Biography of Sergei Makovetsky

Sergei Makovetsky - an outstanding Soviet and Russian actor, known to the audience primarily from the films “Sons of bitches”, “Brother-2”, “72 meters”, “Silency”, “Liquidation”, “Quiet Don”.
Actor Sergey MakovetskyActor Sergey Makovetsky

Childhood and family of Sergei Makovetsky

Sergey's homeland is Kiev. The actor bears the name of his mother, since his father left the family shortly after the boy was born.
The house in which Sergey Makovetsky grew upThe house in which Sergey Makovetsky grew up
This circumstance contributed to this. that the boy grew up very independent, because he often had to remain under the supervision of neighbors, and even alone, while his mother worked at the factory. And although Sergei was often left to himself, he studied at the top five.
Little Sergei Makovetsky with his motherLittle Sergei Makovetsky with his mother
The schoolboy dreamed that he would go to study at the children's doctor. But once he was persuaded to play Neschastlivtsev staged The Forest ”by Alexander Ostrovsky, which was staged by the theater group of his native school No. 126. The success was such that Seryozha seriously thought about whether to become an actor.
Sergey Makovetsky and the theater group of his schoolSergey Makovetsky and the theater group of his school
After graduation, he filed documents at the Kiev Theater School, but he was not accepted. He got a job at the theater and worked as a stage worker the following year. At eighteen the young man went to Moscow. His goal was to enter the Moscow Art Theater Theater Studio, but failure again awaited him. Then he filed documents in the Shchukin School and was on the course of Alla Kazanskaya. In 1980, the novice actor graduated.

The first roles of Sergei Makovetsky

The theater where he began to work was the Vakhtangov Theater. The debutant was given one of the main roles in the production of "Old Russian Vaudevili". He appeared before the audience in the image of Karp Poluda. For a long time this role was the only one in his career. Basically, he went on stage in episodes, supporting roles and extras.
Sergey Makovetsky in his youth and nowSergey Makovetsky in his youth and now
It may be noted the role of the Chinese Cherubim, which Sergey played in the play "Zoykin's apartment." For this role, the actor was awarded the Moscow Theater Spring Festival.

Actor Sergei Makovetsky in the theater

In 1990, the actor began to play at the same time in the Roman Viktyuk Theater. This cooperation became momentous for him.Viktyuk invited him to play Dmitri Shostakovich staged in “Master's Lessons”.
Roman Viktyuk, Lyudmila Maksakova and Sergey Makovetsky, rehearsalRoman Viktyuk, Lyudmila Maksakova and Sergey Makovetsky, rehearsal
It was at the Viktyuk Theater that Sergey began to feel free and easy, thanks to which he was able to open up. Playing in this theater has always been successful for an actor. He took part in the performances “Love with a jerk”, “M. Butterfly "," Polonez Oginsky "and others.
Sergei Vasilyevich enjoyed success with the audience in the play "Amphitron", which was staged by director V. Mirzoev. The artist in the 1999th in the Stanislavsky Theater appeared on the stage in the production of "The Twelfth Night". In the same period, Sergey Vasilyevich played Kovrin on the stage of the Theater for Young People in a performance in The Black Monk. Thanks to all these roles, viewers saw in Makovetsky a wonderful comedian.

Filmography by Sergey Makovetsky

At first, Sergei Vasilyevich appeared in films that were not at all popular, he was invited to small roles. There were interesting and memorable images in the films “The Life of Klim Samgin” (Dmitry Samgin), “Mother” (gendarme Ryleyev), “Dedicated”.In 1992 he was offered to play in the film by Vladimir Khotinenko. "Patriotic Comedy" as a bachelor Ilyin. This was followed by equally successful work in the movie “Our American Boria” and in “Makarov”.
Filmography actor Sergei Makovetsky very impressiveFilmography actor Sergei Makovetsky very impressive
The appearance of the actor was the most unremarkable, ordinary, but at the same time there was always some kind of internal strangeness in him. Makovetsky freely felt in any plot.
The dramatic role went to Sergey Vasilyevich in the film “A Play for a Passenger”, and he played love experiences in the melodrama “Retro Three”. The actor starred in such talented directors as Alexey Balabanov, Petr Todorovsky, Sergey Ursulyak, Gleb Panfilov, and others.
Shot from the movie "Silent Don"Shot from the movie "Silent Don"
Multiple TV shows that appeared on television did not go around Makovetskogo either. He can be seen in the "Death of the Empire", "Liquidation" and "Indirect Evidence." Alexei Balabanov, planning the shooting of the picture "The Silent Duffer" (in which Dmitry Dyuzhev, Nikita Mikhalkov and others were shot), specially for Makovetsky wrote the role of Karon. The role seemed very unusual for Sergey Vasilyevich, but the director managed to convince him that the actor had not yet had to play such a hero.
Sergey Makovetsky - Yak robyvshi I have Pan (full version)
The strongest domestic actor Makovetsky continues to play, appearing in pictures of unexpected and sometimes opposite genres. His last roles took place in the films “BW”, “Eternal Return” and in the television series “Two Winters and Three Summers”, “Demons”.

The personal life of Sergei Makovetsky

In 1983, Makovetsky played Semyon Katko in the film "I am the son of the working people." Filming went in Odessa. It was there that he saw for the first time his future wife Helen, daughter of the fleet admiral, who had also studied in the theater in the past. She first met him, and this attracted attention. The young man began to look after her, six months after they met, they got married.
Sergey Makovetsky with his wife ElenaSergey Makovetsky with his wife Elena
During her student years, Elena was already married. In memory of her marriage, she had a son, Denis. Although the boy always had a good relationship with his stepfather, Makovetsky did not adopt him. The actor has no children.

Sergey Makovetsky now

In 2017, Sergei Makovetsky could be seen in the TV series “The Route of Death” - a multiseries action movie about the capture of a gang of hooligans of terrorizing motorists.

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