Self-adjusting plastic windows

Plastic windows for homes and apartments

Plastic systems - the undisputed leader in the modern market of window designs. They are relatively inexpensive, practical, environmentally friendly, convenient for everyday care, provide good heat and sound insulation. All these benefits can be enjoyed if the windows were made by a bona fide manufacturer and installed by a qualified technician. Otherwise, we face the question: how to make the adjustment of plastic windows? Poor installation or poor-quality fittings can lead to the window sash tilting and sticking, loosely adjacent to each other. The result may be the emergence of a draft, the leakage of street moisture, and in especially severe cases, even the ingress of precipitation - rain and snow.

What to do in this case? The best option is to call a representative of the company that installed the structure.If this is not possible, for example, the company has ceased to exist or the warranty period has expired, you can invite a master from another company.

However, in this case, you have no guarantees that the adjustment will be carried out qualitatively and after the repair, there will no longer be any problems with the double-glazed windows. Therefore, another option is to read the instructions or watch a video on the topic “How to adjust plastic windows” and perform the adjustment yourself. With a certain skill and relevant theoretical training, you can adjust the plastic windows and doors yourself.

What tools do you need to have before starting work?

Basic tools for adjusting windows
Basic tools for adjusting windows: wrenches and screwdrivers

In order to independently make the adjustment of window fittings on plastic windows, you must have at hand:

  • Screwdriver Set;
  • pliers;
  • putty knife;
  • hex key set;
  • rubber mallet;
  • various seals for glass;
  • engine or special window oil. It is possible to use silicone greases such as WD-40;
  • Allen key number 4 (4 mm).Before you start adjusting plastic windows, check whether it is among your tools. This key is most often needed for the installation and repair of plastic windows of most manufacturers.

Tip!Lay out all the tools so that they are at your fingertips, but do not interfere during adjustment.

Plastic window device

Types of defects that may occur during the operation of plastic windows

All the problems that may arise with double-glazed windows can be divided into several main groups. The type of defect depends on how to adjust the plastic windows, what tools to use, whether you can rely on your own strength or it is better to contact a specialist.

The most common types of faults are:

  1. The shutter sags, its bottom catches the frame or fittings when it moves;
  2. The middle part of the sash touches the frame;
  3. Loose fit of the sash, resulting in a draft, street moisture gets in the room, precipitation;
  4. Loosening the grip handle;
  5. Trouble turning the knob.
Slack plastic windows
Sagging sash plastic windows - the most common defect in installation
Elimination of sagging plastic casement windows
Elimination of sagging plastic casement windows

Tip!All these defects can be eliminated by self-adjustment, without resorting to the services of outside specialists.

Elimination of defects: get down to work

Problems with window fittings most often occur as a result of the use of low-quality components or as a result of careless operation. We propose to consider ways by which you can make the adjustment of plastic windows yourself.

  1. Problems with turning the handle. If the window handle begins to turn with difficulty, or it is jammed, it is likely that the cause was a dried lubricant. As a rule, manufacturers recommend lubricating moving parts (eccentrics, hinges, platforms and clamping mechanisms) every year. For this, both conventional engine oil and a lubricant specifically designed for window constructions are suitable. Silicone greases in the form of a WD-40 aerosol are very convenient for operation.
  2. The handle is loose. In order to fix the window handle in the socket, it is enough to turn the plate at its base at a right angle. Under it open the screws that need to tighten a screwdriver.If the handle breaks down and needs to be replaced, the procedure is the same: turn the plate 90 degrees, unscrew the screws, remove the old handle, fasten the new one, tighten the screws. Adjustment of plastic windows does not take you much time, the main thing is to do everything very carefully and act according to the instructions.
  3. The sash is loose. This is one of the most common types of defects, as a result of which the window starts to blow, and moisture and precipitation in the form of rain or snow fall on the windowsill. What to do in this case? The cause of the draft and the leakage of moisture may be poor-quality or lost its operational properties of the seal. In this case, the adjustment comes down to replacing the old seal with a new one. This is done quite simply: the old is removed from the grooves, the new fit into a special plastic recess. At the same time try not to deform the material, otherwise it will reduce its service life. With an average warranty period for windows of 40-50 years, the replacement of the seal should be carried out once every 10-15 years. If the above method of adjustment did not help to cope with the problem and the sash is still loose, you can adjust the degree of pressure with a hexagon, a screwdriver or pliers.Plastic windows are also regulated depending on the season: for the winter, the degree of clamping of the sash can be increased, and for the summer - loosened.
  4. Adjust the top or bottom loop horizontally. Both the upper and lower hinges have holes for the hex key. If you need to adjust the plastic window in a horizontal plane, you need to understand what you need to do - lift the bottom of the window, or, conversely, lower it. In the first case, using a hexagon, rotating it clockwise, pull the sash to the loop. In the second, turning the key counterclockwise, slightly lower it. In the same way, you can adjust and eliminate the skew in the horizontal plane.
  5. Adjust the top or bottom loop vertically. In order to raise or lower the plastic sash in a vertical plane, the hex key is inserted into the opening under the bottom hinge. To do this, first remove the protective plastic cap. If you want to raise the window, the key rotates to the right, if you lower it - to the left. In the same way, the bevel is adjusted in the vertical plane.How to adjust the plastic windows vertically correctly? Do not greatly increase the width of the sash, because it may sag when opening windows.

