 8.60, the reviewers note excellent black humor and excellent acting. However, cheap computer graphics are often criticized, to which Sam Raimi explains that by this he tried to preserve the spirit of the original picture in the series. In general, the project is a funny classic thrash horror meat grinder.

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