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Sevastyan meaning of the name and the interpretation of the name. Sevastyan is an honored, sacred (Greek).
Name days, patron saints. March 11 (February 26) -St. The martyr Sevastyan suffered for Christ in the 1st century.
December 31 (18) - The holy martyr Sebastian, chief of the court guard, and his soldiers suffered greatly for Christ around the year 290.
Superstitions, omens, customs. If on Sevastyana, on March 11, birds make their nests on the sunny side of trees, houses, this is by the cold summer, and vice versa. If to this day all the birds have already arrived from the south, it is to a good harvest of bread.
The zodiac of the name is Sagittarius. Planet - Jupiter. The color of the name is silver gray. Auspicious tree - poplar. The cherished plant is thyme. Patron of the name - sable. Stone mascot - gray agate.
Diminutive forms. Seva, Sevasha, Savostya, Savostyka, Sevastyanka.
Middle name. Sevastyanovich, Sevastyanovna; razg. Sevastyanich
Name and character. Sevastyan all his life suffers from its duality. On the one hand, he is impetuous, full of intentions and ideas, takes up a lot of things, but most do not have enough perseverance and patience to complete.On the other hand, Sevastian is inclined to intrigue, skillfully weaves networks and, keeping in the shade, gets a lot of material wealth. He attaches great importance to honors, titles, awards, etc.
Sevastyan - the perfect husband. The wife’s only concern is not to allow the spouse to overeat, because he is inclined to be overweight.
Name in history and literature. Sebastian Brant (1457–1521) - one of the German humanists of the pre-Reformation era, whose masterpiece, “Ship of Fools”, gave him great fame among his contemporaries and an honorable place in the history of German literature and became a model for a number of similar literary works of the late XV and the beginning XVI centuries. "Ship of Fools", in form and content - a whole collection of flying sheets (that is, drawings with rhymes and corresponding poetic commentary to them), united only by a common plot (journey of fools on a ship to Narraonia - a country of fools) and more carefully than usual , written and finished. "Ship of Fools" was an excellent exponent of the satirical mood, which is characteristic of the era of German humanism.

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