Sergei Sobyanin: biography of the mayor of Moscow

Sergey Sobyanin is a famous politician. The current mayor of Moscow (since 2010). Candidate of Law. He is a key figure in the United Russia party. The article will present a brief biography of Sergei Sobyanin. So let's get started.


The hero of this article was born in 1958 in the family of an accountant and the chairman of the village council. There are two versions of its origin. According to official information, the ancestors of Sergei on the paternal side were Cossacks from the Urals. And the great-grandfather of the current mayor of the capital moved to Nyaksimvol (Mansiysk village) before the revolution. Another version says that Sergei entered into many scientific works and encyclopedias dedicated to the Mansi, as one of the most famous representatives of this people.

Sergey Sobyanin

Sobyanin himself declares his Russian nationality. He completely denies the Mansi origin attributed to him. There is also a version that among the ancestors of Sergey Semenovich there were Komi-Zyrians. But not one authoritative source of this information is not confirmed.Sergey's grandfather on the paternal side - Fedor - was an old believer, long-lived (he died in more than a hundred years). The boy's father, Semen Fedorovich, was born in Nyaksimvol. Not graduated from high school. In the early 1950s, he headed the Nyaksimvolsky village council of the Berezovsky district. In 1967, he moved his family to the district center. Prior to the beginning of perestroika, Sergey’s father worked as director of a butter factory in Berezovo.

Grandfather Sobyanin on the line of his mother was from Chelyabinsk. Participated in the First World War and the Russian-Japanese War. During the revolution took the side of the Red Army. He fought under the leadership of Budyonny and was able to reach the rank of platoon commander. Then he returned to his village, where he became a respected and wealthy man. In the early 1930s he was dispossessed and, together with his family, was sent into exile in Nyaksimvol.

Mother Sobyanin worked all her life next to her husband. At first she worked as an accountant in the village council, and then as an economist at the creamery. Sergey is the third child in the family. The current mayor has two sisters: the middle one is Lyudmila, the eldest is Natalya.

Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin


In 1975, Sergei Sobyanin graduated from the Berezovo secondary school in the district center. Then he immediately moved to Kostroma to his sister Lyudmila.There, the future mayor entered the Institute of Technology (Faculty of Mechanics, specialty "Technology of tools and machine tools"). In 1980, Sergei graduated with honors.

Soon Sobyanin decided to get another higher education. This time the young man chose the All-Union Law Institute (correspondence department). Sobyanin successfully completed it in 1989. Ten years later, the future mayor defended his thesis on the following topic “The legal status of autonomous districts in Russia”.

Labor activity

There is no reliable information about the first place of work Sobyanin. According to one version, the future mayor moved to Kostroma, and after graduating from the technological institute, he was assigned to a local woodworking machine tool factory. And then the young man went to Chelyabinsk.

The second version is absolutely the opposite. According to her, right after school, Sergei Sobyanin went to Chelyabinsk and got a job at a pipe rolling plant. And at the Institute of Technology, he studied at the correspondence department. After graduating from the university in 1980, Sobyanin became a foreman and head of the team of turners. Also, the future politician led the Komsomol organization of the enterprise.

wife Sergey Sobyanin

Administrative work

In 1984, Sergei Sobyanin was sent by the Komsomol City Committee (Chelyabinsk) to the village of Kogalym. The next four years he worked there in senior positions. And then the young man worked for a couple of years as a secretary of the city executive committee.

At the end of 1988, he joined the CPSU district committee. After the collapse of the USSR, he headed the tax Kogalym. And in late 1991, he became the head of the city administration. Sergey Semenovich was the mayor for two years. During his leadership, he managed to establish relations with the city-forming enterprise LLC Kogalymneftegaz.

