Sergey Kiriyenko: biography, position for today

Many famous politicians of our time have a rather difficult fate. They have to combine their main activities and family. Such a prominent politician like Sergei Kiriyenko only confirms this trend. His family and work are very closely intertwined with him. To get acquainted with such a famous figure, you need to explore some of the features of his life. So let's consider his biography.


This person is a well-known political figure. In 1998, Kirienko Sergey Vladilenovich was recognized as the youngest head of government. He was appointed to this important position at the age of 35. After finishing government work, he successfully headed the well-known enterprise RosAtom. Relatively recently, Sergey Kiriyenko received a new appointment on the recommendation of the head of state in the Personal Administration of the President.This is a significant career success, journalists say.Sergey Kiriyenko new appointmentThe current place where Sergey Kirienko works is the presidential administration. His position is the first deputy administration of the Russian Federation.

Early childhood politics

He was born in 1962 in the sunny city of Sukhumi, in Abkhazia. The politician came from a Jewish family. His father was an intelligent man, was engaged in teaching at a local university, was an active scientist, had a doctorate in philosophy. Sergey's mother was Ukrainian by nationality. She had an economic education. Then the family moved to the resort city of Sochi. Then they settled in Nizhny Novgorod. Because of his parents' divorce, little Serezha was forced to return to the Black Sea resort town with his mother. After the official divorce, the mother took her maiden name. She has changed with Sergey himself.

Youth policy

In the city of Sochi, he meets Maria Aistova, with whom he was lucky to learn together. But this friendship does not end in school years. After receiving the certificate, Sergei enters Nizhny Novgorod as a water transport engineer. Mary chooses for herself a place of study medical school.After graduating from college, their tender friendship ends in marriage. Marrying, Maria does not stop her studies. Then she goes to medical school.

In 1983, Sergey's firstborn is born in this family - Vladimir. At this moment, the happy father and loving spouse successfully graduates from the university, joins the ranks of the Communist Party. At the time of joining the party he was 22 years old. This was considered a successful career start. After receiving the university diploma Sergey is sent to the service, where he served in the Air Force under the Ukrainian city of Nikolaev from 1984 to 1986. Like the famous grandfather Jacob (from his father), Sergei Kiriyenko was sincerely loyal to the party, retaining the former ticket after the liquidation of the USSR.

Doing Business

Despite the difficult perestroika time, the life of the future politician acquired a slightly different course.
Sergey KiriyenkoAfter the official dissolution of the Komsomol activists, he was dismissed from the post of secretary of the regional committee, discovered a new direction in life - entrepreneurial activity. At first, he headed the then-famous “Concern AMK”, which was founded back in the 80s.In 1993, after the official presentation of the diploma, Sergey Kiriyenko was appointed to the position of chairman of the board of the popular Garantia bank. His biography at the time becomes political. Active management activity was not in vain. He was noticed in government circles. Received an invitation to become adviser to the president on industrial and business affairs. With the support of Boris Nemtsov Sergey Vladilenovich, the brief period of his life was the leading large company NORSI-Oil.

Government activities

Kirienko managed to work in this company for a little less than a year, as he was appointed deputy minister of the fuel and energy sectors. Soon enough, he achieved success. He was appointed fuel minister. In 1998, Sergei was recognized as a young prime minister. Sergei was not in the best of times to lead the government: a sharp drop in oil prices and a number of other negative factors forced him to default. After his announcement, the policy is dismissed.

The beginning of a political career

Despite this sad state of affairs, Sergei did not give up.In 1999, he put forward his own candidacy for the post of mayor of the capital.Sergey KiriyenkoBy the number of votes collected, he gave up the desired place only to Luzhkov. But he waited for another good news: the election to the State Duma. Kiriyenko became the leader of the SPS faction. Having established himself as a leader and manager, Sergey received an appointment as a representative of the President in the Volga Federal District. A year later, he changed activities. Sergey got the position of heading the commission on chemical disarmament.

Family life politics

Despite the rare mention of the family politician, it plays an important role in its formation.Sergey Kiriyenko biographyThe legal wife of Sergey, Maria Vladislavovna, a native of the resort town of Sochi, after graduating from the medical institute, works as a doctor. In 1997, she discovered and mastered a new direction in medicine - herbal medicine. Children Kiriyenko Sergey Vladilenovich:

  • The eldest son is Vladimir, born in 1983, a big businessman.
  • The middle daughter is Love, born in 1990, working as a manager.
  • The youngest daughter - Hope, born in 2000, attends one of the capital's schools.

The family is especially important for Sergey.After all, it acts as an important support for him, brightening the gray of political everyday life.children kirienko sergei vladilenovichIn addition to conducting active political activities, Sergei prefers sports. He is actively engaged in aikido, is fond of scuba diving, goes on hunting and fishing. The work does not prevent him from taking an active social position in the field of culture, information and education.

Financial position

As is known, the current position of Sergey Vladylenovich Kiriyenko is the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration. This status indicates a decent income of this figure.Sergey Kiriyenko Presidential AdministrationIn addition, Sergei’s parallel activities as the head of RosAtom brought a good reward. After being appointed to a new position by presidential decree, Sergey was forced to leave the position of head of RosAtom. According to the declaration of Kiriyenko, filed in 2014, the amount of its capital is 69 and a half million rubles, where the salary from the main post is 56 and a half million rubles. These are solid indicators. Today, Sergey is among the dollar millionaires. According to the Kommersant newspaper, Sergey Kirienko is in fifth place among the most productive leaders of the kirienko sergei vladilenovichAt the end of 2013, the Rosatom enterprise, which he successfully manages, has reached a new level of profit of 155,200 million rubles, which is largely the merit of the manager. It should be noted that the eldest son of Sergei, Vladimir, is also a significant figure of domestic entrepreneurship. He owns his own successful business, consisting of several well-known companies. Sergey's son is in charge of the operating power plant in Vladimir, he is co-owner of a large Sarovbusinessbank. He also distinguished himself and showed himself to be a good leader. The rest of the children and the spouse do not conduct any business activity, and therefore do not have significant income. Wife Maria gets the usual average salary of a doctor - 30 thousand rubles. A successful politician and faithful spouse Sergey was able to secure his own life for himself and his descendants with his honest work.

So, we reviewed the biography of Sergey Kirienko and his life activity.

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