Tips for beginners

Before you start self-adjusting plastic windows, carefully read the instructions and remember a few nuances that will help you in your work:

  • Adjustment of plastic windows vertically and horizontally is possible in the range of plus or minus two millimeters;
  • when loosening or clamping the eccentric the interval is 0.6-0.8 millimeters;
  • when repairing and adjusting windows, make sure that no dirt, paint, mortars get into the mechanisms of the fittings; this leads to a reduction in service life and the failure of mechanisms;
  • Do not try to apply excessive physical force in the adjustment process: if you act incorrectly, you can break the mechanism, and its replacement will cost you much more than the cost of the service of the adjustment master;
  • If you have never experienced adjusting windows before, then before starting work carefully read the article on the topic “How to adjust plastic windows”, watch the training video, ask your friends and acquaintances who have such experience.
Places of adjustment of plastic windows
Places of adjustment of plastic windows

Maintenance of plastic window systems

As a rule, breakages of plastic windows are caused by improper operation of window fittings and untimely adjustment.Small details can create a lot of problems if you don't take care of them. Let's consider the basic rules by which you can prevent the breakage of plastic windows and fittings:

  1. Wash the plastic windows thoroughly twice a year. Particular attention should be paid to the elements at the top of the sash. It is in this place that dirt and dust accumulate, which can cause damage.
  2. In addition to cleaning, the mechanism must be thoroughly lubricated. Special tools for adjustment and lubrication can be bought in all building supermarkets. When buying, pay attention to the composition: there should be no tar and aggressive acids. The fittings are treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, so the detergent must be mild so as not to disturb it.
  3. Maintenance and adjustment should be carried out regularly. Try to wash and lubricate plastic blocks at least once a year.
  4. When making a planned adjustment, be sure to check the attachment points for all parts. If necessary, replace or tighten the screws. Remember: the correctness of the work of plastic constructions depends on the correct fastening of accessories.
  5. If the breakdown is so serious that you cannot perform the adjustment of the plastic windows with your own hands, immediately contact the customer service.
  6. Doors should not be additionally loaded with any elements - this will affect their durability.
  7. During construction or repair work, protect plastic windows with a protective film. Pieces of dirt, debris and plaster can damage the coating, make it look ugly.

These simple rules will help extend the lifespan of window systems and prevent breakage. Unfortunately, most owners of plastic windows carelessly regulate and care for them. This causes many malfunctions. Maintain cleanliness and monitor the blocks needed from the date of installation. Proper maintenance and adjustment of plastic windows will not only ensure effective performance of functions, but also allow you to save the family budget by preventing breakages.

Tip!It is worth checking the correctness of the work of the parts immediately after the installation of the plastic structures, because quite often even the craftsmen performing the installation make mistakes. Carefully inspect the fastening of plastic windows and the correct installation of fittings, determine whether the design is sagging.If you have any comments immediately report this to the master, so that he performs the adjustment. Thus, you personally verify the quality of the services rendered to you and will be confident in the longevity of the purchased goods.

Adjusting the top and bottom hinges of plastic windows
Adjusting the top and bottom hinges of plastic windows

Summing up

Adjustment of plastic windows is a mandatory procedure that will help extend the useful life of window units and eliminate breakages. In case of serious defects, it is better to consult a specialist, but, as a rule, you can adjust the plastic windows yourself by viewing the training video.

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