Political career

In March 1994, Sobyanin became a deputy to the district Duma in Khanty-Mansiysk. A month later, Sergei Semenovich headed it. Thanks to this, two years later he was able to enter the Council of Federation. From mid-1998, Sobyanin served as the chairman of the committee for resolving judicial and legal tasks. In 2000, the future mayor of Moscow moved to Yekaterinburg, receiving the post of deputy plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation (the Urals District). Twelve months later he was elected governor (Tyumen region). In 2004 he entered the supreme council of United Russia.

Federal authorities

November 2005the hero of this article headed the presidential administration. In this regard, he withdrew the powers of the governor and moved to Moscow. In the capital, Sobyanin made a rapid career. In February 2006, Sergei Semenovich joined the commission for cooperation in the military-technical sphere. And two years later he became the head of the election campaign of Dmitry Medvedev. In 2009, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Channel One. From January 2010, he joined the Commission for the Development of the Economy in the Russian Federation and the Board of Trustees of the Skolkovo project.

Sergey Sobyanin biography

Mayor of Moscow

In late 2010, a photo of Sergei Sobyanin was on all election posters of candidates for mayor of the capital. Soon in the Moscow Duma passed the vote. Candidate Sobyanin approved almost unanimously. Giving before this interview, Sergey Semenovich noted that he does not have a work program for the post of governor, but he sees a lot of difficult points that can be fixed. The main problems of the capital Sobyanin believes corruption and traffic jams.

October 21, he officially became the mayor of Moscow. Also Sergei Semenovich re-included in the Security Council of the Russian Federation.Nobody received such an appointment before him. And the newly-elected mayor was included in the supreme council of the United Russia party.

Starting work, Sobyanin immediately voiced the main tasks that he would solve in the medium and long term. Among them - the annual increase in salaries of Muscovites by 4% and the capital's GDP, as well as the creation of an automatic public transport control system.

After the first year of work, Sergey Semenovich delivered a report at a press conference dedicated to this event. For twelve months, Sobyanin managed to significantly correct the development strategy of Moscow. The mayor made the budget transparent, modernized the work of public transport, successfully fought against spontaneous and illegal trade, and also stopped the destruction of the historical part of the capital. Colleagues and subordinates speak of him as a tough and demanding leader, the main thing for which is the achievement of the tasks set.

biography of Sergey Sobyanin

Second term

In 2013, Sergei Sobyanin, whose biography is presented in this article, announced to the President of his country that he would resign on his own accord. He did this in order to participate in early elections.Putin signed a statement and appointed Sergey Semenovich as acting mayor. Political scientists have linked the actions of the hero of this article solely with the desire to show the residents of Moscow the legitimacy of the post of mayor. In September 2013, Sobyanin confidently won. Following the election, he received a little more than 50% of the vote. In second place was the popular oppositionist Alexei Navalny. In total, there were four candidates on the electoral lists.

photo by Sergey Sobyanin

Personal life

The hero of this article entered into marriage with Irina Iosifovnoy Rubinchik in 1986. The celebration took place in the city of Kogalym. Sergei Sobyanin’s wife is the cousin of former Energy Minister A. Gavrin. She came to Kogalym by distribution after the institute as a civil engineer. Later, Irina Iosifovna taught floristic and collage in Tyumen. Then she moved with her husband to Moscow and worked in a kindergarten as a teacher. In 2014, the family of Sergei Sobyanin fell apart. The reasons for the divorce are unknown.

The former couple of Sobyanins have two daughters. The eldest, Anna, studied at the Academy of Art and Industry. Stieglitz (specialty "monumental art"). He lives in Petersburg.A younger, Olga, recently graduated from one of the Moscow schools.

family Sergei Sobyanin

Present tense

In February 2016, by order of the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, the so-called unauthorized workers were stationed near metro stations. Workers broke more than a hundred trade pavilions. In the media, this event was called the "Night of the long buckets." Many people question the validity of such actions. When the press asked Sobyanin to comment on the situation that had arisen, the mayor replied: “Heritage, the truth and the history of the country, is not for sale in Russia.”

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