Sconce is a wall lamp: types, choice

In the Soviet period was practically the only device that was used in lighting the room. Now, in addition to this classic bra are used. This is the original design element of the room. Thanks to them, artificial glow is provided. Before you buy a device, you must familiarize yourself with its main types.


A wall lamp is a fixture that is fixed by brackets to the wall. The luminescence of the device is soft, diffused. But with the use of beautiful lampshades, the light can be directed to the right place.

sconce it

The advantage of the device is its ease of installation. The lamp serves not only for lighting, but also performs many design functions.

How does the light spread?

All types of llamas have a certain amount of light. You can choose a device that will illuminate a particular area. The distribution of light is due to the ceiling. The device turned on in the evening makes the room cozy.A pleasant gloom appears.

wall sconces

Lamps have the following advantages:

  • illuminate a specific area;
  • provide rest to eyes;
  • distribute light;
  • have an attractive design;
  • do not take up much space.

The use of such a backlight is combined with different lighting options. Sconce is in perfect harmony with spotlights and a regular chandelier. Such lighting does not spend a lot of electricity. On the contrary, there will be savings, because at the required moment you can turn on only a local light source.

Luminaire Functions

A wall lamp is a light source with several functions. It provides local coverage. In this case, the device is installed near the picture or mirror. You can hang a sconce over the bed. This allows you to make comfortable, for example, reading. Light does not interfere with others.

Wall sconces look great in small corridors with low ceilings when it is impossible to install an ordinary chandelier. The placement of devices along the stairs looks beautiful. Lamps allow you to make special lighting. Competently combining these devices, it will turn out to create a special atmosphere in the room.

To make the interior festive, it is necessary to light the ceiling and wall lights together. If you include only sconces, then in the room there will be a secluded atmosphere. In the same room it is necessary to install chandeliers and wall lamps of the same type.

Another function of the wall is zoning. Proper placement of devices allows you to visually delimit the room, dividing it into functional parts. If to place a sconce near a sofa or a bed, then it allows to allocate a place of rest. You will also be able to fix the wall lamp near a certain object, which will make it more expressive.

With the help of sconce is decorating the interior. Modern devices are made in different styles, from antique to hi-tech. Therefore, lamps are a decorative part and an important element of the interior.

The stores feature a large selection of similar products. Among them, you can choose products of different shapes, designs, sizes. For each room there is a suitable option.

Types of devices

Sconce lights differ in:

  • form;
  • lighting directivity.

sconce lamps

The shape of the devices can be:

  • closed: lamps are made of glass, metal, plastic, and the ceiling has a geometric shape;
  • “Halves”: sconces have a geometric shape, only they have the upper part cut off;
  • decorative: made in the form of lanterns, flowers, candlesticks, they are decorated with fabrics, wood or crystal.

On the orientation of the wall sconces are:

  • direct luminescence: devices light a certain subject;
  • mostly direct light: the light is directed to a specific area, and the rest of its streams are scattered;
  • uniform glow: it is comfortable to read with such devices;
  • diffuse glow: the light from the wall is directed to the top of the walls and the ceiling.

Each lighting has its own advantages. They can be used to create a cozy home atmosphere. Crystal sconces that make a room more luxurious look great.

Selection rules

Sconce lights create a beautiful room design. To properly purchase these devices, you must use the simple tips. Wall mounted devices should be made in the same style as the chandelier. If this condition is not fulfilled, the interior will not have a harmonious look.

crystal bras

It is advisable to purchase a pair of wall lights, because they will illuminate on both sides. To highlight the picture you need to buy wall-mounted devices made on the basis of frosted glass. If the room has low ceilings, the light should be directed upwards. For narrow corridors, it is necessary to purchase wall lamps of small sizes, since they will visually make the room larger. When the lamp is purchased, it is installed. How to do it right? You must read the instructions for the device.

Proper use

Wall sconces are installed in different rooms, including nurseries and corridors. Look great appliances in bedrooms, living rooms, baths. You just need to install them in a suitable place. In the bedroom, luminaires are usually fixed above the vanity or by the bed. The device will create a soft, muffled light that relaxes. Luminaires do not require special care. You must regularly wipe them with a dry cloth in the off state, and then they will always have an attractive appearance.

In the living room sconce, it is desirable to place near the sofa, bar, or by the fireplace.The luminaires will complement the main lighting, so they are used as decorations. In the bathroom, the sconces are installed as a mirror light. In small rooms, appliances serve as a replacement for ceiling chandeliers.

sconce over the bed

Thus, a wall lamp is not just a device for creating wonderful lighting, but also a necessary part of the decor. Wall mounted devices vary in shape and design. It remains to purchase a suitable lamp for your premises, and the house will always be comfortable.

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